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Unexplainable Feelings


Main character, Shamari is experiencing her own set of unexplainable feeling when she finally gets to meet her celebrity crush Tyra B. The thing is Shamari is not a lesbian, but she has had her heart stolen by the very attractive Virginia native, RnB singer Tyra B, who is a lesbian. Unlike other girls, her fantasy becomes a quick reality for her. Fortunately, her best friend Jassiel has been in a very long on again, off again relationship with Virginia RnB singer Trey Song. Trey and Tyra are good friends with each other and have come home to Virginia to do some promotions for their new song they have together. While they are there, Tyra and Shamari link up with each other, despite the fact that Tyra has a girlfriend named Lex. As for Jassiel and Trey's situation, Trey tries to win back the heart of the one women who really loved him, even though she is fed up with his past actions that left her heartbroken and bitter. Although the plan seems simple for everyone, all four will experience their trial and tribulations and...... Unexplainable feelings


<em>Jassiel’s pov</em>

I was so tired, but for some reason I was going under some serious insomnia. I wanted to blame it on Shamari's dad dying, but I knew it was because of Trey. I hated not talking to him, but what I hated even more was how much I missed him. I tried to be mad earlier when he didn't answer my call, but I knew he had all the reasons in the world to ignore me, especially since he text me and I didn't respond. My eyes were beginning to close when my phone started ringing. "Are you serious?" I said getting up and reaching over for it. It was Trey! Before I could stop myself, I answered the phone. "Hello?" I said clearing my throat. "What's up Jassiel?" He replied. "Nothing, what's up, what you doing up?" I asked sitting up and looking at the time. "I couldn't sleep, but I'm surprised you answered." "And why is that?" I asked. "Because it's almost four in the morning, and I know how you are about your sleep." He said then chuckled.

I giggled thinking about all the times he woke me up out my sleep when we were together, "Yeah, you found that out the hard way a few times." I said. "Hell yeah! I remember that one time when you were preg-" Trey cut himself off and the phone got real quiet. I could feel how uncomfortable he was through the phone so I tried to lighten the mood. "So, how was your flight yesterday?" I asked tryna change the subject. "It was aight, I slept the whole time." He chuckled. I laughed, then the phone got really quiet again. "So, uh what you doing up?" He asked. "I don't know, probably from riding around ATL all day." I said. "ATL? Y'all in Atlanta?" f***! Did I really just slip and say that. "Hello? Jassiel?" I heard him say. "Uh, yeah I'm here." "Well?" "Well what Trey?" I asked. "Jassiel don't play dumb. Are y'all in Atlanta?" I took a deep breath, "Yeah." Trey laughed, "Shamari just couldn't stay away from Tyra huh?" "Umm, no not really, Tyra doesn't even know we're here..." I said trailing off. "Then whats up?" "Umm...well uhhh.." I was stuttering over my words. "Spit it out Jay."

"Shamari's dad is dead!" I said letting a tear fall. The phone went silent and then I heard some shuffling. "Uh Trey?" "Yeah." He said sounding distant. "What's that noise? And why you sound so distant?" "What noise?" he asked. "All that damn shuffling." "Oh, I'm getting dressed." "To go where?" I asked. "To come to the hotel, I know my sister probably needs me right now, and I know she need Ty. I'll call you when we on our way. Love you Jassiel, bye!" Before I could say anything Trey had hung up, I looked at the phone, and then decided I should get up to go tell Shamari. Lord be with me. I was walking towards Shamari's side of the suite, when it hit me. "Did Trey say he loved me?" I stopped for a minute to think, but was interrupted by a knock at the door. I peeped out the peephole and saw <a href=>Trey</a> and <a href=>Tyra</a> standing there.

I took a deep breath and opened the door. Tyra barged in, "Yo where she at? Why the f*** she ain't tell me!?" She said looking around tryna figure out what side to got to. "Shhh, Tyra she's sleep and the reason she didn't tell you was because she didn't want you to worry, but stay right here, because she's gonna be mad as hell that I even slipped up and told Trey." I said showing them to the couch and walking towards Shamari's door. I opened it quietly and walked over to her, shaking her lightly. "Shamari, wake up." She stirred and moaned something then went back. "Shamari please wake up it's important." I said shaking a little harder. "Jassiel what could be so important that it couldn't wait until morning?!" She said with her face in the pillow. "Well, umm, I kinda slipped up and told Trey we're here and now him and Tyra are sitting in the Living Room." I quickly backed away from the bed. She didn't move or say anything. "Shamari?" I said nervously. "I'm going to f***ing kill you!" She said sitting up turning on the light.

"I know, I know I'm so sorry , but it just came out." "Yeah Jay, but you know my situation, now I have to explain everything to Tyra, and by everything, I mean everything. I just wasn't ready for that yet!" "I know Mari, and I'm so, so, so, sorry." I said pouting. "b**** that don't work on me! You lucky I was missing Tyra's ass anyways." She said laughing and heading towards the bathroom. I laughed, "What you doing? I said they're in the living room, not ya bathroom." "Uh, b**** I can't be kissing Ty with the yuck mouth. That is not cute!" I laughed and shook my head in agreement. Shamari brushed her teeth, washed her face, and changed. "Damn, took you long enough!" "Shut up! I couldn't be looking like hell seeing my babe." She started to walk out but stopped and turned around to face me. "What's wrong?" I asked. "I can't let Tyra think I did this because she's here, I gotta let her think I wake up looking this damn good!" She tousled her hair, and rubbed her eyes making it look like she just woke up. I just shook my head and laughed.

We walked back into the living room to find Trey and Ty watching T.V. "Damn it took y'all long enough!" Trey said getting up and hugging Mari. "Sorry, sleeping beauty here wouldn't wake up!" I said pointing at Mari. She just flicked me off and plop next to Tyra laying in her lap. "Hey baby." Mari said. "Don't hey baby me, why you aint tell me you was in Atlanta, and then on top of that tell me your dad was dead?!" "Can we talk about this in my room?" Shamari said getting up. Tyra shook her head and followed Mari into the room. When the door was shut Trey turned to me, "It was that nigga Ryan won't it?" He said clenching his jaw. "We don't know, but we do know he had something to do with it!" Trey shook his head, "Man I wish Mr. Rossellini had gotten out that mob life." "Trey that wouldn't have matter! They still would've come after him, because of Ryan's dad!" I said reminding him that Ryan's whole family was in the mob as well. "That's true, are they sure he's dead?" He asked. I looked at him like he was crazy, "I mean think about it Jassiel, they haven't found his body, how we don't know Mr. Rossellini isn't on some incognito s***, until everything die down."

I sat there thinking about what Trey was saying, and he was right. "But why would mama Shannon tell us that he was dead?" "Come on Jay, You know she had to do that to keep him safe!" Trey was so right, I hadn’t even thought about it that way. I shook my head and looked at the time it was almost five and I was getting sleepy. I yawned, “I’m so sleepy.” “If you’re tired you can gon ahead to bed, I was just coming to check on Mari, but since Ty here I know she good, I’ll just see you tomorrow.” Trey said getting up. “Wait,” I said grabbing his arm, “You’re welcomed to stay if you want, I actually don’t wanna be alone right now.” I said. He smiled and pulled me close to him. “You know I got you boo.” I smiled hearing him say that, and he followed me to the room opposite of Shamari’s. He held me close and I snuggled up under him and we laid there talking until our eyes closed.

<strong>Tyra’s pov</strong>

I stroked the side of Shamari’s face, watching her sleep on my chest. I couldn’t believe what she just told me, her dad was in the mob. Which explains her riches and her last name. She was so beautiful, even in her sleep. She was making some noises in her sleep, they sounded like little moans. I wondered what she was dreaming about. I started laughing thinking about some of the possible things she could’ve been dreaming about, as my eyes began to close. “Tyra?” Shamari said still half sleep. “Yeah babe?” I asked looking down at her. “Thank you.” “For what?” I asked confused. “For being here with me, I wanted to tell you on the phone so badly, but I knew you were busy and you had other things to worry about.” She starting to cry a little again and I just pulled her closer to me. “Shamari you’re my girlfriend, I’m never going to be too busy for you.” She sat up and looked at me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. “Did you just call me your girlfriend?” I thought about it and smiled. “I mean yeah, but if you don’t want the title I’ll ju-“ She cut me off by kissing me and I kissed her back. The kiss was starting to get really intense until she broke it off. “Sorry.” She said and sat back down beside me. “What you apologizing for?” “I know you said you wanted to wait and I just keep tryna go full on.” We both laughed then it got real quiet and we just stared at each other. The sexual tension in the air was so thick it could be cut with a knife. I saw Shamari kinda shift and she bit her lip and turned her head away from me. I crept my fingers up her thigh and along her waistline. “What are you doing Tyra?” She asked taking a deep breath. “Whatever you want me to.” I said smirking. She looked at me with raised eyebrows. I laughed, “Why you look at me like that?” She shrugged her shoulders. I know she is not getting nervous on me.

“Are you nervous Shamari?” “About what?” “About us.” She shook her head no, “Why would I be nervous, I’ve been in a relationship before!” “Shamari, I’m not talking about us being in a relationship.” I said pulling her on top of me. “Then what are you talking about?” I bit my lip and smirked, “This.” I didn’t waste any more time. I’ve been wanting Mari since the first day I saw her, and I wanted her more than in a sexual way, I wanted all of her and now I had it. I laid her down as I slowly kissed down her body. Her light, soft moans were making me want her more than ever. I slipped her shirt off kissing her from her chest, down her stomach, and stopping right above her panty line. She looked down at me watching me tentatively. I smiled at her and she bit her lip. “You gon tell me what you want?” I asked her dragging my tongue along the line. She took a deep breath and shook her head. “Well tell me.” I said rubbing her vagina through her panties.

She opened her mouth but the only thing that came out was a moan. I laughed moving her panties to the side and slipping a finger in. She was wet as hell and I didn’t even get started forreal yet. I started moving my finger around, “What was that?” I asked slipping a second one in and massaging her clit with my thumb. “Make love to me Tyra..” She said pleadingly. “With pleasure baby.” I snatched her panties the rest of the way off, and put her legs on my shoulders. I stuck my tongue in moving it around in circles, licking each of her walls. I was doing all kinds of tricks with my tongue and slipped a few fingers back in her too. “Ahhh f*** Tyraa!” She moaned while grabbing the back of my head. This gave me even more motivation to please her. I started humming greatest sex making my mouth vibrate inside of her. Her moans got louder and her legs starting to shake a little. I felt her tryna scoot away. I grabbed her by her hips to hold her in place, “Don’t try to run away, you only making it worse!” I warned her. Shamari’s legs started shaking and her back started arching. I stuck my fingers deeper, sucking her clit harder. She gripped the sheets, “Mmm, I’m bout to cu-“ She said and then her juices filled my mouth.

