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Dusk Before Dawn.

I sat quietly in the living room, on the floor, listening to the walls sway in our strangled apartment complex. I looked at the clock near the couch. Almost four. I should finish dinner. I stood up, and headed toward the kitchen, catching a glimpse of myself in the reflection of a photograph hanging on the wall. I stopped and stared for a moment, putting my finger to my lip. My eyes swelled, but I made the tears retreat back to their hiding places. There was no room for them here. I went into the kitchen and discovered another leak beneath the sink. I scurried to find another empty pot to catch the water. I’d tell him. But I couldn’t. He’d blame it on me. I closed the cabinet and went into the refrigerator, retrieving the steaks I’d let marinate throughout the day, while I cleaned the apartment ruthlessly. Not a speck on the carpet. I moved quickly, placing the steaks in to broil and heating up the mashed potatoes. I went to the table and put our plates down. I shined the forks and knives with my t-shirt and placed them parallel to the plates. I looked at the clock. 4:24. My heartbeat quickened. I took another look at the living room before I scurried down the hall to the bedroom to make sure that everything was in its place.

I went back into the living room, just as I heard the door click and saw the knob turn. He entered the house and his eyes fell upon mine. My breath scurried away and I smiled a little, hoping he was in a good mood. He shut the door behind him, ignoring me, and began to take off his shoes. I should say something. Ask him how his day is. Do it!

“H-how was your day, babe?” I asked.

“Dinner ready?” He responded, loosening his tie.

“The steaks are in the oven right now. Mashed potatoes and broccoli is done.” I said quickly.

He stared at me for a moment before he walked past me. I exhaled and stood there, before I felt a blow to my lower back. I fell to my knees – asking God, “Why?” the entire way down.


The bags on my shoulders and my head low, hoodie up, I left the apartment and walked hastily down the hall. Once I got outside, the wind hit me hard in the face. I hadn’t been outside in weeks. I got on the nearest city bus and sat in the back, looking out of the window. Once at the bus station, I got in line and looked up at the available times. I’d have to get on one immediately.

“Hi, one ticket to Saluda, North Carolina.” I whispered.

“Saluda? What’s there?” She asked, looking over the counter at me.

She noticed my face and the crumbled money I handed her. She typed some things in the computer before she looked at me once more.

“Bus leaves in 5. You can board now.” She said softly, studying me.

I glanced at her quickly before I turned to go out to the bus. Her face stayed with me as I walked. It wasn’t disgust, or pity – but empathy, and understanding. I went outside and got on, choosing a window seat. I stacked the chair next to me with my two bags and exhaled. The bus began to move and my heart rate picked up. It was really happening. I was leaving.

When I heard the door close the next morning, I hopped out of bed and began to clean the apartment immediately. When I was done, I looked at the clock. 10:15. Avery was going to check-in today. I knew he was. I packed two small bags and hid them in the closet, before I went out into the living room and busied myself until he came. As expected, 12:14, Avery came strolling into the house, with a bouquet of flowers. I didn’t say anything to him. When he saw my face, he frowned. He came and sat down on the table in front of me. He caressed my face.

“I’m so sorry,” He whispered.

“…For what?” I asked, looking down at my hands.

“For last night, baby. I…shouldn’t have thought that you would ever cheat on me.” He said. “You love me too much to do that. You stay with me…even when I treat you wrong.”

I looked at him. I’d have to play this moment up. It’d be the last time I’d ever see him.

“Will you stop when the baby comes?” I asked softly.

Bringing up “the baby” would hold Avery over until the end of the day. He’d go around, telling everyone at work that we were expecting. The thought would keep him occupied. But I wasn’t ovulating.

He nodded his head, “Of course. I’ll do whatever you need, alright? For the baby and for you. I’ll give you both everything.” He said, before he smiled a little.

I pecked his lips and looked at the flowers. “Oh, I got these for you. I know you like a little color around here sometimes.” He said, handing them to me.

He studied my face, hoping I liked them. I faked a smile – 2 years ago he would’ve known the difference. But not anymore. My smiles were never real. He pecked my lips and rubbed my head.

