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the last link of th home showed hun

<a href="">home</a>

It maybe the links your using.
I like the story it has potential...

Run It Lady!

do anyone know how to make it work? i have no clue what im doing wrong

i like it so far however the links still doesnt work hun...

<a href="''>Moriah Fox</a>
<a href="''>Jayden Fox</a>
<a href="''>Rick Fox</a>
<a href="''>home</a>
<a href="">Moriah's Room</a>
<a href="''>Paris</a>
<a href="''>Rashad</a>
<a href=''''>Jazmine</a>
<a href=''''>Shay</a>
<a href="''>Dru</a>
<a href="''>DJ</a>
<a href="''>Nique</a>

Run it

Lol, those comments she made tho! ”You know you haven't seen me here before.” I was rolling the whole time. Ummmm Jazmine, don't f*** with people you don't know, cause when you get the s*** slapped out of you for talking mess, you gon wish you weren't such a b****.
Run it!!!!

I like it. can you tell us who is who cuz the links dont work?
Run It!!!