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A Heart Is A House For Love

Hello! My name is Courtney or u can call me Coco. I'm finally deciding to post my stories again, it's been YEARS since I've decided to share my work but my boyfriend encouraged me to do so. I do ask that u leave feedback, good or bad, they both help me grow as a writer....

Chapter 1: Back At One

I looked around my new apartment, finally having everything put into its proper place. This was a new beginning, living on my own, in a new city, to start a new position at my job. I was only 23 years old and had got promoted to manager of Oklahoma’s unemployment office, after the previous manager decided to retire. I had been working at the unemployment office since I was 16 years old since my mom was the manager of the building in Oklahoma City. When the manager of the building in Tulsa, Oklahoma decided to retire, they called on me to come and take over. Being that I had no kids and no boyfriend, why not have title of manager under my belt at just 23 years old? I was familiar with the city being that it’s only about an hour and 20min away from Oklahoma City and I had some family that lives here. One person being my cousin Ashley, who was posed to be here an hour ago, but her ass ain’t never on time. I call her my twin cousin; we’re only a month and 3 days apart, me being the oldest. We’re so much alike but yet so different. She was more of the outgoing type and me, the more laid back person.

My name is Brittany. Brittany Danielle Johnson. I’m the oldest of two girls. My little sister, Shannen is 16yrs old and lives with my mom, Annette Johnson, in Oklahoma City. Our dad, Dennis Johnson lives here in Tulsa, but we hardly talk to him and we definitely never see him. He and my mom divorced when I was going into 6th grade, and I was beyond happy. Even though I was only 11yrs old, I knew enough of the bulls*** that went on between them two, to encourage my mom to leave his ass. He’s remarried, while my mom is still single. I used to stress myself out so bad, and have a lot of stuff held in from all that used to go on with them. I turned to my best friend mary jane in highschool to be able to focus and go on with my life, alcohol too but that’s only a weekend or event thing well besides wine. Weed, is a must, everyday. Good thing my job doesn’t drug test.
I looked around for my phone as I heard, “It’s Going Down” by Celly Cel playing.

Ashley’s ringtone

I jogged over to the kitchen counter and answered, “b****, yo ass was posed to had been here man”

“Man, my ass was knocked out, that’s why I told you to just come pick me up when you got to town so I could’ve helped you. You probably done, huh?”

I plopped down on the couch, “yup, you just got up or you dressed already?”

“I just got up, what time is it?”

I glanced at the clock on the wall, “it’s 5 til 9”

“Oh, well imma get up and shower and s*** then I’ll come thru.”

“Nah, I’m about to come over there. We can blow, go eat, and then step out on the town”


I smiled, picturing the face she made at me actually suggesting going out since I normally was a home body for the most part.

“Yeah, I ain’t tryna be bored tonight.”

“Alright, well s*** come on before you change yo mind. I’ll wait on you to light up.”

“Alright,” I hung up with her then ran in my room to pick out something to wear tonight, and threw it all in a bag with my toiletries, flat irons, and a few other necessities before locking up and heading over to Ashley’s…

“You already showered or you just now bout to get in?” I asked once she opened the door wearing only a towel.

She nodded as she stepped back to let me in, “I just got out, here”

I looked back and took the blunt that she was passing to me as I sat my stuff down on her couch. I took a hit as I sat down and watched her walk back to her room.

She walked out as I took my fourth hit, we didn’t do that puff, puff, pass s*** when it was just us two smoking.

“Which dress?”

I looked up at the two she held in front of me, “mm, this one.” I pointed to her red dress as I passed the blunt to her, “Let me show you my outfit.”

I took my outfit out my bag and laid it out on the couch to show her, and she nodded. “Oh yeah, we bout to be too fine girl. Have you already showered?”

“Yeah, I had showered before I talked to you. I gotta do this head though.”

I walked into her bathroom and plugged in my flat irons then walked back out to the living room and got dressed.

We decided on going to Olive Garden while we were doing our hair, so we made our way there once we were ready.

“I saw some posts on Facebook about Club Haze tonight, there’s some benefit going on to support the owner’s little boy having surgery or something. So they charging double to get in and taking donations.”

I nodded after taking a bite of my food, “so you tryna go there”

She shrugged, “why not support a good cause while having fun.”

I smiled and nodded, "I'm down..."


run it!!!

Damn they jus met n gtn down like that lol run it

Enjoy! And thanks for the love readers

Chapter 2: Late Nights Early Mornings

The beat to “Celebration” by Game came on and we all headed to the bar after Jeremiah and Isaiah asked us to join them.

