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TOP NBA: Sperling is to find a buyer for local Hornets

The man chosen by the NBA after the Hornets to oversee the resumption of league franchise, said Tuesday that his mission is to make the club more attractive to a buyer who would keep the team in New Orleans. <a href=>cheap authentic nfl jerseys</a>

Jac Sperling traveled to New Orleans to begin his role as director of the NBA for what will be the first team in the league after the NBA Board of Governors approved the purchase, expected in the coming weeks . <a href=>nfl jerseys throwback classic</a>

Sperling, a lawyer for the sport who is also vice president of the NHL's Minnesota Wild, born and raised in New Orleans. It was named by NBA Commissioner David Stern.

"I grew up here. (Stern) asked me to help,&quot; said Sperling. " Read what you like, but I think the commissioner has been very positive about this city back to when the team won in 2002 (after moving the support team from Oklahoma City) after Katrina ... and the award of the 2008 All-Star Game. <a href=>mlb jerseys</a>

"We're in a difficult spot, yes, but I think his selection of me is a further indication of what is in his mind. He wants to try to make this asset more attractive so perhaps a local buyer will step up." <a href=>nba jerseys</a>

Sperling said there is no rush to sell the club and one of his first orders of business will be to see whether revenue streams from ticket sales, sponsorships and the government inducements can be enhanced. <a href=>nhl jerseys</a>

He said it would be unwise "to go to try to find a buyer today, when the asset is not working at its best."

Sperling said the resumption of the NBA should be considered a positive development <a href=>michael vick jerseys</a> in terms of the team's ability to compete in the field.