I wiped my mouth and crawled up her trembling body and kissed her. “You good?” I said smirking. She mushed my face and giggled. “Whatever Tyra!” She yawned and turned over. “Uh, what you doing?” I asked her. “I’m going to sleep, I’m tired.” I laughed, “Oh no, we not done.” She turned over and looked at me, “What you mean?” “What I mean is you better get your ass over and get the riding!” I said pulling at her. She laughed climbing on top of me, “You so nasty!” I licked my lips and shook my head agreeing. “You ready?” She asked. “I was born ready!” Then I pulled her down onto my face.

<strong>The Next Morning</strong>

<em>Shamari’s pov</em>

I woke up the next morning naked wrapped in Tyra’s arms. I smiled as flashbacks of last night flashed in my head. I couldn’t believe that Tyra and me finally were together, never in a millions year would I have believe this s*** would actually come true. I tried to be happy but the fact that my father was dead, was still overshadowing it, and the fact that Ryan had something to do with it pissed me off. I was gonna get to the bottom of it. I was laying there emotional as hell, I tried to fight back the tears, but they came flowing anyways. I didn’t wanna wake Tyra up, so I got up as quietly as possible and went into the bathroom and bawled my eyes out. “How could he do such a f***ed up thing to me?” I said out loud. “Inconsiderate bastard!” I was so pissed and upset that I didn’t realize that I was yelling, until Tyra came busting in the bathroom. “Baby, you okay?” She asked sitting down beside me.

“No…he’s a…a**hole for…what…he did and he’s…gonna f***ing…pay!” I said through my sobs. “Shamari, who is he? Are you talking about your dad? You can’t blame him for this.” “No tyra, Ryan!” “Ryan? The f*** that nigga got to do with any of this?” When Tyra asked that I remembered I hadn’t told her that Ryan’s dad was in the mob and that he possibly had something to do with my dad’s death. “Uh hello? Shamari?” “Yeah babe.” “I said what the f*** that nigga Ryan got to do with any of this?” She said looking a little angry. I didn’t want to tell her but I didn’t want to lie to her either. I took a deep breath, “ babe…remember when I said that my dad and Ryan’s dad worked together?” “Yeah and?” “Well um what I meant by that was that they were mob brothers.” I said nervously not sure of her reaction.

I saw her jaw clench. “Are you mad?” I asked. “Hell yeah Mari, I mean damn this is something that you should tell people!” I was confused. “What you mean it’s something I should tell people?” “The fact that you have a f***ing crazy ass mob ex-boyfriend!” “He’s not and never was my boyfriend Tyra! I told you that!” “Oh yeah that’s right I forgot you went through your whoring days!” My mouth dropped open. “Tyra how dare you say something like that to me?!” I said my eyes filling up with tears. She looked over at me and her face softened. “Look babe, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it.” She said hugging me, I just stood there not sure of what to say. She looked at me, “Awe come on babe, don’t be like that!” She smiled her irresistible smiled and I melted. She started laughing. “It’s not funny you know what that smile does to me.” I said hitting her lightly on the chest. She bit her lip, “Yeah, and I know what I’m about to do to you to.” She said licking her lips. I became instantly wet. Ten minutes later we were in the shower, skin against skin, biting, scratching, and a lot of licking and sucking.

<strong>An hour later</strong>

Me, Tyra, Jay, and Trey were all at Thumbs Up Diner eating and I couldn’t be any happier. “Baby, baby?” Tyra said waving her hand in front of my face. “Huh? What happened?” I said startled and all 3 of them just laughed. “Damn Ty, you got her ass over there dazed and confused! What you do to her?” Jay said laughing. “You sure you wanna know that?” Tyra asked with raised eyebrows. “Hell no nigga! You keep that s*** between y’all!” Trey said shaking his head. Tyra and I just looked at each other and laughed. We finished up our food and got ready to head out. “So what y’all bout to do?” Trey asked. “Come on bro, we are in Atlanta, you know exactly what we’re about to do!” I said. Tyra laughed, “That’s sad, well go have fun babe! Don’t max out too many cards!” “I will!” She smiled and kissed me. “Ewww! Don’t nobody wanna see that s***!” Jassiel said then laughed. Tyra flicked her off, still kissing me. I pulled away, “Okay babe, we gotta go, there’s money to be spent, and clothes to be bought!” “Okay, love you baby!” “Love you too.” Tyra kissed me one more time, then her and Trey went one way and me and Jassiel went the other. “Y’all are so cute!” Jassiel said. “I know right!” I said smiling real hard. Jassiel just looked at me and laughed as we entered into the mall.

Go as far as you would like to take it

It dnt matter its yall story wateva yal think will fit the story cool wit me run it

Soooo for those of you reading this......

I well we, have a question??

How explicit do you want the intimate scenes between Shamari and Tyra?

Because we don't wanna overkill, but we don't want it to be whack lol

So let us know please and thank you!

And your add will be up!!!

Run It!!!

Update coming soon!

Run ir

Well I feel for Mari!!! Lola does have some respect for herself and Trey and Jay need to get they shiid together asap smh
Run It!!!

<strong>Trey's pov</strong>

Despite last night, my day so far day was great. It was about to be even better cause of the way I was about to top the night off. As much as I wanted to get drunk with Diddy, I didn't go that far. I didn't want to get sloppy drunk since I knew I was going to be with Lola tonight. I had a bedroom reputation to maintain so I had to be on point. I had gotten everybody out my house and the place was quiet. I was ready for tonight's activities. I checked my phone to see what time it was and see if Lola had texted me. I looked and saw I had one missed call from Jassiel a couple hours ago. "The f*** is she calling me for?" I asked aloud. I had no clue what she wanted. Maybe she wanted to apologize or maybe she wanted to make a fuss about me not telling her I was gone or something. I didn't see why she would care about either one of those things after she played me last night. I thought about calling her back but I was like, "Nah." Since she wants to think that I'm an ass, I'm gonna be the ass that she wants me to be, so I decided to text her back. "what..." I typed on he screen and then pressed send. I waited to see how fast she would hit me back, but she didn't respond quickly like I thought she would.

I got a call and it was Lola. "Hey sweetheart you outside?" I asked. "Yeah baby. You gon let me inside or what?" She said. I smiled at her question. "You already know. I'm coming." I opened to door and Lola stood there looking fine as ever. She was probably one of the baddest chicks I had every came across throughout my whole time being in the entertainment industry.I followed the contour of her body with my eyes. The <a href="">dress</a> she had on hugged her in all the right places, exposing her perfect hour glass figure. "Trey!" She said waving her hand in my face. "Pick up your bottom lip and move aside so I can get in. You'll have plenty of time to look at me in a minute." She said stepping through. I couldn't help but continue to stare at her from the back as she walked past me. I didn't give a f*** that her ass was fake cause that s*** was sitting pretty in that dress.

"You look sexy as hell right now." I said to her. She turned around and looked at me and then took her dress off. She was standing in nothing but a bra, a thong with her heels on. "Your turn she said. I took my shirt off and let it fall to the ground. "Come here i said to her." She just walked up the stairs towards my room. I got behind her and yanked her bra, making it break and causing it to slide from off her chest onto the floor. The impact made her gasp and then quickly covered her breast. I just smirked at her reaction. "That was my good bra." she said. "Oh well, you can afford a new one. Are you going to miss me?" I asked her. She bit her lip and smiled. "You said that like I'm going somewhere. I'm still gonna be around, we can continue to be friends like we've been doing all these years. You know the routine, no messing around if one of us is taken, but if we still single,then its fair game." she said. I smirked at her again. "I don't know why you even said that cause we be messing around even when one of us is taken." "Trey stop it. I'm taking this one seriously." She said. "Well excuse the f*** outta me than." I said to her. "But I will miss the way you put it down though." She said rubbing her hand on my d***. "And I'mma miss the way ride my d*** and twerk at the same time."I said to her. "Oh please you find groupie hoe that can do that." "But not like you though." I said grabbing her ass. "Go ahead and get on the bed. Let me see you do it." I said to her.

We walked into my bedroom and I started taking off my pants and boxers.I watched as she bent over and took her thong off nice and slow. "Damn." I said in my head. I just loved looking at her from the back. I was ready for her tonight. Most of the time, I'm the giver but tonight I wanted to make it clear to her that I wanted to be on he receiving end. With all this bulls*** I had going on I needed something that would clear my mind.

We were about an 1 hour into it and then she just started to feel some type of way. "Trey I have to go. I can't do this." She quickly hopped of the bed and started putting her outfit back together. "What's wrong? I thought everything was cool." I said to her. throwing on my boxers real quick. "They were- I mean they are. It's just that- I have to go. Bye Trey." I was speechless. She left out so damn fast. Before I could even get to the bottom of the situation, but I had an idea of what it was about. I knew it had to be that guy she was dating. She must have felt bad about what she was doing. "That was fun while it lasted" I said. I looked down at my phone to see if Jassiel had hit me back and she didn't. I wasn't pressed over it though. I knew I would most likely run into her again though since Shamari and Tyra was doing their little thing now.

I looked at the time and it was late. I took a shower and then laid on the bed. This was the part I hated the most. Going to sleep alone and not being able to wake up and see someone that you could call your own. Being that I am who I am, there's been plenty of times when I went to bed with a girl and woke up next to her. In most cases I barely could remember the girl's name. There was nothing like having someone that you loved next to you everyday. I started thinking about Jassiel again. I checked my phone again and still had no notification from her. As much as she had pissed me off yesterday, for some reason I wanted her to respond even if she was mad at me or something. It felt like the roles were somewhat reverse now from hat they used to be. I was the one chasing after her now while she was going off to someone else. I didn't have time to be up all night worry about that though. I knew I probably had some s*** to done tomorrow, so I just closed my eyes hoping that I would go to sleep soon.

