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Broken Hearted Girl (Club Fantasy ReVamp)


It seems like every guy I let into my life has let me down or disappointed me in some way. I never thought myself to be ordinarily pretty. As child I wore thick coke bottle glasses and my teeth were bucked. My lips were too big for my face and I was always taller than everyone. By the time I reached the ninth grade things had gotten a little bit better. I had gotten braces to fix my overbite and I had talked my mother into letting me get contacts. My sophomore year I switched schools and ate my lunch in the bathroom for the first two months before I had eventually made friends when I joined the volleyball team. However, I was still my gawky self. I had even grew out my hair that I normally wore short. It didn't matter what changes I made though. Deep down inside I was still very much in secure and self conscious about everything. I didn't think that I was attractive and I felt as if I would be alone forever.

Life was cool for a while. I had made some awesome friends and I didn't worry about having a boyfriend too much. I played just about every sport you could think of plus my mother had decided to have another baby when I was 16 so any social life outside school was basically non existent. See my mother worked nights and I would have to take care of both my sisters. Cook dinner, help with homework, give baths and put them both down for bed before I could even attempt to do my own work. I was 17 when I met Johnathan he was 19 and I thought I finally found some one to accept me for me. For awhile things were great. He would even come over and help me with the girls whenever he didn't have to work. To make a long story short 8 months later he decided that he was still in love with his ex girlfriend and left me for her but that's not even the best part. Here's the kicker, you ready for it? He didn't even tell me that we were over. I had to find out the next day at school from HER that they were back together.

He was the first in the line of disappointments. I guess I was just destined to be a Broken Hearted Girl.


It may seem kinda slow now but I wanted to get the background out the way. It WILL get better... Thoughts?


loving it so far!!! run it!!!

yes so this the main chick right ?
i like the past so far and being a stripper or/ and the owner of a stripclub is pretty ballsy for someone who is insecure
and f her ex justin
how u not gona let ur girl know u aint wanna be with her no more?
run it