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chris's becoming of age

im sorry 2 say but chris is grown now. dont u rememba da days when he was jus sixteen it wasn't 2 long ago. now hes grown and we gurls wonder is he styll gonna be da same chris dat we use 2 luv. welll...i realli and truly believe dat chris wont ever change. even doe he is 18 hes styll as fly as he was when he was 16.


man yall asses finna make me cry talkin all this emotional messages about chris from a boy to a man yall know im sensitive! lol

yeah he gone from a boy to a man.. seems to be the same as normal.. You can change your appearance but not the person you are.. ya feel me!!..

Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..

Thats so true,
as an artist he HAS to change.
Hes getting older and wants to talk/sing about women and growing up.
but hes still OUR little boy from virginia.
i think him growing up is even better,
cause every year as everyone knows he has a birthday, and so do we
like he says all the time,
we are all growing up together :)

but as of now,
he is not changing/going anywhere!



Chris seems the same to me exept one thing is different he's a lil bit more of a man now.And I notice him now too at first I was stuck on omarion but omarion got kind of boring,then I started to notice chris,he's fun to be around rather than omarion.Chris is still going to be the country boy,basketball player,outgoing,sweet,smiling,kiddy,humorous,momma boy,and man.Him being a man now is something that no one has control over.everybody gots too grow up.Chris is the type of person that he refuse for anybody to change him.
alicia smith

as a artist chris will change because he's getting older but as far as personality nope not a chance!
alicia smith

i agree wit da princess of hip hop. hiz songs nd styles will change as his age changes, and da style of all musiq will change after a while.


Yes, he is 18. He might not change but his songs are going to change. Who want to hear a 18 years sing about kiddie stuff? I mean, his songs have to mature u kno. Wat songs will he make when he 21? Another kiddie song? Sum folks don't understand dat he is gettin older.
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DiANNY (Twin)

i liked him most better when he was young inocent cute and stuff it just seemed better

yea, even if he do change im still gonna luv him 4eva. nd from wat i hear n da interviews nd things, he sounds just da same as he used to.


yupp well naturally hes more mature now..its been 2 years even though it hasnt felt like that long. the thing about him is that he grows with his fans. like you know how young artists come out and you know them as being a certain way..and then they just change <strong>completely</strong>before you know it? its not like that with him.

~mizz unique~

I really miss him being 16. But I don't think dat he is ever gonna change. He still has the same personality that he did when he was 16.

nah i doubt he'll change. He said he's always gonna be who he is and won't ever change. And he's a fun kid from viginia. Ain't nothing gonna change him.

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yeh haha i miss him being 16 its funny because today i was thinking as he grows is he still going to have that bubbly personality you know ? but his prissy boy from virginia bubbly personaility is part of him so yup yuppp
- - love chris with P A S S I O N ** <33