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H E L P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This ain`t a storii, i just need someone`s opinion.
I`m suppose to be written & readin a poem for 8th grade graduation, & i want ya`ll to read & tell me watchu think. I appericate both positive & negative comments,if you put somethin negative, jus tell me how to improve it. here it goes..

We`ve been friends ever since elementary school.
We even continued our friendship throughout middle school.
But now, we have to separate,
We`re gradating from eight,
And going on to ninth grade, and this is where we will go our separate ways.

After all that we`ve been through together,
I`m scared that our friendship might end.
You know that they say, “people change,”
So we might not be life long friends, like we planned to be when we were ten.
But lets try to look on the bright side.
Even thought, we may not spend as much time together as we us to,
But we can still kick it after school.

I understand you have to go,
But I don`t want the reality to be so.
I guess you could say that, that`s just how life goes.
So, lets pretend that the day you leave, is a million years away.
And we gonna party like rock stars, and have a fun day.

I can`t bear the pain, of seeing you go without me.
So, this is me saying goodbye, and it`s wasn`t easy.
Just promise to remember me.