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Stolen Joy

my name is <href="">Maliyiah AnnRenee Cash</a> but my friends call me Mac. it is my junior year of high school and I was finally about to be cheer captain. I lived what some would call a high priced life style but to keep me well rounded my parents thought it would be a good idea for me to still attend public schools. they believed it would help me understand where they came from so I would know what surround my life. you see my dad, <a href="">Derron Cash</a> was a big time drug dealer back in his day. they use to call him superman because when it came to catching cases it was like he was invincible because they could never convict him. but it was revealed to me by my dad that all three trials he's had the jury members were always either people he knew that respected him or people he had helped out in the past that owed him a favor. my dad was just that respected in our neighborhood.
then there's my mom, <a href="">Brittani</a> aka the brains behind my daddy's entire empire. she managed the money and because had a masters in accounting she was able to laundry all my dad's money and turn it all into three legit businesses; a nightclub called Lips, a restaurant called Maliyah's, and a daycare center. I have the smartest parents ever and I was glad when my dad finally got out the game for good. my life is perfect and nothing could ruin my happiness....
tell me what yall it or dump it.???


Mr. Tatum's POV
maliyah really had me fuxking arrested. I cant believe this shyt. I loved this girl and I thought we shared something special but I guess I was wrong. how could she turn our moment of unity into something this dirty.? she gave me her virginity and now she got people thinking im some rapist. its my own fault though. I knew she been throwing herself at me for the longest and I tried to ignore her but I couldn't and now when I give in she got the nerve to play hard to get. maybe I did go to fast and was a little rough with her but shyt I thought girls like her liked it rough. as I sat in my jail cell I had so much on my mind. I looked around at the pictures of maliyah that were on my wall and instantly my dicc got hard. as soon as it was phone time I went out and called her phone i was too geeked that i remembered her number but then sadly it said she denied my call so i tried and about three more times then on the fourth try she accepted it.
"what do you want mr. tatum.?" she asked as soon as the call went through.
"well hello to you too maliyah." i said smiling to myself.
"cut the bullshyt why are you calling me.?"
"why do you think im calling.? i miss you and i want you to drop these ridiculous charges you have against me."
"why would i do that.? you raped me."
"come on maliyah you know that wasn't what happened."
"your joking right.?"
"baby come on."
"im not your baby dude. you violated me and now you have the nerve to pretend that it didn't happened."
"im not saying it didn't happened. that connection was real."
"what connection mr. tatum.?"
"maliyah when we made love that was the---,"
"whoa what.?" she said cutting me off. "that wasn't making love you took it."
come on maliyah we both know you wanted it."
"i said no and you did it anyway. you hurt me to my soul and you have the nerve to be on my phone saying this shyt to me? you are sick and you need help." with that she hung up on me and i just stood there surprised. this whole month i have been in here all i could do was think about her and she hangs up the fuxking phone on me. i went back to my cell and laid in my bed. i looked up and pulled off one of maliyah's <a href="">pictures</a> and looked at it. we will be together soon and all this will be a distance memory.

just a quickie.!

run it.!

dam so coke is her excuse yall some sorry a*s friends
smh jealously at it finest stage -__-
as for chris u gonna have to pick soon
run it!

run it

Niggas sniffing sugar boogers now?!! I can't!! But I'm weak af at Trey, but rissa I can't believe her she just need to get it together !!

Smh rissa u really f***ed up buddy run it

whaaatttttt?!!!! Drugs???? Oh goodnesss run it!!!!!!!

anymore runs.?

jacked up situation! run it

smh Then two females got some issues they need to solve and Rissa is smart with that knowing poppa cash will bust a cap in her a** lol. Trey is silly...
Run It!!!

