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Enjoy the silence

Looking at sunset, what life silently pondering <a href="">links</a> what, links of London jewellery is to pursue the wealth, or as big a quiet and ultimately settle insipid retirement. Once the society for ancient sages like trees quiet life, but when I see the run-down houses and yellow weeds, inner and not <a href="">links of london</a> feel a shiver, tell yourself you want to pursue the wealth across.
The life is like wealth contradiction with poverty as with my time. Breeze blow, blow away gradually in the face of my heart was cool, a nondescript sadness. The collar and shrinkage can shrink the grief of wants to stop, links of london heart charm, but all this was breath, sadness or futile from my eyes revealed, stop in a stone wall edge, look, feel the life of bacillus subtitles, shaking the helpless, gradually away all <a href="">friendship bracelets</a> exclamation small time, life is short.
In the nature of all creatures are fragile before, and we are more than just the grass some thoughts and more emotional. So we think one, links of London silver jewelry, thinking of social life, thinking of the contradictions. We therefore, we finally puzzled whatever one more word that trouble, both on the material life, also have emotional troubles.
We often have to times, can let <a href="">links of london friendship bracelet</a> oneself helpless suffering heart constantly, and make oneself life in a kind of pain, links of London charms to liberation. We are yearning freedom, yearning for free, but the trouble that we had to the constraints of the helpless plaint oneself life. How many people recently is not how many people die!
On reflection, long before the cannot extricate oneself when suddenly a shadow, a few of my instincts, head of the school is a few children, they play with, so happy hitting, so simple, they finally came to the run-down houses, links of London Heart Disc Charm and hear the voice of the house, perhaps their parents are merely the noisy city, just as many parents' farewell to the survival of the land, they came here to sell <a href="">Heart Disc Charm</a> cheap Labor.
But from their chipper sound, the child back, make the person feels like they did not worried for life, they only in the rays of the sun leave own shadow, links of london gingerbread man charm but not his own life. Perhaps, life should not only simple life, living and live for a day, let yourself go and live in the future can be less trouble <a href="">Big Rock 'Diamond' Ring Charm</a> in the end of his life.
The children of the shadow is probably snapshots of our life, it is short but never back when the duration from us, links of london sweetie, but we also joy is some more, sometimes less? But gradually, there are more and more things do not put, want to return, but simple is simple: I want to life?
The sun finally put up again, the last bit of light and dark, but my heart can't be calm once in a life, what exactly are you? Why am I only a feeling you, with links of London sugar cane ring, but you cannot understand? Can you feel your sorrow, contradictions?
The silent night, a man on the icy <a href="">links of london sugar cane ring</a> screen banging on the keyboard, listening to the music of sadness, everything is still just tonight, but many a taste of traffic. Everything was a, nothing can only hear the sound of the keyboard is hand knock with my heart beat! It was late, links charms, why stay here? Perhaps is really accustomed to, perhaps just accustomed to wander...
I silently wait quietly with far, far away. