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Posted by Tyree Thomas


damn boi

ii qOtta stay On tOp cuz itsz tOO crOwded at da bOttOm

You look more like soulja boy...

-Yanna-Love ya Chris--GranddaddyJ-Rip-Weloveyou-
Dance forever ever-ever...

man u r really beauty....
u can be model or somethin'
I think u r the most pretty guy of dis site...

But you could try SOULJA BOY

i think this boy goes to my school... i swear. he is hot!!


kinda fine, but notta dime like chris of course

Now and later boi
(Since you so good to me)
Like a cherry flavor, life-saver (My life-saver)
Please don't ever leave
Now and later boi
Now and later, my candy boi
I get stingy when it comes to you
Baby, I want you all for myself.

princess chel

princess chel

got 2 get to u

Yuu Look Like That Breh In Dubplate Drama. Duno His Name Tho