Me and Ashley sat down as they stood to our sides.

“What was you drinking?”

I looked over at Jeremiah, “yeah you”

We both smiled, “Paul Masson and Coke”

His eyes brows raised, “oh yeah”

I giggled at his response, “yeah, why you say it like that?”

He smiled and wiped his face, “just not used to girls drinking that, hell not even drinking brown”

“Well, I haven’t considered myself a girl in awhile now and I know women who drink brown.”

He smiled and nodded, “you want another one”

I glanced over at Ashley then back at him and nodded, “sure, thanks”

“No problem beautiful”

I looked over at Ashley after feeling her tap my leg and she leaned over to whisper to me.

“You tryna go eat with them, he say they going to IHop after this.”

I shrugged, “It doesn’t matter.”

“I mean, I’m really tryna chill with him. You know he my type”

“b****, you tryna f*** already”

She smacked her lips and pinched my leg and I quickly swiped her hand away before rubbing the spot she pinched.

“Don’t act like you don’t wanna jump on top of Jeremiah, I saw the way ya’ll was grinding b****.”

I bit my lip to contain my smile, “we going to yo house if we do anything hoe.”

I looked back at Jeremiah before she could say anything back to me…

I leaned over towards Ashley as the song ended, “I’m tryna blow before we go eat”
“Ya’ll smoke?”

My eyes got big as Isaiah responded; I didn’t think he would be able to hear me.

Ashley nodded, “yeah, do ya’ll?”

Isaiah and Jeremiah both nodded.

“Well ya’ll tryna match something?”

Isaiah shook his head, “nah, ya’ll can just hit it”

I shook my head this time, ain’t no way I’m smoking a strangers blunt. “Ya’ll can smoke with us though”

Jeremiah smiled as he looked at me, “scared somebody tryna hurt you, beautiful?”

I laughed and nodded, “you just never know these days”

“I understand, but we in 2 separate cars so how ya’ll wanna do this.”

Me and Ashley looked at each other, before she spoke up. “Ya’ll can come back to my place…”

We were all sitting around talking and smoking, Ashley and Isaiah on one couch while me and Jeremiah sat on the other.

The mixture of the weed and alcohol had me horny, and him being sexy with his deep voice didn’t help. Along with his style and the way he carried himself, and not to mention the way the weed mellowed him out; I knew something was going down tonight. Even if it was just a kiss.

I glanced over at Ashley and saw her laughing at whatever Isaiah was telling her before looking over at Jeremiah and saw him biting down on his bottom lip as if deep in thought.

“Hey, what you thinking about”

He slowly looked over at me and looked as if he was thinking about what he was going to say to me.

A feeling rushed over me.

That feeling rushed over me, and I knew exactly what he was thinking about.

“We are grown right, don’t bite your tongue.”

He smirked then licked his lips as he nodded, “I’m thinking about what you look like under that outfit, how you feel, and even how you taste.”


Just like that

I looked over at Ashley and saw her and Isaiah kissing. I looked back at Jeremiah and bit my lip, “you can definitely find out.”

He looked at me, me not able to read his expression.

“We both grown and know what we want.” I told him as he reached over and slowly touched my thigh and a spark went through me.

I silently sucked in a breath and quickly looked over at Ashley again and saw them breaking their kiss.

“Hey, come here.”

Ashley looked over at me and we both looked at the guys before getting up and heading into her room.

“b****, I’m hitting that”

“s***, me too. You still got that air mattress and my old blanket over here?”

She nodded as she walked over to her closet, “yup, and I got yo old Little Mermaid comforter from grandma’s house.”

“Bet. So, can he kiss?”

She looked back at me and smiled, “girl, yes. Panties wet just from the kissing”

We both laughed as she handed me the covers and sat the air mattress and pump down on her bed.

“Hell, I’m wet just by thinking about his ass. Nigga said he was wondering how I taste though, and you know I told him he could find out.”

She laughed as she sat down on her bed and looked at me, “hell nah, but I don’t blame you. I hope Isaiah eat, you know how I am bout the head.”

I smiled and looked back at the door as someone knocked.

“Come in”

We both watched as the door slowly opened and Isaiah stuck his head in before opening it all the way.

He briefly looked around before looking between the two of us, “Ya’ll hungry?”

Ashley nodded while I shook my head no.

Horny. Not hungry.

“You wanna roll with me to get something or just bring you something back?”

