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Sexci As Hell



yo u is sexy yo u look like omarion!!

ya eyes just pull me in muahsz

well i was all about if you do not look a bit look chris brown than you do not need to be on here. but i do not care with you. you are tooooo fine. i would love to chat with you and get to know you better. email me okay

shaquita andrews

I may not know him but b**** u got life f*** up this boy aint neva ugly

damn baby u look good az hell on dis pic s***ttt

CUTE. LOVIN THOSE EYES. u kinda lookin like

u girls dat siad he is ugly u guys r crazy. u clearly dont know wat cute is.

you is sexci as hell i would like to be da gurl who is wit u damn!
so sexy

boy you is ugly and get a life go buy one at the dollar store they lasts for 5 minutes that will be yur first life wow

Mz.Brown got da goodies on lockk for Chris

Damn boi!u look gud but u aint C.B.