<em>Shamari's pov</em>

After our flight to Atlanta, Jassiel and I found ourselves riding around the streets of downtown Atlanta in the <a href="">rental car</a> we got from the airport. I wanted so bad to tell Tyra I was here, but after finding out all that stuff about my dad, I kind of felt like I just wanted to lay low for a while. I didn't want Tyra to know anything about this craziness going on. I felt like it would take away from what we had. I was already feeling a little disappointed just thinking about the impact this would have on my life. The timing for this was all wrong. Me and Jassiel just started working our dream jobs and now we had to push that aside. Whatever's going on needed to be handled quickly cause I have a life to live and I don't need this mob s*** to get in the way of it. It was killing my mood.

As I was driving I heard Jassiel gasp. "Stop the car!" She said. "Do you know what <a href="">building</a> we're in front of right now?" She asked me. I looked and and squinted my eyes. The name of the place was on an awning that hung above the foyer, but I wasn't close enough to read it. "I don't know Jassiel it just looks like some fancy corporate office, which I think we should stay away from." I started to pull off. "Wait!" Jassiel said, making me slam on the breaks. "What now? We need to be finding a hotel we can stay at, we can go sight seeing in the morning." I said to her sounding a little irritated cause my nerves had been shot for the day. "Mari it is a hotel! It's the Four Seasons Atlanta!!" I looked at the awning, squinting my eyes hard as hell to get them to focus. "Four...Seasons...Hotel. Oh my gosh b**** you're right and they got valet parking!!!! Well, looks like we found where we're staying." I said. "Ummm I'm quite sure you meant to say I found where we're staying." Jassiel said. "b**** swerve." I said to her.

We went inside and the <a href="">interior</a> was breathtaking. It looked like we were in a palace. We were excited about finding out what the room would look like, so we hurried up and booked us one. Thanks to my flirtatiousness, I was able to get us in a presidential on a discount. "Thanks <a href="">Pierre</a>!" I said as I was leaving the font desk. "Keep on and Tyra gon whoop that ass." Jassiel said. I laughed. "Whatever, I only did it so we could get a good room, but on the low, he is cute though." "He's not really my type, but he was cute." We took the elevator all the way up to the 19th floor and then found our suite. I opened the door and almost cried. "It's beautiful!" Me and Jassiel walked around and viewed the whole place and everything was flawless.

After the initial excitement, we settled down and decided to get some rest. I tried my best to go to sleep but my dad's absence was lingering on in my head. I started to cry again, but then got mad just thinking about Ryan. I just knew he had something to do with it, but why? He couldn't have possibly done it by himself, his <a href="">dad</a> had to be involved too. Maybe even his whole family. I needed answers! My mom had to know something, she was the one who was with him all the time. I knew she had to be up, so I called her. "I'm sorry but the person you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time." I couldn't believe it, she got her phone cut off. I could be about to die right now and she wouldn't even know cause her phone was off. I sighed and thought about it.I could understand why she would do that; she probably didn't want people blowing her phone up.

I tried to go asleep again, but failed. I wanted to talk to Tyra so bad, but I didn't want to be worrisome and seem needy. I decided to be cute and just send her a goodnight text. I added a heart at the end and sent it. To my surprise she text me back right away. "Goodnight Love." she replied. "What are you doing still up?" I asked her. She replied back,"I'm still in he studio, we're finishing up a song." "I didn't know studio sessions were so long." I sent to her. "It just depends, but if your making a song you might there for a good minute. What you doing up?" she replied. I sat and thought for a minute. I started to type,"I just found out my dad died," but quickly erased the message. "I cant sleep," was what I sent her. "Is it because I'm not there?" She asked. "Yes." I sent her with a sad face. "Don't worry, whenever you get here in Atlanta I'll make sure I'll hold you tight when we go to sleep." My face lit up just reading that text message. Right then I just wanted dip out the room and find her, so we could go to sleep together. "For someone that's niggerish as hell, you sure are sweet lol. I can't wait until that day." I replied to her. "Text me in the morning. I have to go." My heart sank after reading that, so I replied,"Can you call me real quick? Maybe if I hear your voice it will help me to go to sleep." I pressed send and waited to see what she would say. After waiting 10 minutes I didn't think she would call me at all, but she did. "Tyra!" I said. "Hey baby, I really can't talk, but I figured I would call and say I love you and goodnight." Tyra said. "I understand, I appreciate you doing this for me. I love you too Tyra, goodnight." I was about to hangup the phone and then I heard Tyra give me a kiss through the phone receiver. "Did you just give me a kiss?" I asked her. "Yeah, give me one back. I miss the way your lips sound when we kiss." She said. I giggled and then I gave her a kiss back. "Bye Tyra." "Bye Shamari."

I pushed my face in the pillow and then screamed with excitement. Tyra was so cute and affectionate. I couldn't stop smiling, just thinking about her. I never would have thought Tyra would be the one person that would make me feel this way. I knew right then that I wouldn't have anymore trouble going to sleep tonight.

Jay startn to piss me off man she need to gt it together soon aww man i hope they find her dad o so they goin wer they at now cnt wait to see wat pop off run it

Awww mane thats crazy they got her popz mane!!! I just hope Lex dont try to pop up. Trey on his MR.STEALYOGIRL shiid to care so Jay better call him before she pop up. lol Ryan gon learn today
Run It!!!

<em>Jassiel's pov</em>

A couple hours later
I was just coming off my high, from me and Jermaine’s f*** session. I looked at my phone and it was 3 in the afternoon. I looked over at Jermaine and he was knocked out. I put on my clothes, left him a note, and headed home. When I got there, I was glad to see that Shamari’s car was gone. I honestly didn’t feel like hearing her mouth at that moment. I figured she had gone to the gym and would be back in a couple of hours. I walked upstairs and into my bathroom and turned the shower on. I undressed and got in letting the water run down my body. I stood there for a minute just letting the hot water soothe me. I washed down my body and washed my hair. I rinsed off, got out, dried off, lotioned up, and put on some clothes and went downstairs to get something to eat.

While I was fixing my food, I heard Shamari come in laughing on the phone. “Hahaha, Tyra no, I wouldn’t dare do that!” I rolled my eyes when I heard who she was talking too. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tyra and I love her for my best friend but the whole situation was just messy to me. I heard Shamari’s voice getting louder, which meant she was getting closer to the kitchen. 2 seconds later she was busting threw the doors. “Hey Jay.” She said walking past me to the fridge. “Hey.” I said back a little more bland then I meant. She looked at me like what the f***? “Hold on babe, imma call you back.” And she hung up the phone. “Uhh is there a problem?” She asked folding her arms. I shook my head, “No mari, now leave me the hell alone.” I said sitting down at the table. I saw her mouth drop open. “I don’t know who pissed in your cornflakes this morning, but you need to take that s*** up with them and not me.” She said folding her arms. “Nobody did s*** to me Shamari, I’m just tired of you treating me like I’m a child and that everything I do is wrong, and everything you do is right!” “b**** nobody said everything I do is right, and who said everything you do is wrong? You’re just mad at yourself because you won’t admit to how you feel about anything, and by anything, I mean Trey! Speaking of my brother, have you even checked to make sure he was okay? No, your ass was too busy laid up with that no good nigga Jermaine! Wait a minute, that explains everything! You f***ed him didn’t you?” She asked raising her eyebrows.

I felt panic come all over my body. How the hell did she know that? I sat there quiet not saying anything tryna think of a response. “You did! You little b****, haha girl karma is coming back for your ass!” Shamari said laughing. I didn’t see what the f*** was so funny. “Shamari shut the f*** up! You wanna talk about karma? Should we bring up the fact that you are f***ing around with somebody else’s girlfriend? Or the fact that you are using Chris just to make her jealous?” I said mad as hell by now. Shamari just kept laughing. Which pissed me off even more. “The f*** is so funny Mari?” “Well for starters the fact that you were just yelling at me like you were crazy, Two, I’m not f***ing with anyone’s girlfriend. Tyra and Lex are over, so technically, I’m f***ing around with a single, non-committed person, and Lastly, Chris and I are friends we established that that’s all we wanted to be, with the occasional sexual encounter, because Lord knows that young man is blessed! Whoo! So, I do believe I have the right to laugh, but as for you my love, you need to figure your s*** out before you end up hurting someone, or most importantly yourself. But okay I’m going to shower, that run was something serious. Love ya girl!” She hugged me and skipped out of the kitchen.

As much as I hated to admit it, Shamari was right! I need to figure my life out! Especially when it comes to Trey, I love the boy so much, but I refused to let him know that! I looked at the time, and wondered if I should call him or not. I picked my phone up and proceeded to call him. It rang for what felt like forever, and then his answering machine picked up, “Yoo, you’ve reached Trey and yes I can talk like this because it’s my personal line, but anyways you know what to do at the beep.” Beep. “Um hey Trey, it’s me, I uh..I was calling to see how your flight went, I guess I’ll umm…talk to you later, bye.” I hung up and put my head down on the table. I was so confused and my head was flooded. I put my headphones in and listened to Trey’s voice hoping that it would soothe me.

<em>Shamari’s pov</em>

After me and Jassiel’s little “conversation” in the kitchen, I started thinking about how crazy my life has been this past month. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be in the position that I’m in now. I mean I’ve done it with Chris Brown and Tyra B. is my girlfriend I guess hahaha. Whatever we are I just know I’m in a place in my life that I never want to leave, and on top of that I got a call earlier saying they wanted me as a chef in one of the top restaurants in VA! Life is beyond great for me right now, and nothing was gonna change that. I was listening to my music when Tyra came on causing me to smile. She was so talented, for her voice to be heavy and deep when she talked, it was light and high when she sang. I was enjoying Tyra serenading me when my phone ring. “Hello?” I answered without looking to see who was calling. “Sup guh?” I heard Ryan’s voice come through the phone. I let out an irritated sigh, “Hi Ryan.” “Damn, that’s how it is now?” He asked. “Pretty much.” I said even more irritated. “So-“ “So why did you call me?” I asked cutting him off. “Damn a nigga can’t check up on you now?” “Nope because I know that’s not the reason why you called.” I said sitting up. “And how do you know that?” “Because I do, now what do you want?” I asked becoming very irritated. “Alright fine, I miss you mari, I miss the way we used to talk, the way we kissed, the way you use to do that little thing with you ton-“ “Ryan! Look I get it, you miss me, but you should’ve thought about that when you pulled that stunt that you did!” “I know that Shamari but-“ “No buts Ryan, Goodbye!” I hung up and laid back down, , listening to Tyra again.