She shrugged, “where you going?”

“I’m kinda stuck on IHop but we can go where ever you wanna go”

She nodded and stood up, “bet, we can do IHop”

He nodded and looked at me, “you sure you not hungry?” I smiled and nodded and he smiled and shook his head, “that’s cause that ass horny”

I nodded, “hell yea,” We all laughed as he left out, closing the door behind him.

I may be shy about a lot of things but sex was not one of them. I’m not a hoe, I can name each guy I’ve slept with and in order but when I am sexually active with a person, I am very open with my sexual side. Of course, I only sleep with one person at a time and hopefully he’s good so I won’t have to add someone else to my list so damn soon.

I am an addict.

I can’t go too long without sex or I will turn into a straight b****.

So like I said, I hope he’s good enough for me because I am a freak and I don’t hold my tongue so he will know what he needs work on, f***ing with me.

One thing I don’t do is head; I feel that’s a treat for me to put my mouth on a man’s d***. The only man who I’ve given head to was my first and that was after we were together for 3 out of the 4 years we shared, and only once. Everything else is pretty much fair game.

Oh and, no anal. I may be a freak, but I just can’t get down with that.

“Hello b****, you zoning out”

I looked at Ashley, snapping out of my daze when she waved her hand in my face.

“What you say?”

She smacked her lips and shook her head, “I said towels are in the cabinet in the bathroom, stay out of my kitchen, off my furniture cause people sit on that and definitely off my bed. Oh and please, disinfect if you do go a little too far, I know how you can get, freak.”

I laughed and waved her off as I turned and headed to open her door, “just hurry up and leave so I can get my nut, and make sure you text me before coming in.

We may be in the bathroom though.”

She smacked her lips, “I don’t need details now b****, just after”

We both laughed as I opened the door and walked back out into the living room carrying the blankets.

“Look at her, just ready”

I smirked at Isaiah after making eye contact with Jeremiah, “yup, now hurry up and leave so I can get to it.”

Jeremiah smiled and looked at Isaiah who was shaking his head, “you may have met your match.”

Jeremiah chuckled before licking his lips and looking over at me then back at Isaiah and Ashley.

“Alright, let’s go. I’ll text you B”

I nodded at her and waved at Isaiah after he waved at me before walking out.

Ashley left out and closed the door behind her. I watched the lock turn as she locked it with her key before turning to ask Jeremiah if he wanted anything to drink or something.

Before I could, he had his arms around my waist, and lips on my neck as he backed me against the wall.

I let out a soft moan as I felt his warm tongue against the coolness of my flesh.


I felt the covers slipping from my grip and then heard them hit the floor, his hands then making their way to my thighs.

“Tasting good so far”

Damn. I hope his d*** and mouth can make me cum like his words and his touch is doing to me.

I can cum just off a thought, hell something or someone that I thought was sexy, Chris Brown’s fine ass plus his singing. Lord!

He gripped the back of my thigh and lifted my leg up and around him.

His tongue made light circles directly on my spot and I bout lost it from that alone.

I moaned as he gripped my thigh again and wrapped my right leg around him.


“Mm, f*** you sound good saying my name.”

I smirked as I fought to open my eyes. Once I was finally able to get my brain to register with my eyes and get them open, I saw he was already looking at me.

He smiled.

“We gotta lay a blanket out or something.”

He nodded and I slowly dropped my legs down from around him as his lips lost contact with my skin again. He slowly backed away from me as I inched towards the blankets he had thrown on the floor.

I saw him taking off his shoes as I spread a blanket out on the floor.

I turned to look at him and saw him taking off his pants and folding them before putting them on top of his shoes against the wall.


He stood up and looked at me while licking his lips.


He smirked and I cursed myself for letting that out, I don’t need him knowing how much he’s affecting me.

“You straight?”

I nodded and he walked towards me, “you sure?”

I nodded again as he stood directly in front me, picked me up and carefully laid me down. “You wet for me?”

s***. I don’t know why that question always gets to me.

He wrapped an arm around me and pulled me to him. “Huh?” He softly pecked my lips, “I can’t hear you Brittany”

Ohhhhh m-g


“You are?” He pecked my lips again, “Can I feel it?”

I moaned and nodded my head as he pecked my lips again, “I can’t hear that baby,” he moved down towards my neck. “Can I feel how wet you are for me?”

I moaned, “mm, yes”

“Nun un, say my name with it baby”

His lips immediately went to my neck again and I closed my eyes, wanting to touch his body. I needed to feel his skin, not this shirt.

