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Damn..I hate this. I really do!

This really hurt me. I try and try to be a nice family member, but what do I get in return?..PAIN! This is my little cousin,yall. I treat her nice. I mean, So nice. I let her use my computer, but wanna take advanage of me. I brought her something to eat when she didn't have no damn money to feed her face. I gave her money. I did every damn thang a big cousin suppose to do! She lie on me and her damn momma believe it. She just so...ugh. IDK wassup with her but she betta get her life together cuz in the real world ain't no body showin mercy. I cry my eyes out because I wonder why the hell do they treat me this way? Why do they treat my mama like this and she did all she can when they needed something? I cry,yall. I know blood thicker than water, but sometimes u can't help family members. I hate this feelin,mane. She made my life a livin hell. AND NOW I CAN'T EVEN TALK TO MY BOYFRIEND! She lied on me sayin I had sex with him in the bathroom. NO! How the hell two virgins goin to do it in the bathroom in 5 fucin seconds? NAh,boo, takes more time than that! OMG! Yall just dnt know how hurt I am. I really love this boy, but my family is in the way. I can't sleep right now because i'm so stress about this and that. Anybody can help me? I truly love this boy. I really do. I wanna cry right now, but I'm goin to hold it in...I hate that i'm here. Sometimes I wish I just killed myself when I was little.