I was almost sleep until my phone started ringing again. I almost didn’t answer but I saw it was Tyra. “Hey babe, what’s up?” I answered all happy. “Haha, some sounds happy, but nothing I’m in the studio and I’m taking a break and I missed you so I called you.” I bit my lip and smiled. “I miss you too love! But guess who called me?!” “Who babe?” “Ryan’s ass!” I said getting mad all over again. “That nigga won’t quit will he? But I know you handled it though!” She said then laughed. “Hell yeah I did!” I said then laughed along with her. “But all jokes aside, when you coming down here?” She said in a whining voice. I giggled at her, “I told you I want it to be a surprise! But it may be sooner than you think.” “I hope so, but I gotta go babe, I’ll hit you up later!” “Okay later boo!” I hung up and squealed. I was falling harder for Tyra by the second and it was actually a little scary, I mean was I ready to be in a committed relationship, what if it doesn’t work? What if we end up hating each other?

My thoughts were interrupted by my door opening and there stood Jassiel looking distraught as ever. “What’s wrong?” I asked. She stood there for a moment and then broke down and started crying. “Jassiel tell me what is wrong?” “It’s your dad!” She said through sobs. My eyes started to water, “What about him?” “He’s missing.” She said above a whisper. I felt a lump form in my throat and the air leave my lungs. The room started spinning and I stumbled my way back to my bed to sit down. “He’s what?” “He’s dead Mari.” I immediately broke down. How could this be happening? How did it happened? I grabbed my keys and ran out the house, I didn't know where I was going but I had to get the hell out of there, I needed air.I drove and drove trying to just clear my thoughts, and then it hit me. "Ryan!" I said. He knew about the business my dad was in and I knew he probably had something to do with it, which is why he decided to just pop back into my life all of a sudden. I was so mad that I did the sharpest U turn I had ever did in my life and went straight to his house. I was speeding the whole drive there just thinking of things I would do to him if I found out he had taken part in this funny business business with my dad.

I arrived to his house, marched to the front door and then started banging on it. He opened the door. "I knew you would be-" "Tell me what you know?" I said cutting him off. "What are you talking about?" He asked. "You had something to do with this! I know it!" I said as I gave him one good kick. "Ahhh," he said groaning in pain, "you always were feisty " "What happened to my dad Ryan? I know you and your people know what happened to him, the mob circle isn't but so big." I said to him. "I'll tell what you wanna know, but how much information you get depends on how much you gon put out to get it." He said grabbing his crotch laughing. I pulled him closer to me and then pushed him on the ground and started beating his ass. "You are so f***ing sick and if I find out that you even had the slightest involvement in this mess, I'll take you out myself. I kicked him again before leaving him on the ground. As I pulled off and started to head back home again I felt warm tears running down my face. I hated living this type of life and I tried to hide it every chance I got, but it always seemed to find it's way back a resurface. I never thought it would catch up to my father.

When I got home I saw my mom’s car parked outside, I jumped out the car and ran inside. “Mom! Mom!” She came running down the steps and I ran up and hugged her. “What’s going on? Do they know where he is?” “Not yet, but they’re working on it baby, but I’m here because it’s not safe here for you and Jassiel! Now either you can come with me or I can send you all somewhere, it’s your choice, but it’s enough money in the safe to take you guys wherever and do whatever you want, be careful baby, I gotta go, I love you!” My mom kissed my forehead and disappeared out the door. Jassiel came downstairs and stood next to me as we watched my mom pull off. “So I’m guessing we’re going to Atlanta huh?” She said smiling. I shook my head and laughed, “I guess so.” Jassiel and I decided not to pack anything or drive our cars it could be dangerous. I went downstairs to the safe and took all the money out, while Jassiel called ordered our tickets. We decided to leave at night that way it wouldn’t look weird if we called a taxi. I felt it would be best not to call Tyra, I didn’t want her to worry. I called my mom to let her know me and Jassiel’s plan and she said that she would keep me posted on my dad.

4 hours later

It was around 8:30 and Jassiel and I were in the cab on our way to the airport. Our flight left at 9:00and although my dad was missing, knowing that I was gonna be with Tyra in about 2 hours made everything seem so much better. We arrived at the airport and picked up our tickets, and headed to the terminal. I made my way to my seat, put my headphones and dozed off.

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Oh my wow!!! Jay Idk wat to say abt her. Mari and Ty was too cute but Ty need to get shiid straight so it dont get messed up by Lex. Mari act like Trey is her real bro and I like that. I feel for Trey cuz he dont deserve that. I loved those adds!!!
Run It!!!

<strong>Tyra's pov</strong>

Here we were in Atlanta again walking through the airport getting bombarded by fans. Despite all the pandemonium that was going on, it felt nonexistent to me. The only thing my mind was focused on was Lex. I was praying that she wouldn't be at the crib waiting for me just to try and to start some bulls***. I still didn't have any missed notifications form her, which was a relief to me. "Tyra!!! Take a picture with me please!!!!" A girl said to me. "Sure." I said to her. I never turned down a fan for a picture or autograph. We posed for the picture and I look over and see Trey being really self absorbed into all the females at the airport. He was really happy about something. "Thanks Tyra. Where's your girlfriend?" I smiled at her question. Even though I knew she was referring to Lex when she asked about my girlfriend, I was thinking of Shamari. "Uh, she's at home, waiting for me." I said to her and proceeded out the airport.

I hopped in the Range Rover and Trey got in soon after. "Damn nigga you turnt up. You and Jassiel must have worked some s*** out." I said to him. "Um I'm sorry, Jassiel who?" He said and then busted out laughing. "I'm just playing. Naw I aint work s*** out with her, f*** her. I'm Mr. StealYoGirl. I can have any girl I want. I don't need her." He continued to say. I was speechless. I watched this dude be head over hills in love and now he on that "f*** that b****" type s***. I wasn't even going to ask what happened between him and Jassiel last night. "Speaking of working stuff out, it sounded like you and Shamari might have got a workout in last night." Trey said elbowing me. I smiled. "Naw it wasn't like that, it was just a little something something, nothing too out there. I don't even know why you asking me that for, especially since you tried to pull that big brother crap on me in the car earlier." I said to him. "Oh Damn! you right though, my bad. I'll stay out your business." Trey said and then we both laughed.

After taking Trey home I arrived to my place. I pulled up slowly into the driveway only to find that Lex's car wasn't there. "She probably just went out for a second." I thought to myself. I went inside and everything was the same as I left it. Nothing was gone to my surprise. I walked around checked in every room. One by one I started to notice more and more things missing, but I wasn't tripping cause everything that was missing was hers so far. I went upstairs and went to the master bedroom. I stood at the doors. I new that this would be the final test. If she had taken her stuff out of this room then I knew it was real. I opened the doors and looked. Her whole side was swiped out. She left nothing there. It was official. We were over.

It made me feel a whole lot better about me telling Shamari that Lex and I had broke up. I felt like I could finally breath. Maybe since me and Lex were over, maybe Shamari could move in one day. My phone went off. I had a text from Shamari. "Tyra your flight was over about an hour and I definitely told you to text me when you landed." That was typical Shamari. I called her. "Hello?" She answered. "I see you were worried about me." I said to her. "Maybe..." she said. "Maybe means yes in my book. I'm sorry it took me so long,but I'm fine. I miss you already." I heard her giggle when I said that. "I miss you too Tyra. When am I going to see you again?" She asked. "I'm not really sure. It would probably be easier if you came down here cause there's no way that I could fit another trip to VA into my schedule." I said hoping she would come soon. "Yeah you're right. I wouldn't mind staying in Atlanta for a while." Shamari said. "So when you coming?" I asked. "Uughhh... I don't know. I don't want to tell you; I want to do it when you least expect it." I laughed at her. "Ok, I'll be on the lookout then."

We talked for a while until I got a beep. It was my manager. "Hey love, I have to go, but before I do I just want to say I know you and Chris was doing yalls thing or whatever and I don't know if you told him about us or not, but I just don't want you to forget about me. No matter who comes your way and start talking that game in your ear, just remember me cause i really do care about you, ok?" I said. "Aww Tyra!! That was so sweet of you. I could never forget about you. I hope you do the same for me." She said. "I promise," I said to her, "I'll talk to you later." "Ok later."

I switched over and talked to my manager. I had to go into the studio and listen to some beats a producer wanted me to use. I sighed. I had just gotten back and I had s*** to do already, but I wasn't going to complain. This was the life I wanted and I was happy that I was living my dream.


<strong>Trey's pov</strong>

I was ready for some peace and quite when I got home. I stood at the door and was fumbling trough my keys trying to find the right one. "Why the hell I got so many damn keys?" I said. I found the one I was looking for and opened the door. "Welcome home Trey!!!" I heard a number of people say at the same time. I looked and my foyer was full of half dressed women and my nigga <a href="">Diddy</a>, who never knew when to turn down. "Diddy what the f*** is this? I was only gone for two weeks!" I was surprised as hell about all the women in my house but I couldn't say I was mad though. "Yo Trey I thought you said you wanted to turn up when you came back?" Diddy asked. "Yeah, but it's early as hell. If my flight time hadn't got changed to one that was early I would be fine. How did you even get into my house?" I asked. "Don't worry about that man. Dont be a party pooper Trey. You gon turn down all these nice young ladies that all came here to greet from you trip to Virginia?" He asked. I looked around and all I saw was ass and titties. in the midst of it all I could pick out a few familiar faces, <a href=""> Glenn Twins</a>, <a href="">Rosa Acosta<a/>, <a href="">Bria Myles<a/>, <a href="">Keyshia Dior<a/> and <a href="">Esther Baxter<a/>, who was fine as s***. One half of me was telling to pass on this but that other side was ready to party and there was fine women everywhere "Uh of course not, let me just freshen up." I said with a smile.