“I have to go back to work, but I’ll see you tonight, okay? Don’t fix dinner. I’ll cook.” He said.

“Okay.” I said, smiling a little.

“I love you, Joy.” He said.

“Love you too,” I said, pecking his lips.

He stood up and turned to leave. When I heard the door close, I hopped up and walked swiftly to the kitchen. I took the hair dye out of the grease and went into the bathroom. I followed the instructions on the back of the bottle and let it sit while I walked through the house, getting everything together. I pulled out an old hoodie and some sweats, laying them on the bed. I showered with the bathroom door open, listening for any sounds. When I finished, I blow-dried my hair and studied the new color. I looked at my bruised nose and lip, and my puffy eyes. I was going to leave. I was going to live.

i guess i'll add...

Run it!!!

Thanks! Few more comments and I'll add.

I hope Joy gets the opportunity to get away from him and goes far away where he can't find her. She needs to find help from somewhere or an angel needs to come in her life. I hope Avery gets what he deserves for what he's doing to Joy. Sorry excuse for a man for keeping her locked up that house. Run it

thank you both!

He is SICK!!!..poor girl smh


Omg Poor Joy!!! I just want to take her away from all of that. Avery is a maniac. Where is her family, friends?? She can't get preggo by his ass. Why does he hit her?!! Uhh Run it!!

Run please!

Everyday, Avery wanted to have sex. He wanted a child. I didn’t. I came up with excuses usually, or waited until he was too tired. Out of excuses…

“I have a yeast infection.” I said.

He narrowed his eyes at me, while he was on top of me. He mugged me with his hand, annoyed.

“You so f***ing stupid! We ain’t had sex in two weeks. The f***? You f***ing some other nigga?” He yelled.

“No.” I said.

I was in a compromising position, with him on top of me. I kissed his lips repeatedly, “Want something to drink?” I asked softly.

He nodded and got off of me. I stood up and went to the kitchen to pour him some lemonade. When I returned, I crossed the threshold only to be met with a remote to the face. It cracked against my nose and I dropped the glass of lemonade, falling out into tears.

“Why…” I cried, holding my nose.

“Cause you cheating on me.” He said.

He grabbed my face with his hand, “Who you got over here while I’m at work? Huh?”

“Nobody,” I whined, my nose bleeding onto his hand.

He slapped me once more and I fell to the floor. I got on all fours and crawled down the hall to the bathroom. I shut the door and looked at myself in the mirror. I examined my nose. It wasn’t broken… just bruised. I cleaned up my face and sat down on the floor.

“Joy!” He yelled.

I jumped at the sound of his voice. I stood up and stood guard, waiting on him to come into the bathroom. He pushed the door open and I held my hands in front of my face. He snatched me by the wrist and dragged me back to the bedroom. He tossed me on the bed and pushed my legs apart.

“Please,” I whined.

“Shut the f*** up.” He stated.

He entered me forcefully and I shut my mouth tight to keep from screaming. I tried to get away but he slapped me and held me down. I got tired and gave up. When he came inside of me, I sunk into the mattress. I felt small. Unworthy. Numb.

In bed, Avery held me tighter than usual.

“I don’t ever want you to go nowhere.” He said. “I keep you in the house, ‘cause I can’t lose you.”

“Lose me to what, Avery?” I asked.

“Some other dudes… the world, out there. I don’t know.” He said.

“I’m not going anywhere.” I said softly.

“I know.” He responded.

I rolled my eyes and exhaled, “Get some sleep, alright? Long week ahead of you.” I said to him.

He kissed the back of my neck and rolled over to sleep. The next morning, when he was at work, I went into the closet, and peeled back the carpet square, before I grabbed the box I’d stashed. I’d been saving up whatever money I could get my hands on for 2 years. I even purposefully put holes into Avery’s pants where I knew he’d keep some cash, so that it would fall beneath the seams and I could cut it out later. I counted it and nodded, before I put it away quickly and covered it back up. I heard the door open and looked at the clock. A midday check-in. I walked down the hall to find him standing near the door. He looked relieved when he saw me.

“What you doing?” He asked, studying me.

“Nothing. About to read.” I said, looking over at him. “You hungry?”

