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Usher Vs. Chris Brown in a Friendly Dance Battle [VIDEO]

At Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica, Chris and Usher found themselves in a friendly dance battle. Check out the video below and pick a winner.

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  • i saw this video and both of them did there thing but i like chris brown better
    by Sherbet on máj 17, 2011 du31 8:08du
  • well chris brow was doin his thing and so was usher,but my baby chris won this one
    by anjolique on okt 5, 2010 du31 7:07du
  • I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee chris brown...he's so freaking cute......He absoulately WON this compettion!!!...and IM his #1 FAN!
    by tanna23 on szep 21, 2010 du30 2:02du
  • i luv this song
    by BOSSY93 on szep 9, 2010 du30 1:01du
  • Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance 2 c the video, but I'm sure it was fly. Usher can dance & Chris can dance his butt off! That's good that they're friends & that Chris is enjoying himself. Best of everything Chris. U deserve to enjoy the talents GOD clearly gave u. Eventually find JESUS Christ, U know HIM.
    by MsFunn on aug 26, 2010 du31 3:03du
  • ddnt gt 2 c d video bt i knw dat u ar a born number 1 dancer- Chris i say dis frm ma heart, PLIZ SING GOSPEL, i knw u love God n He loves u too n u gotta show Him dat u really love Him by making music 4 Him- ul change n impact lot of lives espcialy d youths ur fans Chris- i love u sir n um patiently waiting 4 ur gospel ulbum
    by papie on aug 13, 2010 de31 9:09de
  • i thinx chris CLEARLY 1!!!!!!!!!!!
    by Mrs.ChrisBrown2010 on aug 12, 2010 du31 1:01du
  • even though i didnt get 2 c da video i know my baby did a good job. when r u going on tour in the US we miss u. plz come 2 charlotte north carolina at the verizon wireless ampitheatre. luv u
    by yeye on aug 11, 2010 du31 6:06du
  • I love this one nice video .
    by on aug 7, 2010 du31 8:08du
  • I Just luv how he just has fun when he is dancing, he does not take it as a real competetion.WE NEED MORE CELEBRITIES LIKE THIS NOW AND DAYZ!
    by Smartgirl254 on aug 6, 2010 de31 9:09de