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Congratulations to Chris for Winning AOL's Fandemonium Award!

In addition to killing it with his emotional MJ tribute at the BET Awards, Chris also won AOL's Fandemonium Award. Leave some love and congratulations for Chris right here in the comments.

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  • chris im so happy u won. i voted 4 u. u killed that performance at the bet awards. and i voted 4 ur 2 music videos DEUCES and NO BULL. dont worry u will come back stronger and better this year. i luv u please come to charlotte north carolina at the verizon wireless ampitheatre. i promise u ur concert will b sold out. everyone will come out to c u!
    by yeye on jún 29, 2010 du30 3:03du
  • Great job Chris, and Welcome Back! You re a great talent, the kind of talent that comes only from GOD. Just remember who you are and don't change to fit in. Our young people need to see real talent and hear good music. I will be praying for you, like I would pray for my own son. I was a big fan of MJ when I was young, I am glad to see my kids have a wonderful talent to watch. Don't give up! PS. How can your fans help, to hear more of your new music on the radio?
    by kuphurch6@hotma... on jún 29, 2010 du30 3:03du
  • I knew it,you are the best always.Congratulations.MJ's Tribute was so good that i can't describe.I enjoyed in your dancing...You are one very emotional person. I must say that it isn't hard to cry with you. . . All the best !!!
    by Covi on jún 29, 2010 du30 1:01du
  • Congratulations! on the award and even more so for the absolute BEST Michael Jackson Tribute I have ever laid my eyes on. I must say I was already touched by the performance and your emotions sent me over the top. I have always been a fan and your music and talents should be whats important you are a very talented young man and you will soar from here on out leave the negative behind and forgive yourself first and foremost and you will be just fine. As you can see from winning the fandomnium your true fans are still down with that said Please accept my cyber HUG much love and success to you...
    by maipayne on jún 29, 2010 du30 1:01du
  • i knew that he he could do it... that's why the BET PICKED HIM TO DO IT,,, that was touching when he started to cry because u don't see that many black men cry at ALL so for him not to be scared about what they say about him made me love him even more... People might say what every about CHRIS BROWN but he just let all his anger come out in his performance that's why he killed it a no one believed in him!! I LOVE U CHRIS BROWN
    by mylovee15 on jún 29, 2010 du30 1:01du
  • Im sooooo happy for you!!! I knew that you were goin to win because i had voted for you many times, just to make sure that you won. And you did!! You have alot of fans and alot of people that still support you. No matter what, including me!! Congrats Chris!! you have worked really hard for that award. And by you winning that award it tells and shows that fans do care!! Also it tells all those haters that you cannot be stop. Continue to work hard as usually. And never,ever give up!! You are an awsome person and i look up to you all the way, because you have taught me that no matter what you...
    by Mrs.BrezzyBabi on jún 29, 2010 du30 12:12du
  • Good Job Chris, when u went to get your award, u said "I let my fans down and I wont do it again", hopefully your fans wont let you down again. MUCH LOVE
    by TayTay618 on jún 29, 2010 du30 12:12du
  • Yes Congrats and Chris I always believed in u and u are the best! I voted for u in the fandemonium and ur MJ tribute! Hope U get some fans back but i know u got ur fans already b/c ur fans always believed in u!
    by Chrisbrwn43v3rfan on jún 29, 2010 du30 12:12du
  • P.S. Any real Chris Brown fan will never give you up. We are your #1 supporters WE LOOOOVE YOU!!!!
    by My boi Breezy on jún 29, 2010 du30 12:12du
  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy you won Chris, you deserve it :D A lot of people say that Justin Bieber is the next Chris Brown ,but that will never happen there will only be one CHRIS BROWN! I LOVE YOU BREEZY! MUCH LOVE :)
    by My boi Breezy on jún 29, 2010 du30 12:12du