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chris brown's background ( ethnicity and sister's name)

what is chris's sister's name? its killing me not knowing!!! i would really appreciate it if someone told me. also, can someone tell me chris's ethnicity? i am getting so many different answers so i dont truly know. thanks!


Haha, i kan tell you exactly what he is, he's RUTHLESS,ONE OF A KIND & f***ENN BOMB<3. end of story lol

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there are a lot of products on sale. Which one is better for 48 years old mom? Handbag,glasses or biniki? Please help.

a Christmas gift for my father, which one is better? ...
there are a lot of products on sale. Which one is better for 48 years old mom? Handbag,glasses or biniki? Please help.

i live in virginia not far from where chris use to live and his mom gets her hair done at my aunts shop his mom is half white half black his father is black and super tall so chris is black in my opinion

dis dude got a sista huuhhhhhh?

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Chris' mom is white and his dad is black. that's correct and yeh his sisters nickname is Tootie but her name is Lytrell

Tootie is his sister and Chris is mixed with black,white,and native american.

chris brown sister name is tootie

ooooo ... dis topic is OLD, im gettin dat sense of de ja vu nd not in da gud beyonce way, in da nasty 'been here, heard dis type of way' ... no offence
... lol ppl always tink its ok to say rude ish as long as u say no offence ... lyk 'yo ass is flat, box-shaped, squeezin-outta-dem-jeans-tryna-get-sum-air nasty, stop buyin yo jeans in children's sizes... no offence' n dats ok ...
*tinks back on da good days* LMFAO ... dis topic was calld 'is CB black?' ... dis is sad, da board is so borin im laffin at da memory of another post ... daym =(

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Chris Brown's sister's name is tootie
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his sister is light-skinned and they do look alike.

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chris's sister's name is Lytrell

He may be mixed somewhere down the line. But overall I think he's black. Cause a black person can be dark or light skinned. And each culture has a way that they talk. And don't ya'll think he talks black? I think his daddy all black. But I don't know if his mama all black or mixed. If she mixed the Chris is still overall black. And his sister s darker than him. So I'mma just say he black.

yeahh I'm pretty sure his mom is mixed, bc her side of the family is really light and they could be mixed with white, and his dad is probably just african-american. But that's a good quesion to ask in any fan-based interviews with him.

i saw a pikkc of his sister she looksz like a baby she 18 i think they look nuttin alike...

well i think he all black(just light skinned) and on Access Granted on Gimme That they showed his sister and nephew. and her name is Lytrell Bundy.

Okay,what does it matter?Chris is just Black.We should quit trying to figure out specifically his family heritege in which race was mixed with the other one.Who cares???If he was Puerto Rican,Dominican,Jamaican,which he is not,then he would have said so.If he says nothing he is just Afro-American.That is it.I know for a fact people.

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LMAO! I remember when people were saying he's half japanese.

I don't even know where that came from.

To be honest, I don't know his ethnicity so I'm not going to assume anything.

I'd rather not attach any kind of ethnicity and just see him as American.

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iluvdj2,I was saying his nationality is American.His ethnicity is African-American.He is just African-American thatz all.His mom is mixed with Black and White.People are saying he is Hispanic but he is not.He is more Black then white so therefore he is just Black.If you could just tell by looking at his parents then why ask the question?If you look at them you will know who his parents are.Overall,he is just Black.If his mom is mixed it doesn't mean he is mixed,he just has a little bit of something else in his blood.Who cares if he is Irish,Scottish,or German,he doesn't bring us the details,we don't need to know.I already know what his background is.And though he has a little bit of a different race in him,he is still considered Black.Ya get it?

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money child i dont really get what your saying because your like "well he is plain african-american and his mom is mixed and his dad is just african-american" if his mom is mixed then he is a little bit mixed to. he cant just be african american. i think his mom look like shes half black half white. i can't tell though. i'm not an expert on ethnicities so yeah just my opinion.

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Chris is just plain African-American.His mom is mixed and his dad is just plain African American.He is not Hispanic period.If he was anything other than African American don't you think it would be in his biography like other people?Rihanna is not just Bajan.Her mom is Guyanese and her dad is half Irish and Black.Chris can't be hispanic cause his last name and first name is English.Joyce Hawkins is English.Clinton Brown is English.He is not Latino whatsoever.People say he is Latino because he is light-skinned and think he is Mexican for stupid reasons.That is ignorance.People think that way about other light-skinned Blacks.He is just Black.

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his sister's name is lytell Bundy, she's 26 and has a son named desean who is 3 and a half....who is also chris's nephew,
not sure wat his ethnicity is tho

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I agree with Asia..he could be hispanic lol his mom does look VERY dominican. like she could pass as a Santo any day. Idk..*sratches head* I highly doubt he's just plain african american. HIGHLY

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theres a pic of chris's sister on my page

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Chris Brown's sister's name is tootie.And Chris is obviously African American.His momma is mixed and his dad is Black.he is not Hispanic or nothing.Just plain ole African American thatz all.

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look i aint totally country, i'm puerto rican and black and dont know a lick of spanish. i heard he was dominican or jamaican or something. i found out one time like two years ago, i wish i could remember, but i cant at all, it was on something i saw on mtv. it was in an interview about being black, and it was with sway. if i remember correctly, sway interviwed maybe two other people too. um if it still exists, waste your time finding it. :)

All u haterz can hate if u want to but u wastin your time.

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only scooter is signed to his record label, him and myles just real close and his sis name is lytrell but they call her tootie, have no idea what his ethnicity is

To Fan, those 2 lil boys are from chris' record label and they are real close... he practices dance with them and teaches them moves. the one with the long hair is scooter and the one with the short hair is myles. scooter is a rapper, but he dances too! how talented... xxx

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