“Yes Jeremiah”

“f*** girl,” his hands moved to my shorts, slowly pulling them down once he found out there was no button or zipper.

I lifted up a little to give him better access and he slowly eased them down and off.

I watched him as his eyes got a little big looking between my legs.

“Damn,” He looked up at me and then back down between my legs, “that pussy fat.” He slowly reached for it, moving as if it was a fragile object. “It’s swallowing yo panties ma”

I smirked and shook my head, having a fat cat was a plus.

I felt him move my thong from between my lips before he shook his head, “this doesn’t even cover the whole thi-f*** yeah and you wet.”

He bit his lip before positioning himself on his knees between my legs. He started to slide my thong down and I lifted up so that he could slide it off.

He looked down between my legs again and licked his lips before going in head first. I instantly moaned as his tongue came in contact with my clit. He lightly sucked on the sensitive ball of nerves, and I moaned out as I felt my juices flowing out of me.

“Mm, damn you taste good.” He licked down to my hole and stuck his tongue in.

“Oooo Jeremiah, yes baby”

He groaned as he worked back up to my clit and slid a finger inside of me…
After climaxing twice, he worked his way up softly kissing my body along the way.

I felt his body heat as he lingered over my face and I slowly opened my eyes, looking into his.

I slid my hands under his shirt and up his back, “take this off”

He rose up on his knees and quickly threw his shirt over by his shoes and jeans before leaning over onto his elbow and sliding out of his boxers.

I immediately looked down and I smiled inside at the size of his d***.


I wrapped my arms around his neck and gently pulled him forward into a kiss.

Our tongues danced, and our breaths were one.

He moaned as I bit his bottom lip before pulling it into my mouth and lightly sucking on it before he did the same in return to me.

I watched as he strategically leaned on one elbow and carefully ripped open the condom wrapper.

He moved back down to my neck and lightly sucked as he slid the condom on.

“That pussy ready for me,” he asked as he held his d*** over my entrance.

I moaned as I nodded and he leaned down to kiss my lips, “I can’t hear that Brittany.” He slowly slid in a little and backed out just as I moaned.


He let out a light sigh as he slid back inside of me, “say my name with it,” he pulled out again and I whimpered wanting to feel all of him inside of me.

“I know you wanna feel all of it,” He slid in, teasing me again. “Don’t you”

I moaned as I felt myself creaming on his shaft, “yes Jeremiah”

“f*** girl,” he slid in all the way and it seemed as if I forgot how to breathe as he pushed in as far as our bodies would allow.

I moaned again, as he slid out and back in.

“This pussy tight and wet for me,” He groaned as he bent his head down near my ear, his warm breath causing me to shiver. “f***,” he added in a roll with his stroke and I felt myself creaming on his shaft again.

“Damn, you keep cumming for me. You ever squirted before, huh?”

“f***,” I bit my bottom lip as I nodded, “mm yes, you gone make it squirt J”

“Hell yea,” He slowly slid out and leaned back on his knees, “bend over for me”

I slowly flipped over and did as told, and my eyes got big as he licked me from behind but that didn’t stop a moan from escaping my lips.

This man is nasty, and I love it. I can’t stand when a guy is too quiet or afraid to talk dirty to me, that freaky s*** turns me on.

I shivered when I felt him lick my ass cheek, long as he didn’t try to enter back there.

“That pussy sweet baby, you wanna taste it”

I whimpered as I felt his finger enter me from behind, and just as quickly he had his finger in front of my mouth for me to taste it. I slowly slid my mouth over his finger, twirled my tongue as I pulled it out.

“Damn, you like it”

I nodded.

I’ve tasted myself before, gotta make sure I’m fresh for who’s munching on me.

I screamed out as he rammed inside of me while pulling my head back by my hair.


“f*** Jeremiah, yes”

“There you go baby, let me hear you.”

I moaned as he f***ed me from behind; one hand in my hair, the other trying to grip my ass.

“All this ass, throw it back on this d***.”

My moans came out louder and closer together as he let go of my hair and gripped my ass with both hands as I threw it back on it.

This time it was my turn to add a roll as I grinded on his d***.

He smacked my ass then gripped it again and I felt an orgasm coming.

“I’m bout to cum J, mmm s*** choke me.”

His hand went to my neck and lightly squeezed, “like that”

I screamed out and threw it back harder as I felt my juices squirting over his d***.

