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Look for the sunshine

I looked up at the sky, I hope to see <a href="">links</a> the sunshine, however, see a gray sky, no mystery cloud, I look to the earth, and hopes to see bow to life, however, without shining links of london jewellery, saw the land was desolate, open not angry. The world is all the haze. Nobody knows I hope to see the day, also not understand my eyes mood now.
No clear sky, because the monsoon season <a href="">links of london</a> begins. The continuous rain next, one build what did not build down, let a person feel more depressing, and air pervaded the damp, mildew smell. Intermittent rain was not to like candy children, links of london rain dance, one build what did not build to the earth mother cry recounting, getting stopped crying, don't cry, continue to coax. Because greed, plum or continued. This day is inevitable.
My life is often faces many of the rainy season, all my dream of happiness at the moment, I am only by looking for happiness, however, the <a href="">friendship bracelets</a> bird by the wings, links of london heart charm, then how hard to no avail, waving wings to only looking at the clouded sky, stop this senseless, never break not the falling nets, never find happiness.
The rainy season in my life, there's too much, happiness is always dream shattered, heart is filled with nowhere to the bitter, if my heart into the bitter water, pouring down all the more good, but in reality, did not allow me to vent, did not allow <a href="">links of london friendship bracelet</a> me to bitterness, nobody listen, nobody will know, but accumulated in my heart is formed gloomy climate, can not see the sun, only the gray sky and often appear in the rainy season, I was always the only find happiness of bird.
Miss goodbye long-unseen sunshine, want to let oneself in the dazzling sun, want to bask in the gloomy mood, want oneself to <a href="">two hearts charm-red</a> the sun, links London silver jewelry, inside the sunny sky bask in gray. So I wait, wait, wait for me, wait for sun happiness miracle.
No one knows in between is gone, and tonight, I stood looking at the river, the river, the time for the lonely again spread my breath after midnight. Clearly, the wind on silent agitated. This is a picture of the scenery, links london Flip Flop 3-Flowers Charm, rare flowers and moans in Aries swim before next month at depicts life guest! The moon fort, how lonely destiny winding unloaded I drunk heart?
Gathering and sorrow, and so <a href="">Lovestruck necklace,pave diamond</a> intertwined with. During the day, I pretended to smile, the smile with false to deceive the true! At night, the plain, links charms, unload camouflage listening to the music of the everlasting! Dull, sitting in the memories of the vortex, memories of deep eyes, tearing the lonely scars, wet to the affection, who sent?
Actually, the separate so long, I should have already out of the circle, but the memory of grey, I still can secretly, and those of the broken, I don't want to let go, links london friendship bracelet gives you support, but not all, I <a href="">Big Rock 'Diamond' Ring Charm</a> won't! In cardiac injuries, how to heal? Flowers are in bloom lonely lingering, so deep, so continuous...
In another season world April, clear remember last April, cherry, when you are shining with me, and cherry blossoms in April, but not all, and slim! Remember friend asked me, why are you always so sad, why not happy? Happy, links of London sweetie bracelet gives you love, but love who want to the words of the people, the heart have empty, no happy say?