HELL NAH? I do drugs too? I'm not liking myself at all. I hate myself. Can Poppa Cash come kill me? I would rather be dead than to be the person that's this evil. smh, this don't make no sense. Now Alex ass finna break up w/ me and get ole girl pregnant again. I need to find Jesus quick fast and in a hurry. smh

Trey's POV
these niggas in this crew are really fuxking up. hell this whole crew has gone crazy these past couple weeks. its just so surreal. im still shocked rissa did what she did to maliyah. I thought they were the closest out of them all but clearly I was wrong. she has been texting me all day tryna talk but for right now I have nothing to say to her ass.
as I sat there and chris was spilling his guts about maliyah, which I knew from the first time I saw them argue, I couldn't help but laugh at him.
"nigga that's fuxking creepy." I said shaking my head.
"i know man.! i don't know what to do. i love nae fareal man but i just cant get maliyah out my head. and her lips man they are so ft."
"iight man i don't want no fuxking details.!" i yelled cutting me as i began to drive again. this nigga has a weird as imagination.
"help me brah cuz i don't know what to do." he begged.
"well for one this little situation about you imagining maliyah while you fuxked shardonnay, don't let it leave this car dude. if it got back to nae she would probably kick your ass and maliyah might too. this is a real hard time for her and the last thing she would wanna hear is about you fuxking someone else thinking it was her."
"trey man that's the point. i don't wanna imagine her. i just wanna be with nae and do her right but maliyah wont leave my head." he said shaking his head.
"well my dude that's something only you can work out within yourself." just then my phone rung again and it was rissa.
"man what do she want.?" chris asked as he looked over and saw who was calling.
"man i don't know. i guess she cant take a hint."
"well straighten that out." chris encouraged. after it rung again i answered.
trey- what man
rissa-trey why haven't you been returning my calls i know you seen i been calling you.
trey-yea i seen it that's why i was ignoring you.
rissa-for what.?
trey-don't play like your dumb now rissa. its not the time to play with me
rissa-is this about what we did to maliyah.?
trey-duh rissa.! what else would it be about. you and corderica went too far and its fuxked up cuz she ended up in the hospital
rissa-all the cry baby had to go was get a few stitches it wasn't even that bad
trey-actually dumb ass corderica cut through two layers of skin and maliyah bled out to the point that she actually died.
rissa-maliyah's died.?
trey- <cite>silence</cite>
rissa-answer me trey
right then i hung up the phone. i just wanted to fuxk with her head for a minute. let her realize how much of a fuxked up person she is for what she did. we finally reached maliyah's house and just as we pulled up so did alex.
"maliyah i cant turn my head for a second without you hurting yourself.?" he asked walking up to her as she got out the car.
"more like without corderica hurting me." she replied looking down.
"she did this to you.?" he asked grabbing ahold of her face. she nodded yes and alex just her tight.
we all went up to her room with her and just sat around with her joking and clowning like usual. it was good seeing a smile on her face again.

Rissa's POV
as soon as i got off the phone with trey i immediately called corderica. after four rings she answered.
"what up rissa."
"we fuxking killed her.!" i yelled crying.
"what are you talking about.?"
"maliyah.! we fuxking killed maliyah."
"there's no fuxking way we watched her leave."
"corderica trey just talked to me. he told me you went too deep and she bled out. it was not suppose to happen like this." i was completely freaking out. even though i did what i did i still loved maliyah a lot and this was not what was suppose to happen.
"rissa just be cool. im sure trey was trying to just mess with your head."
"i know when trey is joking and when he is serious. he has a different voice for each situation and this was his serious voice. corderica what are we gonna do.?"
"rissa keep your fuxking head together. now look just so i can prove to you that nigga was fuxking with your head we are gonna go by maliyah's house tomorrow."
"are you fuxking out of your mind.? poppa cash would seriously kill us then. even if she is alive we fuxked with his daughter do you really think they are gonna welcome us with open arms."
"look rissa im just throwing out ideas."
"well throw out better ones because im not out like that."
"well what do you wanna do?"
"i wanna go back and undo this shyt."
"well you cant rissa.! this was your idea just as much as mines so just fuxking deal with it."
"i wouldn't have done as much as i did if you hadn't given me those drugs and you know it."
"she's not a dumb bytch she was our friend and look what we did to her."
"rissa get your emotional ass off my phone." with that i heard nothing but dial tone. i put my phone down and just curled up in a ball. i felt like shyt for what i did i just pray one day me and maliyah can fix this.

run it.!

