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Did Nebody find out how to view the replies?

if so can you make a new topic post and list the directions cuz im so confused!
If so can it be in the Fan Fic forum?
Plz somebody help me!
I`m bout to die without Lana stories!
I`m so bored right now!



I KNOW!!! I needd to read LANA stories 2!!! go to my new page name thingy, tou can post ur stories here,,,,, and I wanna know how to view replies.

u aint never lyed gurl im about to dye with out fly's storie's and ray i swear that made me cry when he changed the whole damn thing.


I can't believe all of the stories got deleted.....did they? lol


lol. I know, I can't see them either
Such a f***`n Bape Star
Sunny B.k.a Lil Rihanna