I went upstairs into my room and threw my bags down by the door and went it my bathroom. I walked back out cause I caught a glimpse of something in my room. I walked back out and saw <a href="">Lola Monroe<a/> laying on my bed. Lola was like my main side chick and she didn't mind it at all. That was kind of an oxymoron, but it was true. She was one of the first video models I worked with ever and I kept in contact with her through all these years. She was one of the reasons why me and Jassiel had broken up many times in the past. I didn't know what it was about her, but I just couldn't leave her alone. I had it bad for Ethiopian chicks, which is the same reason I couldn't shake my ex, <a href="">Helen<a/>, but besides her being a cuddy buddy, she was a good friend of mine.

"Surprise." She said. "What's up baby." I said to her. "So what happened with you and your beloved Jassiel." She said. I just laughed at her. "I see you got jokes. I already told you what happened." I said walking into my closet trying to pick something out. "So then you would agree with me that she's a reckless b****, like I been telling you all these years." She said following me. "Yeah she is a real reckless b****, but more reckless than anything thing right now." I responded. "You should wear <a href="">this<a/> ," she said handing me a whole outfit,"I like this outfit for you." "What are you my personal stylist now?" I said looking at her. "No I'm just your good friend helping you out. I think next time you should take my advice on these women. I been right about all of them so far." She said. "I don't really wanna talk about that right now. Where's your friend <a href="">Drew Sidora<a/>?" I asked her while changing my clothes. Lola folded her arms and smirked. She knew exactly what time it was when I asked about Drew. "Wow, Jassiel must have really did some s*** to you when you went home in order for you to be asking about Drew." She said. "I mean I could use the entertainment if yall are down for it." I said. "Oh so you don't wanna be Mr. Cuffed no more, huh?" She asked. "Hell no." I said said looking at her. "Well I got some bad news and some good news. The bad news is Drew is out of town doing a video, but the good news is you still got me." She said smiling. "Damn! I really like having threesomes with yall, but I guess that's better than nothing." "But the only thing is that this is the last time I can do this. Me and that guy I was telling you about are getting really serious and I really like him Trey." She said to me. "Yall must not be too serious if you agreeing to have sex with me right now." "Whatever Trey, I'll be back tonight. I'mma let you have your time with the ladies downstairs. I'll call you when I'm outside, bye!"

She left out the room. I went to the mirror and got my clothes right. Once I was done with that I took a good look at myself in the mirror. Jassiel had really crushed my feelings back in VA, and I didn't want anyone to know. I wasn't going to sit here and be crying about it, so I had to keep it moving. Whatever problems I had in Virginia, I was gonna leave them there and keep doing me. I was Trey Songz, self proclaimed Mr. StealYoGirl, and I couldn't be acting sappy. I had a brand I was trying to sell. I got a whole room full of girls waiting for me downstairs and I wasn't bout to be all broke up over one.

<em>Jassiel's pov</em>

I woke up in an unfamiliar place then realized I was in Jermaine's bed. After me and trey's argument I just needed some relief, so I called Jermaine and got my relief. No I didn't f*** him but Lord knows his head game is off the charts! I stretched and turned over and snuggled up under Jermaine who was still sleep. I was all comfortable but then had the sudden urge to pee. I crawled out of bed looking for my panties and went to go find the bathroom. I came back in the room and Jermaine was sitting up stretching, "Hey beautiful!" He said then smiled. I giggled, "Hey handsome." He got up and walked towards me I thought he was about to kiss me but he walked past me into the bathroom and started brushing his teeth. "Yes he's not a nasty one!" I said to myself then laughed. "What's funny?" He asked with a mouth full of toothpaste. "Oh nothing." I said smiling. He cut his eyes at me and then went back to brushing his teeth.

I picked up my phone and saw I had some missed calls from. Shamari. I unlocked my phone and called her back. "b**** where the f*** are you!?" She yelled into the phone. I laughed, “I’m at Jermaine’s house.” I said, and then it got really quiet. I looked at the phone to make sure the call hadn’t gotten disconnected. “Um, Shamari?” “Oh b**** I’m here. Have you lost your damn mind? I think so, maybe we should check you into a mental facility!” She said still yelling. I sighed, “Shamari, I really don’t have time for this right now.” “Time for what? The truth? Whatever Jassiel, but when the s*** starts backfiring and Trey starts doing him, don’t come to me crying about how he’s with this ho and the next because karma is a b**** and you best to believe that s*** is gonna be beautiful. “ She said then hung up. I stared at the phone in shock. I couldn’t believe her, she was on Trey’s side and not mine. I hadn’t said anything about it, but Shamari was starting to really piss me off. She always had something negative to say to me and tell me what I should and shouldn’t be doing! Am I going around telling her what the hell to do? Hell nah! Am I being a b**** and telling her that she looks dumb as hell chasing down behind somebody who is in a relationship and obviously has no intentions of being with her. The more I sat and thought about it the more pissed off I got.

I was about to call her back when Jermaine came back in the room. “What’s wrong boo?” He asked walking over and standing in front of me. I shook my head. He lifted my chin up with his finger, “Something is, but if you don’t wanna tell me, I won’t push you.” He said leaning down to kiss me on my cheek but I turned causing him to kiss me on my lips. He looked at me for a moment, then moved towards me to kiss me again. For the first time that we’ve been talking, I let him finally kiss me on my mouth, and I wasn’t gonna hold back either. He slid his tongue in my mouth and I let him. He laid me back and got on top of me, his hands finding their way to my shorts. He slid them off with ease and slid a finger in me and started moving it around. I let a moan out in his mouth. I felt myself getting wetter and I knew at this moment I wanted J more than anything right now. I broke this kiss, “I think I’m ready.” I said. “For what?” He asked. “To f***!” I grabbed him by his shoulders and started tonguing him down. He hesitated at first but then proceeded. He pulled my tank top off kissing down my body then back up paying attention my breast. I was loving this, and ready to see what his working with, I slid my hand in his boxers stroking his d*** with my hand. He took his boxers off, slipped a condom on, and put the tip in and stopped, “You sure you wanna do this?” He asked. I kissed his lips and shook my head yes. He smiled, and without warning slammed his d*** into me.

<em>Shamari's pov</em>

I laid on my bed and gazed up at the ceiling. She was really gone, I thought to myself. I started to feel miserable the more I thought about it and I didn't know what to do with myself. I sighed and then went looking for Jassiel, so I could bother her with my problems. I knew she probably felt the same way too since Trey had left. As I was walking I realized that Jassiel didn't even go downstairs to say bye to Trey and Tyra as they left. Trey was rushing out the door so fast, she probably didn't know that he had left. I went to her room and she wasn't there. I looked around the house and still no sign of her. I looked out the window and saw her car was gone. I shook my head cause I knew exactly where that girl was.

My phone started going off and I looked at it to see who it was. It was Chris. He sent me a good morning text. I felt uneasy about texting him back. Now that me and Tyra had started to establish ourselves and were starting to put our feelings for each other out on the table, I had to do something about Chris. I knew I liked Chris, but my feelings for him didn't even compare to the way I felt about Tyra. I decided to just call him and get it out the way. "Hey Shamari." He said answering the phone. "Um hey Chris.." I said to him. "Is everything ok?" He asked sounding really concerned. "Chris, I'm just going to be honest with you. I think we should just be friends " I got quiet as I waited for his response and I heard a sigh of relief. "Whew! that's good to know cause I definitely was feeling the same way over here. I didn't know how to tell you cause I didn't want you to think that I was tryna hit it and quit it. It just dint seem right after we had sex." He said. "Yeah you're right." I replied back to him. "I think we went about that a little too fast." Chris said. "I completely agree with you. I'm glad you're taking this so well. I thought you were going to be mad at me." I said. "No. I couldn't imagine being mad at you Shamari. I think we'll be great friends, but foreal if you ever feel like you want a little something just let me know." He said. I laughed. "What do you mean by that?" I asked. "Hit me up if you need the D girl. You know what I meant." We both laughed and continued to talk on the phone.

Chris was right. We would be great friends. We shared so many common interest that it would be impossible for us not to be friends with each other. Who would have know that my biggest celebrity crush would end up being a friend of mine?

<strong>Trey’s pov</strong>

After Shamari awkwardly left, it was just me, T, and Jassiel. Which was still awkward because of me and Jay’s situation. “Aye y’all I’ll be back.” Tyra said getting up and heading upstairs. I gave her a head nod and then turned my attention back to the movie. Well, at least I attempted to, but the whole time Jassiel’s phone kept ringing making her giggle and laugh. A few times I caught her looking at me to see if I was paying her any mind but I ignored it. “Now who’s the one being childish?” I heard her asked. I looked over at her and she was looking dead at me. “Jassiel the f*** you talking bout?” I said frowning at her. “I’m talking about how you just gonna sit here and ignore me like some little kid!” I was beyond confused and starting to get pissed off. “Ignore you? I’m not the one who sat all through dinner without saying a word, nor am I the one sitting here texting someone in front of you giggling and laughing all loud and s***!” “So you are jealous!” She said smirking. I looked at her like she was crazy and shook my head. “Are you f***ing serious right now?” I asked her. “Yes Trey I am! That’s why you been acting out! You’re so worried about me falling out of love with you and in love with Jermaine that you are acting like an ass!“ “Whoa, whoa, whoa, say that again.” I said to her, not sure if I was hearing things or not. “Say what Trey?” “What you just said.” I said sitting up and looking her dead in her face. “I said you’re acting like an ass!” “No, before that.” She looked puzzled for a minute and then worried. “I uhh..i don’t know what you’re talking about Trey.” She said calmer and sitting back in her chair. “Jassiel you know exactly what the f*** i’m talking about! You just admitted that you’re in love with me and now you’re tryna play the s*** off. And you call me the childish one! You know what f*** this trying s***, I’m done Jassiel.” I got up and started to walk off, but she grabbed my arm, “Trey wait!” “What?” I said turning back around. She got up, grabbed my face, and kissed me.

