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what do you think of a Chris Brown Perfume!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Name---------------------- YOUNG LOVE

hate me or love me..............personally ....... i don't care!!!!!!!!!!!!


if he did i would help him
i kno wut girl like lol

My Bwestie is Christopher Maurice Brown.
Thats what i wanna be able to Say

ii w0uld buy 3m
cuz ii l0v3 anything
dat sm3ll g00d...if yall
n3w m3 yall c0uld g0 sh0ppin
in my r00m..datz h0w much
p3rfum3 & stuff ii g0t
s0o00 ii w0uld buy a l0t
0f chris br0wn p3rfum3
Chris Br33zy Wif3y4lif3y 3xclusiv3ly
Ladii Glam0ur Sparkl3z

i would defenetly buy it i would have at least 10 cases 4 just in case lol

Mz.br33zy19 is #1

hahaha i would be da first one to buy it

it would be call

"the sexiest nigga who ever walked dis earth"


- winn dizzle

haha i would buy that. only it should be called "this is what sexy men smell like" haha

I [like] Chris Brown.
I LOVE Christopher Maurice Brown

I would but it it should be called "Brown Sugar"

" If I need it in the mornin or the middle of the night. I aint 2 proud 2 beg. If the lovin is strong then he got it goin on and I aint 2 proud 2 beg. 2 inches or a yard, rock hard or if its saggin I aint 2 proud 2 beg.So it aint like Im braggin just join

That would be ill. A CB fragrance line. Matic!
I'd defnitly stack up. It's either, Exclusive, Just Fine, Kiss Kiss. The name wld have to be Smoking. What about the shape o the bottle? Shaped like a sexy hunk, just like Chris. Damn, the shelves wld be empty!!!

♥♪♥♪♥Ever Since I Saw Him♥♪♥♪♥
♥♪♥♪♥Nothing's Been the Same♥♪♥♪♥
♥♪♥♪♥Now He Got Me♥♪♥♪♥
♥♪♥♪♥Putting Hearts Around His Name♥♪♥♪♥

i would definetely buy it!


Yhh dat Would Be Gud
I Would By it
Name: Kiss Kiss or V.I.P lol

That would be sickkk!
Would deffo buy it.
It would probably be aftershave though, not perfume.
Oh well, theres no harm in smelling manly, lol!

"Since we ain't 21, they be trying to say it ain't love
'Cause we can't hit the clubs, they be trying to say we too young
I ain't saying that we trying to be grown, I'm just saying that we old enough to know
We got that young love, young love"

when did it come out? where can you get it sounds nice!

Love isnt a matter of counting the years its making the years count

Nice.. what about
NAME: Sassy Tempo (Gimme Dat) lmao.. nah i just like that line
♫▪♥▫..Ur Girl..Miss Harlem..▫♥▪♫
♪▪▫...L♥ved By Many, Desired By All...▫▪♪
♫▪▫...I Dont Cheat Death, I Master It...▫▪♫

yea dat would cool i wuld get it

yeah love the comment............. i just love the idea of the title being YOUNG LOVE as the perfume will be targeting the young generation

yeah, thats a good idea. i would buy it. but i don't think the name should be young love. it's still a really good idea tho

thanks for your comments.......

umm that would b kiinda wiierd

mecca aka $h@nn@3