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would you please do me a favor

Chris you must be tired of people asking you for favors such as your fans maybe family i'm just sorry i'm one of them right now no one knows how hard it is to please a person who thinks your just a singer and not so much of a person i just really need you to do me a huge favor its not going to be easy be easy to say yes but please think about it before you say no would you please do something very charitable for my school and hopefully you could contact Cali Swag District for me this seems so impossible but i really need to prove to my school that i really can make a change this is so stupid for me to ask on the net and not in person but i'm really desperate i don't even know if this is a real site and i'm here begging you to come to my school party in march please if this is your site contact me at
if you contact me i can tell you my school name we cant give you money for pay or anything but i really need your help and enforce my culture of fun in this school, please could you maybe contact Bow Wow for me its not easy to reach you artists but i'm trying and praying and hoping for a positive response to my need please by my guardian angel and help me in my situation please i beg of you help me please love Jhype