I grabbed Jassiel by her waist pulling her closer to me to deepen the kiss. I was so confused at this moment. I had so many thoughts running through my head, like was this even happening. I was madly in love with jassiel and I knew she felt the same way and right now this was like heaven. My thoughts got interrupted by her phone ringing and her breaking the kiss. “Hello?” She answered and moving out of my grip. “No you’re fine, what’s up?....Awwe stop it!” I heard her say then giggle. I rolled my eyes as I realized who she was talking too. This just confused me even more. She was just kissing me now she giggling on the phone with that nigga Jermaine. I sat there and waited, hoping she would have the decency to hang up and call them back, but I see she was gonna be rude. I got up and gently grabbed her phone and hung up. “Nigga I know you didn’t just hang my phone up?” She said reaching for it. I held it up out of her reach. “I did Jassiel because you not just gonna sit up here, kiss me, and then be flirting on the phone with another nigga while I’m sitting in the room, right beside you! I mean do you understand how selfish and dumb you are being? Jassiel I get it okay, I hurt you, and believe me I beat myself up every day for the bulls***, but what I’m not gonna do is allow you to just treat me like dirt when I’m sitting here tryna show you that I’ve changed and it’s all for you. Look at Shamari! Tyra has a girlfriend and has to keep it on the low that she’s messing with her. When you got me right here, single and ready to be with you, but yet you’re so stuck on the past that you can’t even have a future. You need to grow the hell up Jassiel! And dealing with Jermaine, and hurting me is not gonna f***ing help you!” I gave her phone back to her and walked out the room. I was gonna leave but I forgot Ty was here. I was too tired to drive anywhere anyways so I went upstairs to go lay down. As I walked past Shamari’s room I heard noises. “Get it ty!” I said to myself and then laughed. I reached the room, strip down to my boxers and got in bed. I checked my phone and saw I had a few missed calls from my manager. I looked at the time and figured, she was sleep, so I decided I would call her tomorrow. I laid there thinking about today’s events. From the first argument me and Jassiel had, Lex breaking up with Ty, Ryan showing back up, Shamari awkwardly running out, Jay and I arguing again which led to the kiss which led to another argument, Ty and Mari doing whatever, and now me laying here tryna figure out what in the hell is going on in my life. I love Jay so much and I’ve completely changed for her and she’s not even given me the chance to try and prove it. I mean what do I do? All that thinking had me no longer tired, but more inspired to write. I grabbed my pen and my pad and started writing. I wrote until I fell asleep with both the pen and the pad on my chest.

The Next Morning

I woke up the next morning and looked at my phone it was 1030 and I had two more missed calls from my manager. I tapped his name so it would begin dialing his number. "Hello!? Trey!" He answered frantically. "Hey kev, what's up man?" "Where are you and Tyra man, I been tryna reach y'all all day yesterday, y'all's flight was changed to 11:30 !" My eyes got big and I started gathering my stuff, "aight man imma call you back when we on our way!" I brushed my teeth took a quick shower and was ready by 10:50. I grabbed my bag and went to go knock on Shamari's door. I waited for about a minute and then tyra came to the door rubbing her eyes. "What's up man, why you all packed?" She said yawning. "Because our flight got changed to 11:30." "Okay and what time is now?" She said still half sleep. "11:00!" Her eyes shot open, "f***! Aight give me 15 mins." She shut the door and I went downstairs to wait for her. 15 minutes later she was coming down the steps with her bags and Shamari. "Aight babe, I'll call you when we land." Ty said to Shamari then kissed her. "Okay babe, be careful, bye bro!!" She said hugging me and then skipping back off towards the house. "Aye shamari ! Hold up!" Tyra yelled at her. "Yeah!" She yelled back turning around. "I love you!" "Love you too tyra." She replied and then went in the house. When tyra got in I looked at her confused as f***. "What?" She asked. "What you mean what? The f*** was that about?" She smiled, "Nothing man, just pull off." I laughed, "Aight man whatever, just know that's baby sis." Tyra just looked at me like whatever nigga and I pulled off. We got to the airport at 11:25 and was on the plane and ready to pull off by 11:30. "Where lex?" I asked tyra. "She went back yesterday!" "Oh aight, but don't think I forgot about what happened earlier." Tyra just laughed and put her headphones in. I put mine in and dosed off.


I didn't understand why Shamari turned so cold on me all of a sudden. I thought we was feeling each other and that we were on the same page. She left out of the room so fast I didn't even see what way she went, but I new she had to be in her room. I headed up the stairs and the closer I got to Shamari's door,the more I could make out the sound of crying. I sped up my pace to get to her as fast as I could. I opened the door and there she was in her bed crying. "Yo, what's going on with you? Why you dip out like that?" I asked her. She didn't say anything at first and just kept crying. "Shamari?" I said. She was sniffling and wiped the tears from her eyes. "How could you say that to me?" She said. "Say what?" I asked. "You know what I'm talking about Tyra. When we were downstairs you know what you said to me," she said while continuing to cry,"I don't want to be stuck in this situation! It's not going to be good for anyone if we keep going on like this." I was hearing what she was saying, but I was so confused. I had no idea where she was going with all this. The only thing I could think of is that maybe she didn't feel the same way about our relationship. Maybe I was going too fast for her and said the "L" word too early. "I'm sorry if I may have assumed your feelings for me. I thought you felt the same way." I said. "No Tyra that's the problem I do feel the same way that you feel. I just can't keep doing this with you." She said. "Doing what Shamari? You're not really telling me enough for me to understand." I said hoping to gain clarity on the issue at hand. "I just don't like this thing we got going on. I don't want to do this anymore. When I first met you I didn't think I would end up feeling this way about you. My feelings for you are too deep for me to be in the position i'm in right now. I don't understand how you can say that you think you're in love with me and still be with Lex. I feel like if that's how you feel then make it known. I shouldn't have to be your little secret. Right now you're the only one that's getting what you want. You get to have me and Lex at the same time, but I have to be your little thing you got on the side. What about what I want Tyra? I would like to have a relationship with you and I would like for it not to be a secret, but only if you really meant what you said. Now i'm not really sure about how strong your feelings are for Lex but there has to be something there still or you wouldn't still be hanging on. I am by no means telling you to break up with her, but you need to figure out what you wanna do cause if I have to continue to be this side secret of yours then I want nothing to do with you. So let me know right now while before we go any further."

I absolutely was at attention when I heard what Shamari had to say. I had no idea as to how bad she had it for me and I certainly didn't want to hurt her. The way she talked about our situation made me feel really bad. I never thought about it that way and I could totally see why she would be unhappy. She wants to be the one. She wants to be my main lady. I just didn't know what to tell her. Shamari is a very special person to me even though I haven't known her that long. There's no denying that she stole my heart. Lex on the other hand is special to me too and will always be. She had been down since day one and she helped me during my toughest times. Despite all of that, I was starting to feel that our relationship was starting to turn sour. Things just weren't the same anymore between us. "I cant believe I just wasted my time pouring out my feelings to you and you have nothing to say about it." Shamari said and started to walk into her bathroom. "Wait I have to tell you something." I said grabbing her by the arm. I took a deep breath cause I knew I was taking my chances by telling her this. I didn't even get a chance to confirm the validity of it, but I decided to tell her anyway. "Me and Lex broke up." I had a full on adrenaline rush run through me. The look on Shamari's face didn't make it any better. I had expected to see a look of relief on her face but instead I sensed puzzlement and disappointment. "So you mean to tell me that you two aren't together anymore? Did yall both decide this? Did she break up with you or-" "No," I said quickly,"I broke up with her." Shamari just shook her head. "Why would you not tell me this Tyra?" She asked. "I was going to tell you when we were watching the movie. I was going to to tell you right after I had told you that I think I was in love with you. I broke up with her earlier this morning. I just had a realization about how much more I wanted to be with you than her so I broke up with her." I couldn't believe how hard I just lied my ass off, but I was nervous as hell.

Everything in me loved Shamari and I didn't like seeing her hurt like this. I was afraid that if I told Shamari that Lex broke up with she would think that I had no intentions of taking initiative to progress what we were trying to have, which is the last thing she needs to hear right now. "Are you just saying this cause of what I told you?" She asked. "No this is real s***, we're not together. You can even ask Trey." I said to her. "Naw I'm good, I'll be back." She said. I sat down on her bed and just thought to myself. Even though I had just lied to Shamari I didn't completely lie. I more or less just stretched the truth. The thing that I was worried about the most was how serious was Lex when she said she was done? I wasn't sure if she said it because she was in the heat of the moment or if she really meant it.

Shamari had came back in the room with a clean face. "That's what I like to see, I never want to see you cry anymore." I said to her. "I don't want you to see me cry anymore either. Tyra I can't believe you broke up with Lex just to be with me. I honestly never thought that you would do that.' She said with a smile. "Well I did." I said. "So does this mean that me and you can be together now and it wont be a secret?" She asked. "Yeah. It should have never been a secret." i said. Her face lit up. She put her arms around me and started looking at me. I looked at her back and could see the excitement in her eyes. "You wanna go back and finish watching the movie?" I asked her. "No. Not really. I rather just stay up here with you." "Yeah me too cause I am kind of tired," "No, you cant go to sleep yet. We have to finish what we started earlier today." Se said biting her lip. I had to think about what she was talking about for a second and then I caught her drift. "Oh," I said,"You wanna finish doing what we were doing before your friend busted in on us?" We both laughed. I laid back on the bed the same way I had done before and then I let Shamari get on top of me. We did everything like we had did before, but this time Shamari got to take her shirt completely off. I pulled the cups of her bra down exposing her nipples and began to fondle them with my tongue. I knew she was loving it because of the way she was moaning. I was doing all sorts of little tricks with my tongue. Just to give her a sample of what I could do in other places.

She was really getting into it and got a little aggressive, She grabbed my hands and placed them right on her ass. I did what any other typical nigga would do and grabbed her s***. She had started moving her hips and grinding and i just kissed her lips. I could tell that he curiosity was getting the best of her and she was wanting to have sex with me. I chuckled about it in my head and I thought it was cute. She was starting to take her bra completely off and I had stopped her. "What's wrong?" She asked me. I just smiled. "Someones an eager beaver." I said. "Tyra it's not funny." She said pouting her lips. You feel like you're ready to give me all of you right now?" I asked. "Um yeah." I laughed at her. "Well guess what? I'm gonna make you wait for all that." Shamari groaned at my comment with frustration. "You're such a f***ing tease Tyra." "I don't tease baby girl, but don't stop kissing me and showing me affection. I want all that you want to give me before I leave." She calmed down and laid on top of me. The whole night we talked and kissed. At one people I was talking to myself cause Shamari had fell asleep on me. I didn't disturb her; I just let her lay on my chest. I was not looking forward to leaving her tomorrow and I was so glad I spent my last night with her. I looked at Shamari one last time before closing my eyes.I stroked her hair and kissed her cheek. "Goodnight." I whispered in her ear. "Goodnight." she mumbled back and we both fell asleep

Good to know!!! I will be waiting :))

Hey ladies! Update coming soon. Me and pardonmybeauty been writing our asses off!!

