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Ever wonder why ?????????????????

Chris doesn't have a dance school???????????????????

and he can dance so well .... maybe that may be another thing on his to-do


he would be teachin......... he will of course pop in occasionally.......... he may only have the school when he the year 4090

i would only go if he himself was teachin the classes

Baby i'm a winner, didn't even take me twelve rounds to do it, got the tittle now, he gonna tell the whole world, to give it up for his girl(dats me, just in case you ain't no)

yea me too.... i would go................or would i.??????????????/ nah.. cause i live in Trinidad

He probalt to busy to build a skool! but if did have one I would go!
Hay Hay!!! {Tyler} is the real princess!! Catch me on"My super sweet sixteen!"