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Chris Brown :Fine China:was one of the best videos that he made, although everything he does is amazing , Fine China is different. The song is catchy and is sure to be a number one hit i love Chris and i love this song and I love this video. i think that all Chris brown fans/lovers should watch this video because they will most definitely enjoy it <3 ;)

i love this video he was so brave but it was still stupid because they where fighting over a girl knowing that he could get any girl he wants

xox love you chros

Chris Breezy my boy I love your work, you are really amazing. Big up!!!

Chris Breezy my boy I love your work, you are really amazing. Big up!!!

I absolutely LOVE EVERYTHING that Chris Brown does. There has not been a time where I was like "Oh I don't like song or that video" because I love everything. I have never said "Oh he coulda did better" because in my eyes everything is perfect. im a dedicated fan and loyalty is what I live by.

Im so in love with this video. Chris is sweet, he didnt care about getting hurt or nothing over this girl in this video.. this is why im so in love with chris, this video just gives me the chills.. i lovee it..!

i love this song my favorite song from him is forever and now idk!!! this song is soooooo cute!!!! <3 :)

#1 Baby looooooove you the best..

thatsSOkiraa wanna go out ooops srry i cant i wish i could but im to young....

im back hope you like the movie>all arouned the wrold.