Smh im tired of j n trey n ty n mair run it

Awww Mari if it makes you feel any better Lex broke up with Tyra. Stop cryin hun. Tyra you need to make it right!!!
Run It!!!


A part of me felt slightly bad that I just busted in on Shamari and Ty like this, but my issues were of extreme importance and I needed to talk to my bestie. “b**** what the f***?” Shamari yelled, pissed off as hell. “Shamari, I am extremely sorry and I deeply apologize, but s*** just got real between me and Trey and I’m gonna spazz if I don’t f***ing vent to someone, asap!” I said. “Umm calm down because you done got me on 6 right now for messing up my moment! Don’t make me take it to 10 cause I’m feeling that type of way right about now. Besides, s*** is always real between you and Trey, when isn’t?” “I don’t know, but this nigga think that he just gon be talking to me any type of way that he feels like.” I said.

Shamari rolled her eyes and then cut them at me so hard. “You got 2 minutes to explain yourself and tell me what the hell happened that was so damn important that it couldn’t wait.” She said. I took a deep breath and then I started talking fast as hell. “I ran into Trey, he asked me about last night, I bucked and told him I felt disrespected by what I saw and slammed the door in his face, he called me childish and said I was making myself look dumb, I told him zero f***s were given cause I’m only doing to him what he did to me, he said I wasn’t making anything better and I was playing games and I needed to grow up, I told him I didn’t want to be with him, he didn’t believe me, I tried to be serious, I told him I didn’t love him, and then he made me look bad cause I couldn’t tell him I wasn’t in love with him! Shamari what do I do?” I was hysterical by the time I had finished and was bawling my eyes out.

Shamari didn’t say anything she just stood there with her head c**ked to the side and her mouth open. “Arent you going to say something?!” I cried out to her. “Um yes, turn yo ass around and get the f*** out of here with that petty ass bulls*** Jassiel! I agree 100% with everything that Trey said to you. First off, how you gon be mad at the nigga cause he kept it real with you? Two, if you haven’t noticed YOU ARE INDEED childish as hell when it comes to Trey. Three, Why the hell did you sit up there in front of him frontin yo ass off like you don’t care about him? Four, If I wasn’t mad as hell at you right now I would be laughing my ass off at the fact that Trey embarrassed you cause you wholeheartedly deserved it for acting like a b****. Five, the f*** are you crying for? You made yourself look bad. And six! b**** don’t you ever come busting up in my room c**k blockin like that again while I’m having an intimate moment!” Shamari was giving me hell for walking in on her and Tyra but I didn’t take it personal. I still stood there crying because I felt some type of way. “Jassiel, I still don’t know what you crying about, or the purpose of you coming in here telling me what just happened.” Shamari said. “I just hate the fact that I love him so much and that I am willing to hurt him just to protect myself.” I said trying to be as audible as possible. “How can you expect to have a relationship with Trey if you can’t even leave the past in the past? You’ll never get anywhere by holding grudges against him. Get some f***ing confidence cause you need it bad. Have you ever heard of the saying communication is key? You need to learn how to tell Trey how you feel about stuff instead of acting out. Also maybe you should leave Jermaine alone cause I personally think he’s presenting an image of Trey that’s completely false but you fall for it every time. I know you aint tell Trey what you and Jermaine did last night.” She asked. “Tell him for what?” I asked. “Because you basically cheated on him!” “What are you talking about? It’s not like I had sex last night. I was I was getting some head unlike you!” I said to her. “Look, you came to me to talk about what’s going on in your life, not what’s going on in mine, so don’t even go there. That little thing you got going on with Jermaine needs to be squashed unless yall think that yall can just be friends, and only friends, which I highly doubt.” She said to me. “I could be friends with Jermaine if I wanted to Shamari. You just saying that because you don’t like him.” “Hell yeah I don’t like him cause he’s controlling and disrespectful, but you cant even see it.” She said. “I think he’s just assertive and highly opinionated.” I said. “Umm defensive much? Now you’re taking up for him? Jermaine is going to ruin what you have with Trey, Jassiel.”

I wiped my face and didn’t say anything. I really felt like nobody understood how I felt. The way I act now is a result of Trey’s past actions. I really wish that I didn’t act this way towards him, but I just couldn’t help it. I just felt I needed to protect myself. “Why is everyone trying to make me out as the bad guy? Nobody has tried to understand why I’m acting the way that I am.” I said. “Oh I definitely understand. You think I haven’t noticed that your only using Jermaine as a crutch just in case something goes wrong with Trey? I actually think that you like Jermaine if I’m not mistaken.” Shamari said looking at me. I just shrugged my shoulders because I didn’t want her to know that everything she was saying was right, using Jermaine as a crutch and all and liking him. “I’ll take that as a yes then.” She said. He was only supposed to be something I could fall back on, but I think I might actually have some type of feelings for him in a sexual way, nothing serious. “Whatever.” I said to her.

I watched as Shamari picked up her phone and checked the time. “Look, I’ve said enough and I’m not bout to stand up here and talk a damn hole in your head, but like I said the four things you need to work on are not bringing up the past, your confidence, communication with Trey, and getting rid of Jermaine, if you want things to work.” “Ok Mrs. Matchmaker.” I said sarcastically. “Don’t be an ass, I’m still kind of mad at you. Oh yeah I almost forgot, you should probably give Trey and apology and tell him about you and Jermaine.” “What? But-“ "No buts Jassiel,” she said cutting me off, “just do it. I’m tired of talking and I’m ready to eat so let’s go.” I just shook my head and then went into the bathroom to clean myself up and went downstairs.


As of right now I wanted nothing more than to just sink my teeth into this good food that me and Trey made. I go downstairs and I see Tyra and Trey hungry asses already eating. “Just like niggas.” I said. They both turned around and looked at me. “Yall was taking too long and we was starving.” Tyra said. “Tyra you kill me always talking about you starving, like you don’t ever eat.” I said. Trey started laughing and was weak cause he knew I was right. Soon me and Jassiel had joined them and we were all eating. “Aww I’m so sad. I can't believe this is yalls last day here. I’m so glad that we’re here having this meal together.” I said. “Aww man. Don’t start getting sap on us.” Trey said. “Foreal doe cause, Atlanta is only 1 hour and 45 minutes away by plane.” Tyra said. “Oh my gosh. I didn’t need to know that. Now I’m gonna be down there like every week.” I said laughing. “Uh no, I don’t need you getting on my nerves every week.” Tyra said. Her and Trey just laughed. I threw a piece of bread at her. “Chill I was just playing, You know I wouldn’t mind seeing you.” Tyra said. “Aww!!!” I said looking at her smiling.

I took a quick glance at Jassiel who was the only one not partaking in any conversation and before I could call her out on her antisocialness the doorbell rang. “Guess who’s coming to dinner tonight.” Trey sung trying to be funny. I looked over at Tyra and her whole expression changed to a worried look. “Nah but foreal doe, who is it?” She asked. “I don’t know. Why you look like that for? You scared it’s gonna be Lex?” I said to her. “If it is, Tyra better run.” Trey said. “You gon be running with me cause I told her I was at yo house.” Tyra said. “True.” Trey said in agreement. Since there was all this talk going on about Lex, I prepared myself to give a third ass whoopin to this hoe.

The doorbell kept ringing. Whoever was at the door was impatient as hell. “I’m coming!” I yelled. I opened the door and to my surprise I didn’t see the blonde headed gremlin that I thought I was going to see but instead I saw Ryan. “Oh hell no!” I said aloud. “What the hell are you doing here. I thought I got rid of you.” I said. He smiled and replied, “You did for a second, but I’m back.” “Back for what?” I asked. “You know what’s good.” He said licking his lips and smiling. I couldn’t believe this negro came over here for some pussy after he had attempted to hit me and I haven’t spoken to him ever since then.“You can’t be serious right now.” I said with the straightest face ever. “But I am. I realized that the little disagreement we had wasn’t that serious. I’m fine with you seeing that dyke chick since yall can’t really be together since she does have a girlfriend, which means me and you can just keep doing what we do. By the way, it smells good in here what you cooking?” He said pushing his way through the door. “Umm I think you should leave.” I said pulling him back towards the door. “Be easy Shamari. I aint trying to start no problems with you and I do apologize for the way I acted the last time I saw you. Besides don’t be like that, you know I love your cooking.” He said and headed straight to the dining area. Oh my goodness, I thought to myself. I honestly couldn’t believe this fool.

“Hey yall what’s up?” He said. Everybody stopped what they were doing and stared at him. Nobody said anything to him. “Not this nigga again.” I heard Tyra say. “What’s up Trey. Long time no see.” Ryan said. Trey stood and dapped him up. “Yeah.” Trey said. “Yall look like yall celebrating something.” Ryan said. “It’s just something small cause me and Tyra leaving tomorrow.” Trey said. I couldn’t believe Trey just told him that. Now this fool was gonna be popping up at my damn house every day being wursome. I went up to Trey and smacked him across the back of his funny shaped head. “Oh damn, my bad.” He said rubbing the spot where I smacked him. “Oh really? How long yall gon be gone.” Trey just sat down and didn’t say anything. The room was silent. “Nobody wanna say anything? That’s fine.” Ryan said. He looked over at Tyra who had her face down shaking her head. “Hey Tyra, no beef man, you good? How’s your girlfriend doing?” He said. Ryan was the biggest a**hole I had ever met in my whole entire life. “You need to leave. Now!” I said to him. “Maybe I should. It seems like I’ve crashed your little farewell party and killed the mood.” He said. “Leave!!” I said to him. He walked out the door and then turned around. “I’ll be back again. Just let me know when the dyke leaves and I’ll be over here in a hurry. I know you missed getting that D Shamari.” He laughed and then I slammed the door in his face. “The f*** does this nigga think I am?” I said to myself.

