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  • Will you marry me Mr Chris Brown.

    Boobyoutthere is saying that marriage is for some one who wants a witness, a security gaurd, a cash point, a safe home, and some one to tidy up after trash and ready is feeling a bit tired.

    Lickylush wants to have a way thats real, like f***ing a adult man, who consented to fornicate every night after sex education, when being married.

    PLC wants to know if you will sex and marry her, with the ring purchased

  • Dateing a celebrity Mr Chris Brown.

    boobyoutthere says that she wants a date with chris brown, when she is
    ready to travel to america, when she is raveing, like all weekend.
    And a squeeze.

    Lickylush needs a escort thats chris brown to escort her to the concert.Like a f***buddy.

    PLC needs a model that is chris brown to model her menswear collection and to date her on and off for ever.

    Lots of love mr chris brown from me and kisses.

  • Sorry Boo

    Boobyoutthere, is saying that the blitch in the computer isnt really worth it, but the TV isnt really blitching its b****ing.

    Lickylush is a bit of slightwork and doesnt want the sweat to roll down her nipples, if you have any suggestions about how to prevent this from happening do share.

    PLC the boss is really a sole trader but she really is the hard worker like workaholic, making sure she has something to do

    And Chris Brown I love you.

  • Dear Mr Chris Brown

    Boobyoutthere is working it, she is really working.

    Lickylush is doing slight work, she dosnt want get to sweaty.

    PLC is getting it, working it , making it, and having it, is the tops of all traders is the best, really is the princess of the way.

    And I love Mr Chris Brown

  • Loving Mr Chris Brown and f***ing Mr Chris Brown and treasureing Mr Chris Brown.

    Well well well look out boobyoutthere is saying I got it going on, Mr Chris Browns song is the bomb, the song is dropping up like who wants to be the best ever, your sexy face and dance moves make me want to, run and run after you for ever.

    Loving Mr Chris Brown is well hot, hotter than the weather today, Lickylush is here and lapping up your new song your new style your new love.

    PLC where have I been, like you want to know, but Mr Chris Browns land home is my destination, like water and sugar and crushed ice with a strawberry and lemon all over my your tongue please baby.

  • Hello Mr Chris Brown, I love you.

    Boobyoutthere saying that if you go outside you can live outside, if you go outside you can go back inside, but if you stay in then you have to go back outside again.

    Lickylush isnt going to stay inside or outside, but is going to be out there.

    PLC is going to stay outside for a while for 5 hours, then she is going to stay inside for a while for 13 hours, daily, maybe. PLC is in love with Chris Brown, bigging up your new slow jammin song, its lovely, its my love.

    lots of love and understanding from delighted lover.

  • Boobyoutthere haveing your love.

    boobyoutthere saying that if you feel sexy then I am sex on the waiting
    list, always for you Chris brown. Kissing your hard .....

    Lickylush is really a pervert and is desperate for wanking in the corner of a dark room with Chris Brown singing strip.

    PLC is in the place to be, so where is your place Mr Chris Brown, for the sexy heart beat and eye contact, with the money .....

    Lots of love and lots of hugs.

    PS. You are magicmouth, thats your new nickname Mr Chris Brown.

  • Miss you Mr Chris Brown.

    Boobyoutthere saying heres want it is,

    Chris Brown Chris Brown
    you know your the best sound around
    Chris Brown Chris Brown
    fling down
    you know your new sound
    Chris Brown Chris Brown
    you know you wear the crown
    Chris Brown Chris Brown
    you know your CB makes
    the sound
    Chris Brown Chris Brown
    the best sound man in town
    Chris Brown Chris Brown
    ring it rang it fling it scene it
    in it with it like it brought it
    Chris Brown Chris Brown
    you know your the best sound around

    (Lickylush ft PLC)
    lots of love and happy from me.

  • I love you

    Boobyoutthere is rich.

    Lickylush is a goldigger.

    PLC is the fashion/textiles/art designer.

    Chris Brown is the Superstar Popstar man sounding off musik.

    lots of f***ing from your lover and friend.


    Boobyoutthere is saying that when paying peoples debts off, its quite, threatening and really evil.

    Lickylush is debt, she is, she always will be and shes proud of it.

    PLC is paying all her debts off one by one, isnt she the richest b****,
    in the city.

    I love you my friend to the end.
    and I want to f*** you forever everyday.