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feedback for chris b.

I dont know if this message is going to be read by chris or not but I feel like he needs to hear it (even though it might not be the best thing for the fans.) I've been watching chris brown interviews on you tube lately and one question keeps coming up is "so Chris, are you dating anyone?" and he has the same sweet answer "no because I dont want to upset my female fans." Even though I absolutely love him and it is killing me to type this, I think that if you truly like someone, other people shouldn't get in your way of continuing to like that person or becoming public about it. Even if that means people would judge you and get upset. If his fans were true fans, then they would let him be with who ever he wants because he definetely deserves it. Chris, you got mad love here in Toronto!!!!!!



My daughter & I flew from New Hampshire to Phoenix to attend a Chris Brown concert at a total cost of over $1,000.

I wanted to take this opportunity to convey to you my extreme dissatisfaction and frustration with our recent experience while attending the Chris Brown concert at your Phoenix facility. We went to great lengths and expense to attend this event, only to discover that the tickets that we purchased consisted of a COMPLETELY OBSTRUCTED VIEW (with the exception of backstage activity) and the poor acoustics made it entirely impossible to hear A SINGLE WORD OF A SONG. When seated in our assigned seats, we have a clear view of the speakers and staging. From these seats we were unable to observe the front stage area and unable to ascertain who might be performing. Due to the echo, we were also unable to decipher a single word from a single song. When I spoke to the usher about our dissatisfaction with our seating arrangement, he suggested I attempt to “fill in” an empty seat on the lower level. When my daughter and I attempted to do so, I was accosted by one of your “marine-like” bouncers who refused to allow us to occupy a vacant seat on the floor, and physically grabbed me by the arm and escorted upstairs to our seats. This is completely unacceptable treatment for paying customers. We should be reimbursed the cost of the tickets !!