I marched right back into the dining area disappointed as hell that Ryan came over here acting like an ass. I sat down and all I felt was straight awkwardness. “You still talking to him?” Tyra asked me. “Do you really think I would be talking to him after that little fight yall had? Hell no!” I said in disbelief that she even asked me something so dumb. “Hey, don’t let him mess up the vibe we were having with each other. This is our last night here so let’s make it great.” Tyra said. She was right. I was not about to let Ryan’s ass mess this up. I wanted this to be a good night but it could be a great night if me and Tyra could finish what we started upstairs. I knew Tyra was thinking the same thing because the whole time we were at the table I kept noticing those subtle but sexy looks she was giving me. I hated to say this but I almost wished Jassiel and Trey weren’t there at the table with us. I wanted to know how far Tyra would go if it was just me her and this table, but I suppose the table could wait I wanted her in my bedroom more than anything.

I was enjoying this time with everyone and I didn’t want it to end. “Yall want to watch a movie in the theater downstairs?” I asked everyone. They all simultaneously replied “yeah.” I was looking forward to this. In a dark room, sitting on a comfortable chair snuggling up with Tyra. Nothing seemed more perfect at the time.

We all got comfortable in the theater and were watching the movie. As the movie went on me and Tyra got closer and closer to each other. At one point we both just looked into each others eyes and shared a smile. Tyra hands started wandering around my waist as usual. "You look so beautiful right now." She said to me. I smiled and said,"Thank you." We both leaned in and started kissing each other. This kiss was so much more different than the ones we had shared before. I felt as though I could feel all the passion Tyra had for me. The kiss didn't stop and went on until Tyra broke away. "Real talk, I think I'm in love with you." She said looking dead into my eyes. I was at a loss for words and my heart felt like it was about to jump out of my chest because it was beating so fast. I tried to say it back, but I was still in a shock about what Tyra said. <em>"Speak b****."</em> A voice was saying in my head. "Me too." I said with a nervous smile. Those seemed to be the only two words I could get out of my mouth at the time.

I sat back in my seat and felt my palms getting sweaty. I knew that I just turned a romantic moment into an awkward one by the way I had reacted. I looked at Tyra through the corner of my eye and I couldn't quite tell how she was feeling. I went into a deep thought and totally forgot about the movie and everything else around me. It seemed like I always spent so much time preaching to Jassiel about what she was doing wrong with Trey, that I never actually thought about all the wrong I was doing. I was stealing somebody's girlfriend and didn't care. I was causing someone else heartache and grief because of my own greed and selfishness. As much as I didn't like Lex, I had to say that I did feel bad for her in a way. I had something that wasn't mine. Even though I had known what I was doing the whole time, I had never thought about this before. I couldn't get deep in a relationship with Tyra like this. Tyra keeps telling me how she feels about me, we keep having these intimate moments, and now she tells me she thinks she's in love with me. If all of this was true, why hasn't she done anything yet to end her relationship with Lex?

Even though I wasn't looking at Tyra I could feel her looking at me. I wanted her to stop so bad, but she didn't. I just put my hand on the side of my face, so I wouldn't have to look at her. I began to shed tears just thinking about everything. Now that I had diverted my attention away from Tyra. I couldn't help but notice the position of Trey and Jassiel. They were sitting apart from each other. For some reason I started to feel some type of hostility towards Jassiel. The man that she wants wants her back AND he's available. He was all hers and she wasnt taking advantage of it! I would love for me and Tyra to be like that right now. She was so ungrateful and it made me upset. She was Trey's main, and I was just Tyra's side piece. It was so unfair. I let a gasp escape my mouth as I tried to hold back tears. I felt Tyra touch me. "Hey what's wrong? Did what I say make you upset?" She asked. I had no words for her right now. I was in my feelings at this point and I had to leave immediately. I quickly got up and headed straight to my room and cried.

lol Trey and Tyra are something else. If I was Tyra I woulda did it before lex got a chance to. Crazy or not if I want something Imma go for it. Jas and Trey need to get it together.
Run It!!!

<strong>Tyra’s pov</strong>

I was knocked the hell out until I heard Trey and Jassiel arguing with each other about God knows what. I looked at my phone and saw I had two missed calls from an unknown number and 4 text messages. I’m pretty sure they were from Lex, so I just ignored them. I didn’t have time to deal with her bulls***, at least not right now. I wanted to focus on me and Shamari. That little incident we had in the kitchen made me realized I had really strong feelings for her and I wanted to be with her and not Lex, which explains why I kissed her. I smiled at the thought of how soft her lips are, I bet her other set are just as soft. Haha chill Tyra. My thoughts were interrupted by my phone going off and that same unknown number calling me. I contemplated on answering but then decided to go ahead and pick up I hope I don’t regret this. “Hello.” I said clearing my throat afterwards, but no one answered. “Hello?” I said again, still no answer. “Look whoever the hell this is don’t call back playing on my phone and s***!” I hung up,laid back down, and started thinking again.

I started dosing off again until I heard a door slam. I jumped up and looked around. Then I realized it was probably Jay and Trey. “Damn they just need to go ahead and get married!” I said out loud and closing my eyes. “That they do!” Shamari said while walking in. I laughed at her and she came and laid down beside me. “So what you doing? How was your nap?” She asked. “Idk, it got interrupted!” I said looking over at her. “Aww poor baby!” She said caressing my cheek. I smiled at her and she smiled back making her dimples appear. She grabbed my face and brought my lips to hers. She got on top of me and my hands immediately started exploring her body. I slid my hands up her shirt massaging her breast rolling her nipples between my finger and thumb. She let out a soft moan, and I was removing her shirt when Jassiel bust in her room mad as hell. “Damn b****! You’ve ever heard of knocking?” Shamari said pulling her shirt back down and getting off of me. “I’m sorry Mari and Ty but this is serious Trey and I got into it and I really need my best friend right now!” I knew that was my cue to leave I excused myself, shut the door, and went downstairs to find Trey.

I saw him outside drinking a beer by the pool so I grabbed one and went outside with him. “You good my nigga?” I said handing him another one. He shook his head, “Man T, I’m sick of Jassiel and her childishness!” “Then tell her!” I said taking a sip of my beer. “I did nigga! That’s why we had this damn argument, I told her I was sick of her acting like some damn kid, and that the reason she acted like that was because she was in love with me but that she was just to f***ing stubborn to admit it!” “Well did she?” “Hell naw! She gon try and say she didn’t love me! And I said I didn’t asked you that I said were you in love with me, then her ass got real quiet and I just laughed and shook my head.” I shook my head, “s*** crazy man.” “Yeah, but why you down here? I thought you were sleep?” He asked. “I was until yall crazy asses woke me up!” He laughed, “My bad nigga.” “Yeah, and you caused Jassiel to interrupt something.” I said thinking about the possible outcome if she hadn’t. Trey looked at me confused, “Interrupted? Inter- OHHH!! Damn nigga she was clit blocking?”

I laughed, “Hell yeah man! But I mean I guess it was best that she did.” I said remembering that I am in a relationship and it wasn’t with Shamari. Speaking of relationships I probably should text Lex, before her ass come popping up places. I went in my pocket to retrieve my phone, but it wasn’t there. I searched my pockets for a good minute and still couldn’t find it. I went into a panic mode and started shaking my pants. “You good nigga? What’s wrong?” Trey asked looking at me like I was crazy. “I can’t find my phone!” I replied. “Where’s the last place you had it? Because I remember you having it when we walked out the store because you were on it!” He said to me making me feel a little relieved knowing that it could be only two places, the car or Shamari’s room. I stop looking and thought about it, tryna retrace my steps in my head. “Oh s***! I left it in Shamari’s room. “You better hope Lex doesn’t call, you know Shamari is crazy.” He said laughing. “Yeah, but so is Lex and I don’t have time for that bs today. I wanna actually try and have a nice day today.” I said then headed in the house and upstairs.

When I got to the door I heard Shamari going off on Jassiel. I started not to go in, but then I thought about my phone. I opened the door and walked right over to my phone, picked it up, and left back out making sure not to make any contact with either of them. I closed the door while I was exiting the room and went outside to call Lex. It rang only a half of a second before she picked up and all I heard was yelling in my ear. I let out an irritated sigh, “Just shut the f*** up Lex!” I yelled into the phone. “Excuse me!? Who in the hell do you think you’re talking to Tyra?” She yelled. “You! I mean damn, I don’t get a hey, how are you, or none of that s***?! You just automatically started accusing me of stuff without knowing the whole got dammit story.” I said a little calmer. “Oh I know the story Tyra! You’re over that b****’s house! That’s why you couldn’t call me back or none of that s***! You had me running around looking for you crazy and then it hit me, you never came back to the hotel last night! You stayed over there! I can’t believe you Tyra after all the s*** we been through you-“ “Lex chill the f*** out! Damn! And for your information I’m at Trey’s house and the reason I didn’t come back is because you were on that bulls*** and I didn’t feel like dealing with it!” I said cutting her off.

She was quiet for a second, “Put him on the phone then Tyra.” She said. I shook my head and went and found Trey. He was sitting in the living room with his headphones on bobbing to music. I put the phone on mute and tapped his shoulder. “What’s up?” He asked. “I told Lex that I was at your crib and now she wants to talk to you because she doesn’t believe me.” “So you want me to lie to her?” He said smirking. I looked at him like nigga don’t play. He smiled, “Aight I got you!” He said holding his hand out. “Thanks nigga.” I said handing him the phone. Trey and Lex had their little conversation then he handed me the phone back and shook his head and mouthed the word crazy. I gave him the stale face. “Now do you believe?” I said irritated. “Not really, but I’m tired of arguing.” She said with an attitude. “And I’m tired of you!” “Excuse me?” Oh s***! Did I just say that out loud? Before I could respond she said, “Well fine then Tyra it’s over!” and hung up the phone.

Now any normal person would be happy, but I knew this was just Lex’s anger talking. I started to call back, but decided not to. I walked back in the room with Trey. “Well what happened?” He asked removing a headphone. “She broke up with me.” I said shrugging. “And you’re sad about that? I thought that’s what you wanted?” He asked. “Yeah man, but I know Lex, she just mad now and that was her anger talking.” “And?” “And that means even though she said it was over, if I even try and move forward with Shamari, s*** is gonna get real!” I said putting emphasizes on the real. “Well just um, I don’t know man haha.” Trey said shaking his head. “Yeah me either, but uh I’m hungry, where the hell are they at?” I said referring to Mari and Jay. “I don’t know, but I’m about to say f*** it and eat without them!” “Pshh, who you telling!” “You know what f*** it! Let’s go eat” He said hopping up and heading into the kitchen and I followed right behind him.

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Run It!!!

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run it

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