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    I went and I have his denom hat! and omg it smells so good... and p.s chris that bra was mine! :) hehe
    Loveyou xox

  • I want you to come back to Australia, But next time, come to Lismore 20 spring grove court Goonellabah and ask for Taniesha King..
    I love you so much! I'm your BIGGEST fan EVER! My room is decked out with just you! <3
    Don't Ever Forget Me, cause I have your hat from the Sydney concert. :)

  • Yeeahh boii, im goen to that concert!!! got my tickets,,,, now im just wandering if they've got back stage and VIP ticks for hiim... im goen for my birthdaaay!!! YEEAAAAYYAAA