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Chris Brown on BET's Spring Bling!

<p>Just confirmed, Chris will be joining Nicki Minaj and Trey Songz this year at BET’s Spring Bling, airing on BET, April 10-13. Tune in to see Chris kill it in Florida!</p>

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  • I missed this!!! D=
    by CBFan2011 on jan 9, 2011 de31 2:02de
  • Christopher Maurice Brown! This is the idol of Chauana ... This girl is completely in love with you! these are some words spoken by her: "Just thinking about you My heart accelerates ja, I love you too I'm your number one fan can not stand even a day without listen to your voice when I'm sad your music comforts me, wanted to have you here next to me, does it too much to ask but I know one day I will fulfill my dream because it can be difficult but not impossible, all I feel for you and all you mean to me is summed up in three words I LOVE YOU and nothing and no one will change...
    by Nathygds on szep 9, 2010 de30 11:11de
  • omg! i cnt wait i know he is going to put on a great performance cuz come one were talkin bout chris brown here lol im so glad he is whats going to make the show worth watching(at least thts what i think lol) this years spring bling is going to be the best now :) <3
    by s-brinkley on júl 1, 2010 du31 10:10du
  • Chris Brown gave a great performance last night on the BET Awards. He apologize to us for the mistake he made with his ex-girl. I think he has learned from his mistake and now can go forward, As long as he asked for God's forgivenes that is all that really matters. I truly believe that when you are dealing with a person with a sharp tongue, you need to walk away otherwise they will become trouble. It's not worth it and they are replaceable!! I hope this has made him wiser, stronger and more confident. He has so much great talent to share with the world. Look forward to seeing more...
    by Lorrie on jún 28, 2010 du30 5:05du
  • That preformance had everybody in my house dancin.Chris is gettin better & better now.
    by JPTJ on jún 20, 2010 de30 8:08de
  • that was the best performance on spring bling. i luv u and i cant wait to hear new songs from u. u were the only reason i wuz watching spring bling. i luv ur new songs DEUCES and NO BULL. I have both of ur mixtapes and its a beast.
    by yeye on jún 17, 2010 du30 5:05du
    by MIZZ_CB_WIFEY on jún 15, 2010 du30 12:12du
  • I saw video, just incredible continue! Now, the radio in France, turn your songs ;)
    by DavidBreezy-Frensh on jún 4, 2010 du30 2:02du
  • one word.... KILLER COMBINATION... HOTTTTTTT!!!!! it dont get any better than this whoop whoop. k, jus a q: Chris en Trey BROTHERS??????????? ITS TRUE..
    by zandile on máj 28, 2010 de31 5:05de
  • hi chris looks like noodles was a song I did with just one look I fell in love I want more I do not know how it comes and say what I feel confusing to not know what I do. my friend says she already has a boyfriend others say it more for her maiden and I do everything I can and it's my life, my everything when I look at it I see me and her together on a sunny afternoon on the waterfront. you and I form a perfect pair you and I form a perfect pair I fell for you as it could have happened that with just one look Tues mi love I think it was fate that wanted it that way and now know what...
    by Isaias Rodrigue... on máj 26, 2010 de31 12:12de