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I'm trying this again b/c no one really came the first time so......

4 tha prom thing just spread the word :points down @ the invitation

~~~~~~~~~~ You Are All INVITED!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~

Hey yall this is Christina and I would like to invite you to our first prom strictly for the CBMB family. I know afew of us have been split up because Webbie isn't allowing us to post anymore on the old boards so I would like to unite us again by having prom.

Host: Christina and Monika (`Quiet storm keep it on tha hush)

Where: (When you go on there click on the big banner up top to get to the Message boards then click Prom!!!!! and you'll be there)

What: CBMB prom

Who: Everyone in the CBMB family

When: July 7th 2007 (Saturday)

Time: Starts at 7:30 pm (Eastern time)

Make sure you have your date,outfit for both you and your date, jewerly (optional), car that your going to drive in when you arrive, hair style, shoes or any other accesories that you like, like perfume, purses etc..
The dates that are already taken are J.Holiday and CJ.

When you get to the message boards for the Prom you first go to *Pull Up Front (The first official post for prom)* then you enter the next post but not the prom setup one.

Note: We need a DJ so if anyone would like to volunteer please log on to and go into PROM!!! and leave a message in "Prom Setup" Hope I see you there :-D

If this don't work this time we'll juss have a sleepover LOL


If you're going to the prom then post your date in the "Off Topic" Section their is a post where you can say what your date is.

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Love all of my friends like brothers and sisters.