Well I'll be damned!!!! Alex done got another hoe preggo!!!
And she just as crazy as Cordecia (no offense but you are a little psycho right now lol) and Chris my nigga if you loved me then you damn sure wouldn't be picturing another girl while we f***ing lol, just gon ahead and break it off!!! Wait...pause I'm not gon ride the crazy train if he does cheat am I??? Oh lawd!!! I hope not!!

Runnnn itttt!!!!!

Sorry for not commenting in a while... I got caught up.
Ummm Somebody need to beat my ass! Shiiiit let me beat my own ass. I'm FAKE AF! Fr Fr and Lance yo ass got what you deserved! I'm so pissed at us! Geeeessssshhh! Ooooooooo!!!! Chris!!! You kissed her! I knew that nigga like her! Awwww, what about Shardonnay?! Alex what the absolute f*** is wrong with you!!! CoCo doesn't deserve that.....even if she was being a...yah know? All this damn drama. I need to tie a bag of bricks to myself and jump in the ocean because i was b****ing fr fr.
Run it!!!!!

run it

run it

Run it

run it!

Flag on the mutha fuking play!!! THIS NIGGA DONE GOT ANOTHER HOE PREGNANT? I mean i understand I'm riding on the crazy train right now for whatever reason, but cheating? Hell, why my life so fuked up? lol but it ain't just no sex, that ish sound emotional too. I'm kill that hoe Monica. Since i'm already crazy cutting ppl faces and ish lol..RUN IT

Damn Alex is in some shiid... Chris let me flex his whip. I think everyone knows he feeling her. I wonder whats finna pop off now that Ma is out???
Run It!!!

Alex's POV
I feel like I made the worst mistake of my life. how could I let this happen to me and with <a href="">her</a> for that matter. I know this would really hurt corderica when she finds out and I already know the crew probably wondering where I been these past couple weeks but I couldn't leave until I knew everything was gonna happen the way it needs to. hopefully after I take care of this non of the girls will have to know, that's if trey don't run his mouth about this shyt. as I sat in the waiting room of this clinic I just couldn't wait until this was over with.
when the door opened I popped up and saw <a href="">monica</a> just standing there. I walked to her and guided her out the door to my car. I opened the passenger door and helped her inside then went around and got in the car. we rode in silence all the way to her place. I got out and helped her out and in the house to her room and laid her down.
"how do you feel.?" I asked once she got settled in bed.
"how do you think I feel alex.?"
"I don't know that's kinda why im asking."
"I just got a fuxking abortion I feel like shyt."
"don't think like that monica. we both agreed this would be the best thing for both of us."
"no this was the best thing for you so that yo bytch wouldn't know you cheated."
"don't call her a bytch monica. and no this was for you too cuz yo people said they was gonna put you out if you kept it. so we both had no choice."
"fuxk you alex. I hate you." she said rolling over and facing the wall.
"monica don't be like that. babygirl you know I got damn love for you girl."
"leave me alone I don't wanna hear that bullshyt." she said as she looked at me with tears in her eyes.
"come on ma you know I hate seeing you cry. look how can I make you feel better.?" I asked stroking her back and kissing her shoulder.
"do you really think that after what I just did I want you doing anything to me alex.? what the hell is wrong with you.?"
"im just tryna make you feel better."
"you wanna make me feel better.?" she asked sitting up.
"rewind these last few hours so I can bring pregnant again. you know they did to me.? they let me seeing the baby and hear the heartbeat and everything and I too worried about everybody else and hid the fact that I enjoyed that and wanted to keep it."
"monica it would have been hard to maintain school and a baby without any help from your family."
"I know that you idiot but it still made me feel some type of way."
"I bet it did." just then I got a car form trey so I had to go. "look baby I gotta go but I swear imma be back later tonight." I said kissing her forehead.
"yea whatever." she replied turning back over.
I left out and got in the car and called trey back.
"what up man." i said when he answered after three rings.
"nigga you need to get to maliyah's house asap.!" he said.
"why whats up.?"
"nigga you been mia on a lot. you'll see when you get here." he said and then hung up. I looked at the phone for a minute but then started my car and headed over to maliyah's house. what else could this girl be involved in now.

