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Which couple Fits? Nominees: Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Rihanna, Ciara, Me, You, Yung Berg

Tell me which Two names, make a good fit. Plase Vote For me!! Too ashamed to say email me at


im 4m jamaica ! no im lieing but who cares !
Nicky J

i think bow wow and rihana and ciara and herself while Chris ... wait a minute my name aint
there ! so chris cant b matched up wit no 1 ! c when my names up there put 50 's 2
lol im kidding but chris goes wit who chris wants ! lol

Nicky J

a da chris n me who else would ya think.............dis b wifey
Holl@ at uR gUrL L@d!3 Br3zzy d@ 1 n onl!


I think, Chris and me fit, cause im an American girl lol

am Chris gets to choose this one for

yea i agree with everyone else ME and Chris lol..

98% of U Are Bringing Sexy Back
Im Part of the 2% That Neva Left

actually i think the best couple would most definely chris and myself hands down.

Alae.......... wat island i u from???????????????????

me n chris brown who wouldnt say dat

I think, Chris and me fit, cause im an island girl