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he is just so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)<3

aaaahh....<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

He makes me horny. I will have him. I love his humor,I love his spirit, I love his voice, I love his jawline,I love how he moves his mouth when he talks, I love his long tongue I bet he can touch his nose among other things. I thank god for the power of projection until I get backstage of some concert lol I wuv you Christopher and I never even meet you' I'm nuts. FOLLOW ME LIKE TWITTER @BreezysSoulmate oh yeah and I'm Phyma $weet Grrr b****!

*.* love you chris :)

got it on my wall (:

omfg,hes gorgeouse!!<3<3<3

Woaaaaaaah! This photo is toooooooooooooo hot to describe, it's just sooo peng! I'm literally speechless! You've got the WHLOEE package! Literally! Your so hot I can't put it into words! And check the swaggg, like perlease no one can ever be as sexy or have swagg like Breeezy. Say no more!

damm... he's just so f.... sexy mannn I Love You!!!!!

OMG!!!! your body is sexie and hot with all that you got my hole package i want in a guy and you can make me wet the bed any day and you can shuck your lips and say o ya she is the right for me and i got the hole plan made out for us and we can do it all night im ganna give it to u all night