Chris POV
as maliyah's was being rolled out i could tell she was not gonna be the same girl after all this, i could see it in her eyes. that glow that use to be in there had faded and it was just blank. rissa and corderica hell and that bytch nigga lance broke her and its sad. i watched as her parents helped her in the car and we all agreed to go over to her house with her.
"keia can you drive.?" i asked.
"yea why.?"
"you wanna drive my car over to maliyah's.? me and trey gotta discuss a few things and i be damned if i leave it all the way up here."
"sure no problem." i handed her the keys and showed her which one it was and hopped in the car with trey and we took off.
"iight man so whats going on with that nigga. i know he aint hop on corderica's crazy train too."
"naw that nigga handling a personal situation." trey said smiling.
"whats funny nigga.?"
"that nigga got a bytch pregnant and he been with her tryna make sure she get an abortion."
"for two weeks.? who takes that long.?"
"apparently she aint want to at first but a few days ago she finally told her folks and they told her if she keep it they was putting her ass out so finally she agreed to get it done."
"damn that nigga had a crazy bytch." i said shaking my head.
"yea eh should be down with her by now let me call this nigga." trey replied getting on his phone and calling alex. i zoned out for a minute while he was talking because i was contemplating him what went down in my head last night. this is my boy but i don't know how he gonna feel about this shyt."
"aye nigga is you listening." i suddenly heard trey say breaking me from my thoughts.
"nigga you suck. i said alex gonna meet us at liyah's house."
"speaking of maliyah bro we gotta talk."
"oh shyt what has she done to piss you off now.?"
"what.? nothing man just listen. i think im catching feelings for her."
"i been said that dog."
"naw trey you not understanding. i kissed her yesterday." when i said that he slammed on his breaks. that god there was no one behind us otherwise that would have been one hell of a crash.
"you did what.?"
"i kissed her and last night while i was fuxking shardonnay all i kept seeing the whole time was maliyah's face on her body."
"nigga that's fuxking creepy."
"i know man.! i don't know what to do. i love nae fareal man but i just cant get maliyah out my head. and her lips man they are so ft."
"iight man i don't want no fuxking details.!" trey yelled cutting me as he began to drive again.
"help me brah cuz i don't know what to do."

run it

run it

run it

run it!!!! i wanna know what alex did

Where's Alex? Oh lawd, i'm scared to know what he done..everybody messing up in this story..who next to turn on Mal? Run It

@Rozay-Baybee thanks girl for clearing it all up
run it!

I'm glad yaya is okay, and that she was brave enough
to face lance without losing her anger!
So imma need for chris to get his s*** together
and just break it off now before he cheat and I
have to go all crazy on him hahahaha, but damn I'm a
preacher's kid! hahaha FREAK!!! and yeah where the
f*** you been alex? Don't tell me your ass was in on it

Runnnn ittt!!!

Wats up wit alex dat nigga been mia wats up wit him trey lance smoken that good s*** thinkn she was still hes run it

Wassup with Alex??? Wat did he do that trey didnt wanna say it in front of pops dem??? Chris is something serious smh. Nae dont nobody care wat you think. Lance has to be outta his mind to think she would get back with him
Run It!!!