“f*** yeah girl,” he pulled out and I shivered as I struggled to not fall out on the floor as I came.

“Mm, mm, mm. I wanna see this in the mirror, come on.”

Just as he helped me up, my phone went off signaling I had a text. I picked it up and saw that it was Ashley saying they were around the corner.

“They bout to pull up.”

He nodded and picked up his boxers and put them inside his jeans so they wouldn’t be on top, and I sent a quick text to her to let her know we were moving to the bathroom so they could come in. After sending the text, I quickly gathered my clothes and sat them against the wall next to his clothes.

He smiled and shook his head at me as I walked past him and led the way to the bathroom. I watched him shut and lock the door before looking down at his ass.
I’m an ass girl, oddly enough.

It can’t be big like a girl’s booty but just enough for me to cuff it, and his definitely fit the criteria. I grabbed his ass and he jumped and looked back at me.


I smiled and leaned over on the counter, “don’t be no punk”

His head tilted and his eyebrows rose as he bit his bottom lip. He chuckled before walking up behind me, shifting me sideways before entering me from behind again with me watching his every move through the mirror…

This story is really explicit compared to others I've read on this site so far....if anybody is bothered please let me know and I will change it up from what I do on this other site...

i need more lol. it was getting good

Thanks!! Tryna see if I can get some more replies to know if imma continue this here or not

Lol that last part to funny run it

run it!!!

Chapter 1 Cont'd

We pulled up to the club and immediately noticed how packed the parking lot was, “damn,”

I looked around at all the cars and people walking up to stand in line to get in. Once I parked, we took off our jackets and left them in the back seat, secured our phones, money and I.Ds in our bras before checking ourselves in the mirror and getting out.

Once we were in, we were greeted with the sounds of the intro to “Crush” by Beat King.

“Oooh b****, they taking it back,” Ashley grabbed my hand and we both immediately started dancing as we made our way to the dance floor.

We found a spot in front of the mirror and both started doing our own versions of “dropping”.

“Ayyy, hit that s*** B”

I smiled as I continued dropping as Just Brittany’s part came on.

As the song was about to end, the DJ started to mix and soon the beat to “Hammer” by Beat King came in.

We both smiled at each other and kept dancing in our spots in front of the mirror, and were soon joined by 2 guys. As that song ended, the beat to “Ducked Off” by Trill Fam came on and we looked at each other and nodded. She grabbed my hand again and led the way to the bar as we both bobbed our heads singing along.

We quickly sat down when 2 girls got up and walked away.

“What you bout to drink on?”


She frowned up and shook her head, “no way, I’m bout to get on some type of vodka.”

The bartender made her way to us and I ordered a Paul Masson and Coke while Ashley ordered Peach Ciroc and Sprite. We sat and sipped on our drinks and bobbed our heads while “Ducked Off” continued to play.

“OMG B, when I finish talking, look to your left at the other end of the bar. We gotta get them to see us before we leave out of here tonight.”

I laughed a little before taking another sip of my drink, and then looked to my left.

Oh my.

There were about 5 guys standing at the bar ordering drinks, but one definitely caught my eye. His brown skin looked smooth even under the dimmed lighting from the bar. His lips looked soft and tasty. His ears were dressed in diamonds, not too flashy though. His neck had a tattoo, at least the one side I could see and the teeth that I could see, looked to be straight and white. I examined his clothing and saw the infamous Polo sign on the red material, his jeans were definitely Levi’s and his shoes looked to be Polo boots but I wasn’t too much into shoes. As long as they looked nice, I was fine. I worked my way back up his have to be, 6’2”-6’3” frame and almost choked when my eyes came in contact with his.

“Girl, he caught you”

I quickly looked at her, eyebrows raised as I cursed myself for staring so long.

“He still looking too, him and his boys looking this way.”

“Would you quit looking at them, damn don’t seem desperate hoe”

She smacked her lips as the beat to “Wobble” by V.I.C came on. “Mm, come on”
She downed her drink and stood up, and I downed the rest of mines before letting her grab my hand and following her to the floor.

We never danced to this song, so I know this was just to keep the attention of the cuties at the bar.

As we danced, we would take turns looking over at the bar to keep our eyes on them. We shook our heads at each other, not believing we were really trying to keep their attention, and continued to dance.

I was relieved when the beat to “Poetic Justice” by Kendrick Lamar came on, “f*** them, this my s***.”

I looked to my right as a cute guy walked up behind me, and another one walked behind Ashley. I smiled thru the mirror at the guy behind me and started to move my hips to the beat.

