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Yall said dat dis website wuz gettin a upgrade but yall aint say nuthin bout takin out da fanfictiom or no mess like dat yea yall put in a whole bunch of new stuff but we cant see no repliez and nobody can run anybodyz storiez who eva is da webmaster need ta fix dis mess cuz me and a whole bunch of otha folkz id gettin pissed yall should've just kept da old 1 if all dis mess wuz gonna happen


tru say tru say...i argee...all dem gudd stories i waz readin is all gone!! and this page is gudd and all but we need to view dem replies dat ppl send..i runned so many storiesz on this new website thig...and none of dem ladiesz has seen dem repliesz bcuz WE DONT KNOW HOW TO FRIKEN VIEW DEM...and i am startin to get reall madd cuz we cant...and i agree with u on da thought...if ya'll were gonna mess it up then ya'll shhould of just kept the old who ever the webmaster iz atleast post it up somewhere on how 2 view them replies PLZ

yea i kinda agree.. i think that chris brown should reply when we write on this website... we are his fans and we be the one that is supportin him... he shold at least show us that he cares !!
mrs brown!

Dats wot I'm sayin, i want 2 read sum stories.

A Ricketts