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As I witnessed them dragging my fathers limp body out my home as they cuffed my mother I remember thinking that I would never feel this helpless and unable to protect my loved ones again. Screaming and shouting I fought with all my strength to get to my mommy. Watching the tears fall down her cheek as they walked her to the police car. She told me not to be afraid and she would be back soon. My mother had never lied to me before so I trusted her word and began to calm down. My mother died that day. The officers tried to beat her into confessing that my father was a kingpin. They wanted her to testify against her only family besides me telling her that if she did testify they would shorten her sentence to 20 years with probation and she stayed loyal. That was 10 years ago. Today at 16 years old I only have my father now. Because of my moms loyalty they weren't able to find anything on my dad. I still miss her and I talk to her everyday to let her know I haven't forgotten her love and she didn't die in vain. I will avenge her death even if I have to meet my maker in doing so.