He shook his head, “Just wanted to stop by.” He said.

I nodded and kissed his cheek softly. I smiled. “It’s good to see you. I’ve missed you all day.”

He smiled and bit his lip, “I’ve got some time to kill.” He said, unbuckling his belt.

I sighed and forced a smile. He grew in his pants quickly and dropped them to the floor, before he pulled down my pants and pecked my lips. He massaged my clit with his finger and I exhaled, grabbing his arm. He picked me up and sat me on the table, before he went to enter me.

“Where’s the condom?” I asked.

“We don’t need one.” He said, kissing my neck.

I squirmed a little, as he tried to put it in.

“If you don’t say still, little girl.” He said.

I looked up at him, fearful. I couldn’t get pregnant by Avery. Not now. The phone rang and I looked over at it.

“The plumber was supposed to be calling.” I said.

Avery sighed and shook his head, “Just suck the s***.” He said, annoyed.

I ignored the phone and got on my knees and did as I was told.

In the grocery store, while Avery looked at magazines an aisle over, I opened a box of hair dye and snuck it into my jacket pocket. Avery shut the magazine and listened for movement.

“Joy you over there?” He asked, heading around the corner.

I scurried to put the box back and was headed toward him with the cart when he appeared. He smirked.

“I want some ice cream.” He said.

I nodded and followed him throughout the grocery store as he pointed at the things for me to grab. In line, he watched the male cashier closely, who noticed the small bruise on my lip, which had began to heal. He looked at Avery who was glaring back at him.

“How you doing?” He asked me.

I knew better than to respond. I just waited for him to ring us out. He bagged our things up and placed them in the cart. Avery snatched the receipt from him and we left. Avery sat in the car while I placed the groceries in the trunk. In the car, he looked over at me.

“Cover that s*** before you leave the house next time.” He said.

I looked into the side view mirror. “I tried… couldn’t get all of it.” I said softly.

He exhaled and clenched his jaw. When we got home, I put the things away and heard him fumbling around in the living room. Oh no.

“Joy where the f*** is the remote!” He yelled.

I scurried out of the kitchen and grabbed it from the drawer I’d placed it in, beneath the TV. He snatched it from me.

“I could punch you. Why the f*** would you put it there?” He asked.

“You said you didn’t like it on the table.” I said.

“So put it somewhere where it’s visible! Damn! Are you retarded?” He yelled.

“No.” I responded. “I don’t want your ice cream to melt.”

I said, before I went back to the kitchen and put the things away. I heard the TV go on. I began to cry silently. The tears fell without warning. I tried to wipe them away but another only replaced them. I took the hair dye I’d stolen, wrapped it in plastic and stashed it in a can of grease on the counter. He’d never look there.

“Joy order a pizza,” He called out. “Bring me a beer.”

I grabbed a beer from the fridge and took it to him before I grabbed the phone and dialed the pizza place. I ordered what he liked and placed it back on the hook. I stood up, looking absently at the TV. He looked over at me.

“Why you standing there looking stupid?” He chuckled.

I looked at him and looked away, rubbing my arms. I walked to the window and looked down at the street. I noticed the girl from down the hall, with her father, getting into the car. She was learning to drive. I hadn’t ever learned. I looked over at Avery.

“…Remember you said you were gonna teach me how to drive?” I said softly.

He stared at the TV and nodded, before he glanced at me, “Yeah, why?”

“You think you can?” I asked, looking over at him.

“Why you want to drive? I take you wherever you need to go.” He said.

“Just a question.” I said softly.

I walked toward the kitchen and he paused the TV, “Joy.”

I stopped and turned toward him. He stared at me from the couch.

“Where you trying to go?” He asked.

“What?” I asked, confused.

He studied me carefully, “You wanna drive. Where you wanna go?” He asked, slowly.

“Nowhere, Avery. It’d be nice to run errands without having to bother you on your day off. That’s all.” I said.

I’d learned how to make everything about him. That’s what he wanted.

Yay another story!!!..Joy needs to run from him the first chance she gets


Thanks readers.

O she crazy one of those hot ass pots would hav been on him run it

<3 i love your stories ..
damn, and she need to get away from him..
its only gonna get worse .