Cutie was doing a good job, keeping the rhythm. I couldn’t stand a guy that just stood there and let me do all the work. I looked over at Ashley through the mirror and saw her guy looking a little too excited for his dance. I shook my head and looked towards the bar and noticed the guys we were looking at were all gone from their original spots. I looked as far as I could without having to actually turn my head before looking over at Ashley, and she shrugged so I knew she had been looking too.

The beat to “Wicked Games” by The Weeknd started and we continued dancing…
After another song ended, we made our way back to the bar before the guys could even ask for our names. We quickly grabbed 2 open seats and ordered another cup of our drinks. I turned around and sipped on my drink as I looked around the club. It was a nice crowd out tonight, and the DJ was doing a good job keeping everybody dancing.

“I hope they didn’t leave man, I was trying to talk to the one in that striped Polo.”

I laughed as I looked over at Ashley, “Nigga, how I know that’s the one you was gone wanna talk to. Light skinned, long hair, typical Monique.” I said calling her by her middle name.

She smiled and shrugged as she sat her cup down, “I can’t help what I’m attracted to man and I know yo ass was looking at either the one in the red Polo or the one in the button down.”

I looked over at her, ready to let her know about the one in the red Polo when I noticed the group of guys just a couple feet from us, and heading in our direction.

“Here they come behind you, don’t look they right here.”

“Excuse us ladies”

Ashley turned behind her to see what I was looking at; the group of guys we were just talking about was now right in front of us. We both smiled at them but said nothing in response.

“Sorry to walk up on ya’ll like this but ya’ll left the bar area before we could introduce ourselves the last time we saw ya’ll sitting over here.”

That was the light skinned one with the ponytail talking, he was cute and definitely Ashley’s type. I looked at the one wearing the red Polo and briefly made eye contact before looking at the rest of the guys they were with.

I’ve never seen a group of more than 3 guys together were every single one of them are cute, but all 5 of these dudes were cute. The one in the red Polo was just plain sexy though.

The beat to “Remember You” by Wiz Khalifa and The Weeknd started and I glanced at the guy in the red Polo before looking out on the dance floor.

“Ay, we gone hit the dance floor.”

The light skinned cutie with the ponytail nodded and 3 of the guys walked off leaving the light skinned cutie and red Polo cutie standing in front of us.

“My names Isaiah, and this my boy-”

The one wearing the red Polo stepped closer to me and extended his hand, “Jeremiah”

I smiled and shook his hand, “Brittany and this is my cousin Ashley”

Isaiah shook Ashley’s hand and smiled at me before looking back at her; I looked at Jeremiah and saw him already looking at me.

“I saw you out there dancing, that wasn’t your boyfriend was it?”

I shook my head after taking a sip of my drink, “no, just some guy that came up and asked to dance”

He nodded, “You new here?”

I shrugged and before I could say anything he replied, “You don’t know if you new here or not?”

I smirked at the tone he used, “cute, but I did that because I’ve never lived here but I’ve visited. I just moved here from the city though.”

“Oh word, you like it better here than the city? Ya’ll had more to do there.”

“I mean it’s really the same but I moved here for my job.”

“Where you work?”

“The unemployment office, I got promoted to the manager position here.”

His eyebrows rose as he looked me in my eyes, “Beauty and brains huh?”

I smiled and nodded, glad that his expression didn’t change to one of intimidation.

Either he had a good job himself or he was comfortable with his manhood.
“Nice, well congratulations.”


He nodded and glanced around before looking back at me as the beat to “Representin” by Ludacris and Kelly Rowland started, “you wanna dance, I see you bobbing yo head”

I smiled and nodded before downing my drink at the same time Ashley did. We both grabbed their hands and lead them to a spot in front of the mirror as the first verse started.

I grabbed his arms and wrapped them around me as I rolled my hips to the beat. I bit my lip when I felt him roll back on me, then lifted his arms as I slightly bent forward and started to grind on him while holding onto his hands. Me and Ashley made eye contact and smiled at each other before focusing back on ourselves in the mirror.

As that song ended, we both continued dancing as “f***in Problems” by ASAP Rocky came on… Jeremiah was looking at me thru the mirror while biting his lip, almost causing me to lose my balance and I don’t know if he noticed or not but he grabbed my waist tighter and held me close to him as Kendrick Lamar’s verse started.

He leaned in close to my ear as he let me hear him sing along, “girl, I know you want this d***…”