Chris POV
I kissed her.! I cant believe I really did that shyt, what was I thinking.? as I walked in the waiting room to find her parents I got a text from <a href="">nae</a> wondering where I was. I completely forgot about the fuxking dinner party at her parents house for her birthday. I found maliyah's parents and told them she was awake and I went and told trey I was headed out and rushed home to get <a href="">dressed</a> and rushed to nae's house. as I pulled up <a href="">she</a> was outside waiting for me.
"im so sorry im late babe." I said hopping out the car and kissing her.
"where have you been mommy and daddy thought you bailed on me." she said in a low voice.
"not at all babe. we were up at the hospital."
"who is we.?"
"me and trey. some shyt went down at that bonfire and maliyah got fuxked up pretty bad."
"are you serious. rissa was tryna get me to go to that thing too."
"you knew what it was about.?"
"yea I know what bonfires are chris. I wasn't born yesterday."
"babe it wasn't a real bonfire. her and corderica lied it was just a way for people to go and torture maliyah. they cut the left side of her face and they cut her hair."
"are you fuxking serious.? poor maliyah."
"yea. it could have gotten worst if me, trey, and keia didn't show up."
"whose keia.?" maliyah's other friend."
"you know you hang with a lot of females now."
"babe its not a lot and now its only two and one of them is a lesbian."
"yes babe keia is a lesbian."
"oh my god. that's just wrong."
all I could do was shake my head at her. her and her parents acted so 'holier than thou' and it killed me. its funny cuz she only follows some parts of the bible cuz nae is the biggest freak I have ever met. I guess you can say its true what they say that preacher's kids are the freakiest.
we finally go and she walks me around meeting basically her whole family and the whole night I just couldn't get maliyah off my mind.
that night nae somehow got her parents to agree to let her come over to my house and stay with me. as we drove to my house she began to give me head. I had a weak spot for that shyt and hell almost crashed a couple of times from her doing that. once we finally made it to my house I took her down to my room and we started to go at it. as I took off her shirt her face turned to maliyah's and I know I should have stopped but that just made me go harder and do more so that she would enjoy that even more. it was like nae's how body didn't feel like hers like every inch was maliyah and it kinda turned me on even more. we went at it for a good three hours before I finally busted. thank god for condoms cuz that was the biggest nut I have every had.
"damn babe we have never went that long before." nae said kissing my chest.
"yea only for you baby." I kissed her forehead and drifted off to sleep dreaming of the day I get to really enjoy this with maliyah. man my mind is so fuxked up right now.
the next day I drove nae home and headed back up to the hospital to see maliyah. as I got there I saw everybody except maliyah standing by the front door
"aye whats going on.?" I said trey as I walked up to him.
"what man." he said dapping me up. "we waiting for mom dukes to bring maliyah out so she can go home."
"oh that's whats up. she alright.?"
"she is now."
"what you mean by that.?"
"apparently she died for a few seconds and keia spilled the beans and told her and she freaked out."
"how the hell did she die for a few seconds from a cut to the face.?" what the hell were they talking about.
"it went through two layers of skin and she lost a lot of blood because she took too long getting here."
"damn man that's crazy. aye by the way where that nigga alex been.?"
"that's a story for later." trey said with a straight face so I knew it was something bad that he didn't want to say around maliyah's dad or keia.

Maliyah's POV
I was stuck there for a moment. I didn't think he would wake up when I came in here I just wanted to see him.
"maliyah please come back." I heard him ask. I turned around and looked at him then slowly wheeled myself back to him.
"I don't know how to express how sorry I am but just know I didn't know it was gonna happen like that." he said.
"you sat there and watched them do this to me and you did nothing. why.? what did I ever do to you to deserve that.?"
"you lied to me and you hid the fact that mr. tatum raped you from me. what you could trust chris but not me.?"
"that's not why I didn't tell you lance."
"then why maliyah.? huh.? explain that to me cuz I don't understand."
"I felt hell still feel disgusting about what happened. I was a virgin and he took that from me. how do you tell your boyfriend something like that.? i didn't tell chris after it happened and i was running away i bumped into chris and he told everybody else and when they came to my house he came too and that's how he found out exactly what happened." i said as tears began to fall from my eyes.
"but still nobody told me shyt. im your boyfriend damnit."
"correction you were my boyfriend. you lost me the minute you walked in that cabin and watched them do this to me."
"baby im sorry. i cant lose you like this."
"its a little too late for that." and with that i rolled out his room and to my mom.
"im proud of you honey." she said leaning down and hugging me.
"for what.?"
"your bravery. it took a lot to do everything that you are doing with all this drama going on and im proud your making it. i raised a wonderful daughter." she said smiling and kissing my forehead before rolling on out to the front door where i was met by all my true family, and chris. that boy is seriously growing on me and its kinda weird. how do we go from the biggest enemies to him kissing me the way he did yesterday.?

run it.!!!

i fuxs wit poppa cash thou lol yeah where has Alex been? oh gosh i'm scared. lol. RUN IT