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Dusk Before Dawn.

I sat quietly in the living room, on the floor, listening to the walls sway in our strangled apartment complex. I looked at the clock near the couch. Almost four. I should finish dinner. I stood up, and headed toward the kitchen, catching a glimpse of myself in the reflection of a photograph hanging on the wall. I stopped and stared for a moment, putting my finger to my lip. My eyes swelled, but I made the tears retreat back to their hiding places. There was no room for them here. I went into the kitchen and discovered another leak beneath the sink. I scurried to find another empty pot to catch the water. I’d tell him. But I couldn’t. He’d blame it on me. I closed the cabinet and went into the refrigerator, retrieving the steaks I’d let marinate throughout the day, while I cleaned the apartment ruthlessly. Not a speck on the carpet. I moved quickly, placing the steaks in to broil and heating up the mashed potatoes. I went to the table and put our plates down. I shined the forks and knives with my t-shirt and placed them parallel to the plates. I looked at the clock. 4:24. My heartbeat quickened. I took another look at the living room before I scurried down the hall to the bedroom to make sure that everything was in its place.

I went back into the living room, just as I heard the door click and saw the knob turn. He entered the house and his eyes fell upon mine. My breath scurried away and I smiled a little, hoping he was in a good mood. He shut the door behind him, ignoring me, and began to take off his shoes. I should say something. Ask him how his day is. Do it!

“H-how was your day, babe?” I asked.

“Dinner ready?” He responded, loosening his tie.

“The steaks are in the oven right now. Mashed potatoes and broccoli is done.” I said quickly.

He stared at me for a moment before he walked past me. I exhaled and stood there, before I felt a blow to my lower back. I fell to my knees – asking God, “Why?” the entire way down.


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damnnnnnn , i missed a lot but i finally caught up ..
omgoshhhh , all this stuff happened , with mama c dying .. jay , roland and now tru. i reallly hope tru remembers .

i love this story :)


Add soon!

RUN IT!!!!!!!!

Grandmama is right...those smaller pieces do belong to a bigger picture....Tru's gonna come back.

Run It...

Decreasing momentum? *sigh I must be reading a different story! LOL

I hope that Joy finally gets some joy of her own.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this story!!

Where you been girl?? Add soon!!

SO glad Joy and Avery just talked. That was needed. I need Tru to remember everything!! Like as soon as possible please!! I love this story and I am sad that it is coming to an end, but I understand. RUN IT!!!

i guess talking to Avery wasnt all that bad..but at least Tru is beginning to remember some stuff.. like grams said maybe the small memories will soon allow him to remember bigger memories! RUN IT

I've been gone for a couple weeks and come back to all this. From, she and Roland's final goodbye, to her telling her mom and Larry about her past abuse. To her and Tru becoming something more then the accident and Lastly her running into Avery again and being civil and not afraid of him anymore. Got scared for a minute tho. Thought she was falling back for him. Thank God she didn't. I', begging that Tru remembers more of him and her past together, it's so deep and heartfelt. Can't believe it's almost over ugh. loved the add RUN IT!!!

Run it!!!

No!!!!!!!!! But I understand!!

Noooooo, concluding already :(
but I understand. RUN IT!

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Due to the decreasing momentum of the story, and the upcoming school year, I will be concluding this week.

Just wanted to give you all a heads up..

run it!!!

Awwwwwww, he'll remember. I know he will! Still hate the fact that she visited Avery, but RUN IT!

run it

Small add! Enjoy

I held Bubba’s hand as she jumped from one puddle to the next, making a mess of her rain boots. She ran her fingers along the fence, as we entered the playground a few blocks from campus. I looked around and noticed the familiar street bordering it. Tru’s grandmother’s house sat in the middle of the neighborhood – the locus. Across the basketball court, Tru sat with his grandmother, watching his little cousin toss the ball around. Tru’s grandma focused her eyes in on someone and smiled.

“Is that Joy? Did you invite her over?” She asked, looking at her grandson then.

“Huh? Joy?” He asked, looking up and seeing me standing with Bubba, as she pointed toward the swings. We began to walk when Tru yelled, “JOY!”

I looked up and across to see him sitting on the bleachers. His grandmother perched next to him, with a summer grin beneath her nose. I walked toward them, feeling my legs fall to Jell-O. Tru stood up and smiled.

“Hi Joy.” He said.

“Hey,” I said softly. “I’m sure you don’t remember Bubba.”

“How’s your head?” She asked him, her neck arched back, looking up at him.

