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soooo.....2 questions: 1: how do i get chris brown's fan email address n 2: i kinda like this dude whose name is chris (not chris brown, his last name is blackwell) n ive liked him since moved here my freshman yr in high school (last year) n its always awkward whenever i try to talk to him but i want to talk to him cuz i like him a lot i jus dont want it to be awkward sooo....wat do i do??


oh ok thanx ima try it! n i kno his fan email address it n how do i post other pics on this thing cuz every time i try to add one it changes to my profile pic...

aww you have to hate the awkwards ones...
I guess you just need to calm yoself... find a common interest you can talk about..
that way you know what your talking about and you feel confident in talking about it..

dont force yourself on to him.. because he may retaliate and you end up hurt..

as for Chris's fan email Address.. I didnt even know he had one... i only know of his SayNow voice mail, Twitter, and Mechanical Dummy as his official blog site.