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Second Chances

7 years later

<a href="***-0-300x300.jpg">I'm</a> walking down the street in Atlanta and that's when I saw her. This is the first time that I've seen her since I choose my ex over her. Damn I was dumb, She look good as f*** too. What do I do? Do I go up to her or just leave her? I know she was better off without me....but I just gotta know.

He walks up to her slowly, her back turned to him and just as he's about to say her name she turns around to face him.

She squints her eyes looking at him surprised "August?"

"Hey, umm <a href="">Colbi</a>. How you been?"

Colbi smiled sweetly and said "I've been great" just as <a href="">he</a>appeared by her side.