“It’s better. Thank you.” He said, smiling. He looked back at me, to find my eyes on his grandmother.

“You look better everyday,” I told her.

She smiled and swatted my compliment with her hand, “Oh child please. I’m too old to be beautiful. I don’t own a mirror. Vanity is a luxury reserved for the young.”

“Yeah? What about wisdom?” I asked her.

Tru smiled between the two of us and looked at his grandmother. She smirked.

“You hungry, Joy?” She asked, standing up.

I looked down at Bubba and then at Tru. His eyes twinkled a little, and settled on mine.

“Come for dinner,” He said softly. “We’d love to have you.”

I nodded, “Okay…dinner.” I said. “As long as I can bring Bubba.”

“Of course. You love chocolate right? My Grams has some cake left.” He asked her, grabbing her hand.

I froze for a moment and watched as they began walking out of the courts, as his grandmother gathered her things and called to her grandson.

“I think I need some of your wisdom, Grandmama.” I said.

“What’s on your mind?” She asked.

“…Tru remembers little details…like some of the faces I make, and that Bubba loves chocolate but the big stuff seems to elude him. I don’t get it.” I said.

She pondered the idea for a moment before she shrugged, “In life, some things we learn to chalk up to chance…and divinity. With Tru, it’s all about time. Those small puzzle pieces belong to a big picture. Look at each new piece as a blessing and enjoy the journey.”

I smiled and watched her head through the gates behind Tru and little Joy. I followed slowly.

Blue & Green by Parley D’amour played softly as a bare chested Avery sat on the floor, his back resting against the wall. I lied on the floor in front of him, looking up at his half-moon for a face. His eyes glanced over at the clock and then back at me.

“You have class in the morning,” He said softly.

“I know,” I responded, my eyes glued to him.

He lied down in front of me, resting his chin on his arm. His eyes bounced around my face and I looked down at him, wanting to throw myself into those arms. I decided against it and looked down at the carpet.

“I feel stupid for being here, Avery.” I said.

“I know.” He said. “I saw it all over you when you walked in.”

“…I shouldn’t be here and be okay with this…and you. I should still be angry, right?” I asked.

“It’s been 2 years Joy. I don’t expect you to forget our past but…I was hoping that you’d at least moved past anger. The same way that I’ve moved past loss.” He stated, half-believing the statement when it left his lips.

“…You don’t miss me anymore?” I asked.

“I didn’t say that.” He said.

I raised an eyebrow and shrugged, “Well…here we are.” I said.

“Here we are.” He stated, sitting up then.

We sat quietly for a moment before Avery looked at me, “Sorry about what happened to your boyfriend.” He said then.

I nodded and shrugged, “Fate right?” I asked.

“Maybe.” He responded. “Think he’ll remember soon?” He asked.

I shrugged, “Can’t really dwell on that. Just gotta move forward with where he is now.” I said.

Inside, Avery hoped he never remembered…but he knew that what he wanted wasn’t the best for Joy. She needed to be loved by someone that could and from what she’d told him tonight, Tru could.

“Then stay with him. Stay with it. He’ll fall in love with you again.” He said. “Remind him of the reason he loved you in the first place.” He whispered.

Our eyes locked and mine watered, “…You think it’ll work?” I asked.

“How could he not?” Avery’s throat filled with tears. “It’s not hard to fall in love with you.”

“Hard to stay there though, huh?” I asked him.

“I never not loved you.” He said. “I confused love with…possession.” He said. “You know love and you know how to love somebody. Keep giving him that and he’ll return it.”

“And if he doesn’t?” I asked him.

“…There’s someone waiting…someone willing to give you what he never could before.” He said.

I looked away from him and then down at my phone. “I should get home.” I said.

Avery nodded, “That’s fine.” He said.

We both stood up and I headed to the door. I turned and looked at him. “Thank you for just…listening.”

Avery nodded. “Thanks for trusting me.” He said.

I hugged him and pulled back, kissing his cheek. “Goodbye, Avery.” I said.

“Goodbye Joy.” He said.

And they sounded final. I left the apartment and turned, looking at him. He smiled in that doorway…resembling the image that had come to mind so much in the past week. I turned and walked away, feeling fulfilled.

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ruuuuuuuuuuun it!

RUN THIS Girl XXXXXXX a million...

I don't want her to sleep with Avery..

..I'm praying Tru remembers what they had so that they can make things work

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Oh no!!! Not avery!!! Run it!!!