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Congratulations to Chris for Winning AOL's Fandemonium Award!

In addition to killing it with his emotional MJ tribute at the BET Awards, Chris also won AOL's Fandemonium Award. Leave some love and congratulations for Chris right here in the comments.

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  • I am sooo proud of Chris!! This shows how much your fans love and will always support you!! And also he did such an amazing tribute to Michael and had me in tears! No one will ever forget that! I love you CHRIS and always will!!
    by LadiieDimplezz on jún 29, 2010 du30 11:11du
  • this proved to all the haters that he still has loyal fans and that he should be forgiven and we all should move on. He has undeniable talent and he deserves to come back and be the great artist we know he can be ...AGAIN :)
    by mmcb2011 on jún 29, 2010 du30 10:10du
  • Hey my favorite artiste..Way to go Chris..Congrats and u do deserve it..Must say welcome back too..missed u..missed your great performance...You will always have my support...when i saw your performance i was screaming all the time..I think i screamed myself to sleep..Congrats once again..Love Yah
    by donloc on jún 29, 2010 du30 10:10du
  • I Swear Chris Brown Got What He Desrevd At The End When He Got His Fandemonium Award He Got A Standinqq Obation Nd Chris I Want To Let You Knw Yhu Neva Let Me Down Imma True Fan :D
    by Jay-Moore 16 on jún 29, 2010 du30 8:08du
  • Hey, Mr. Brown I'm so proud of you. keep up the good work. Congratulation on the aol fandemonium award. looking forward to seeing and hearing more of your great talent. love from NYC.
    by melodies on jún 29, 2010 du30 8:08du
  • ..congratulations on winninq the aol fandemonium award...istayed up votinq for yu at night♥ ithought yu did amazinq on yur tribute of {mj}...ithought yu left yur heart on the stage&&yu put yur heart in everything that yu did.&&yur break down on man in the mirror made me cry...isat there lookinq at yu over&over again that night&cryinq over&over because of yur performance♥sum people would say yu were planninq to cry when yu got up there..but iknew it wasx from yur heart♥...yu are back to stay&&ihope to see yu tour in memphisx!! love♥ ♥tia roberson♥
    by mrsx.brown on jún 29, 2010 du30 7:07du
  • CONGRATS CB!!! Michigan has much love for you and we are looking forward to more new songs, movies, etc. from you! BACK TO WORK!!!!!
    by rfrazier198 on jún 29, 2010 du30 7:07du
  • I so enjoyed your performance on the award show. You were great!! You brought out that same joy I received when I saw Michael on stage. It brought a smile to my face and love in my heart. YOU ARE LOVED!!! Please let the punishment be over. You are a rare talent and should not be kept back but seen and heard from everyone. DO NOT GIVE UP!!! I will always support you by watching your videos, listening to your music, buying your CD's and spreading the word to all that you are good, YOU ARE REAL GOOD!! Thank you for not going away but standing up like the man you are. BLESS YOU...
    by staystrong on jún 29, 2010 du30 6:06du
  • The uniqueness about you Chris is that you have a gift. Please never ever let frame, recreate you, to be nothing less than what God given you and made you. I understand how your life changed within a second. I AM A MJ FAN I WAS BORN FROM WHERE HE CAME FROM. I UNDERSTAND THIS, HE WORKED HARD AND HE SPEND TIME AND INVESTED IN HIM SELF. INVEST IN HIS ART. YOU, CAN LEANRED FROM THAT, YOUR DANCE YOUR LOOKS YOU SPIRIT YOUR SOUL THESE THINGS MATTER. GOD MADE EVERTHING GOOD AND MAN can be dangerous. If you have learned anything protect your self. I WILL PRAY FOR YOU AND I HOPE YOU WILL REMAIN FOCUS...
    by pjrm3 on jún 29, 2010 du30 4:04du
  • I am so proud of you Chris. Im glad that you won that award and that everyone finally let you make a tribute to your idol. That was the best mj tribute Ever. I cried during your whole perfomance. I want you to know that I never left your side, And f*** everybody who had something negative to say about you. I am a Chris Brown fan tell the end. I love you Chris.
    by bigbootyjuty on jún 29, 2010 du30 4:04du