I wonder what makes Joy stay? does she has any family or friends? She needs to leave him. Run it

Thank you!

OMG!!! Joy needs to get away from him!! Avery is an abusive a**hole. He needs help just as much as she does, if he thinks hitting her is ok!! It's not and it never will be!!! I hope they both get the help they need before Joy winds up dead behind his crazy ass!! Why is he like that and has she ever tried to get away?? Run it!!


Enjoy :)

Avery stroked in and out of me delicately, kissing my neck. I lied limp, looking out of the window. I moaned every once in a while because that’s what he wanted to hear. I stopped enjoying sex with Avery when the abuse started.

“I love you, <a href=>Joy</a>.” He whispered.

“I love you too,” I responded, looking up at him.

He took off the condom and threw it in the trashcan before he lied on his back next to me and pulled me into his arms. I wrapped my arms around him and stared at the wall. He rubbed my head softly and kissed my forehead. He smiled a little.

“I want this forever,” He stated.

I blinked to keep the tears away.

“I’ve got some plans for us, baby.” He said.

I looked up at him, “Like what?” I asked softly.

“We can travel like we always talked about,” He said. “I’ve been saving up. We can go wherever.”

I fell into his eyes, like I’d done 3 years ago. I smiled a little.

“You mean it?” I asked.

He nodded and stroked my chin, “Yeah.” He said, pecking my lips.

I laid my head back on his chest. “When were you gonna tell me about the leak in the kitchen?”

My eyes popped open. I wanted to get off of him before he hurt me.

“…Soon. I wanted to fix it first.” I said quickly.

He sighed, “You thought I was going to get mad?” He asked.

I didn’t respond. He lifted my chin with his finger, “You scared of me?” He asked.

My eyes curled at the corners and he exhaled, “Don’t be scared of me, Joy.” He said. “I only hit you when… I’m stressed, or you act stupid. A lot of stuff, you know better than to do. I get tired of repeating myself, that’s all. Just do better, aight?”

I nodded and lied back on his chest.

“Can we go to the grocery store Saturday? If you aren’t busy.” I whispered.

“Yeah we can do that. See a movie, or something.” He said, shutting his eyes.

My mind wandered to better places.

I didn’t cry anymore. I lied on the floor for only a second, before I hopped up. <a href=>Avery</a> would kick me if I didn’t. I stood up and turned to face him – my face blank.

“All I ask of you… is to keep the house clean and have my f***ing food ready when I get home. You can’t even do that.” He said.

I didn’t say anything to antagonize him. I simply nodded, “You’re right. I’m sorry. I know you’re tired.”

“I am,” He said, nodding.

He turned and walked down the hall. My breath fled back into my body and I damn near choked. The pain was shooting throughout my entire body. I limped to the kitchen and made his plate. I sat it down on the table and went down the hall to the room.

“It’s ready, and it’s hot.” I said.

He got off of the bed and walked behind me to the table. He sat down and watched me walk into the kitchen. I began to make my plate when I heard him get up. My hands began to shake. What did I do now? He came into the kitchen and I looked at him. His face had fallen into one of sorrow, like it always did moments after he hit me. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

“You’re my rib. I’m sorry.” He said.

“I know,” I said, nodding and smiling faintly.

I turned around and pecked his lips. “I don’t want your food to get cold.” He said.

“Okay,” He said, smiling.

He went back to the table and I exhaled and grabbed my plate walking to join him at the table. He ate quietly across from me before he looked around.

“Place looks good.” He said.

“Thanks. Been working on getting the carpet clean.” I said, putting my hair behind my ear.

He bit his lip and studied me, “Been thinking…” He started.

I looked over at him and nodded, “About?” I asked.

“A baby. I think we should work on having a baby again.” He said, looking at me.

My face must’ve gone white because of the way his face turned up. “Why you looking like that?” He asked.

I shook my head, “We can try.” I said, looking down at my plate now.

“What… you don’t want a baby with me?” He asked.

I looked at him and studied his caramel face. “Of course I do.” I said, accented with a small smile.

I’d perfected dishonesty.