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Virginia Beach, VA - Farm Bureau Amphitheatre

Date / Time: Okt 9 2011
Venue: Farm Bureau Amphitheatre
Location: Virginia Beach, VA


5 more days and counting! Can't wait to see him perform again! Whenever Chris performs he gives it his ALL!!! WE LOVE YOU CHRIS!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT MUSIC!!!!


i love u so much chris brown i really really really really want to see u

I can't wait to see you!!!! I'm so excited I will be there:) Your music gets me through from day to day and I knew in my life time I would be going to at least one of your concerts!!

i been tryinn 2 hitt thisx cncert up, but my momma aint gettin meh no money 2 geet the tickets... ughh. i wana go sooo badd.

I wanna go

I am trying to purchase the tickets in the presale... what is the code????

IMMA B THERE 4 SURE!!! His show will leave you in awe! If you haven't seen Chris in concert -- GOOOOOO!!! He's awesome!!!!


Of course I WILL be there!

Going :D

immaaa gonna be there