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  • o.m.g i knt believe im on chris brown's page!!YIKEES!!So got a gooda-gooda question for ya [Chris Brown not the fans]" What is your most inspirational thing and what is it most inspirational to Chris Brown ,the music,or what inspired you to be a singer?"So it maybe to much for this kinda page ,but i was sitting at home listening to F.A.M.E and start thinking of questions and i put a lot of them together and this is what i got

  • every since i've hrd about Chris and Aubrey a.k.a Drake i've liked him more than ever because unlike drake chris was right den nd der ready to fight no wat im sayin !I saw dat scratch on Chris chin and i was like really Aubrey like be foreal dude Chris was nice enough to dat nigga a bottle wen somebody send u sumtin dude be thankful you feel me!! Aubrey Drake Graham is a wussy he thru a bottle at Chris dude get some balls!!!! datz dha way i feel u kan argue wit me or go wit me you feel me!!