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Does anyone know a fan mailing address 4 CB? "Please&Thank you...

Me and my sister would like to know a mailing address if CB has one.
If anyone may be able to help we would really appreciate it.....
Lil Angel....


Selfish! Just plan selfish! They just don't want ya'll to know that, b/c they are prolly blowin his s*** up with "junk mail" and Chris is tired of gettin that s*** from those "females" But if I had it, I would of gave it to you, b/c I really don't need it as much as they do. HATE IT OR LOVE IT! YA'LL KNOW HOW TO REACH ME!

~Peace, JaZzY BaBy~

i think i know but i not telling

haha i do.......but i cant tell

~!*$ /\/\ii5z /\/\ii|\|dY aka C3'$ |_ii|_ $ii5 2\//\ $*!~

if anyone knows a way to contact chris the beautiful thing to do would be to give it


which management are u refuring to cocoatea18?
Stephanie Howard(LiL Angel)...

i wanna know the address too..... you can maybe call this management....

plz tll me