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  • Music.

    Music is live, and life is music. Without music how would I make it, music is my WORLD no human can take that away. Music, ease the hurt and pain ...ooh, and let's not forget the feelings of love. The feeling of love can be a great feeling but then love can be the worst feelings ever. When I can't express how I feel, music can. Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence.

  • Life.

    Life throws blows that you aren't really ready for. Age don't have anything to do with it. I'm 15 years old and it seems like life can't get any worse. Things aren't going the way I want them, but I just have to deal with it. Later on in life, they'll realize that what they have done to me is wrong. Every night I pray to God that things will get better cause I can't continue to live life like this. Missing family, friends and just the city. geeesh, 2016 get here already PLEASEEEE!

  • omgeeesh, that picture there is too cute.

  • That feeling <3

    That feeling you get when your with the person that matters most, the one you love a lot and you know that's the person you wanna be with. It seems like nothing can ever get in the way of your feelings. When you admit to the person you have feelings and you like them .....while thinking, they don't care but when that person responds back telling you, "I have feelings to but just not as strong as yours" making you feel like nothing else matter.

  • One Day.

    One day I plan on meeting Chris Brown and making a song with him. Simply, because I am a huge fan.

    One day in life I plan on becoming famous. Hoping it could be anytime soon so, I can support my family along with their needs, and give back.

    One day people will realize it's not all about the money, fame or fans, well to me it isn't but it's about having fun and making the best out of it.

  • :/

    hi ...............? as you can see, i'm new to this so be nice and help me out. k? thanks a lot.