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  • This is one of the best videos u shot Breezy!

  • This is one of the best videos u shot Breezy!

  • hot issue!

  • That's a small thing they can do to pay for your gr8 talent u share with 'us'-your fans! We luv u! Congratz

  • Gr8 song, really makes me believe in my inside beauty!

  • You, ur songs 'nd the thing u do complete my life! thanks 4 existin' Chris!!! You're part of my life, 'nd I consider u part of the family
    I dream to have and I don't ! love u very much.....

  • There cannot be a song which isn't gr8, if Chris is in. He makes everything perfect!

  • OMG, he's so hotttttt....I <3<3<3 him!

  • gr8 song!!!

  • In 'Don't wake me up' video, he looks dreamily. In 'Till I die' he looks funny. In 'Sweet love' he looks hot. In 'Turn up the music' he looks classic. In 'Strip' he looks nasty. In 'Next to you' he looks caring. In 'She ain't you' he looks classy. In 'Beautiful people' he looks modest. And in 'Look at me now' he looks like a real n***a. And I absolutely love him! His voice, the good-looking and, the way he dances got me completely insane after him! I love you Chris......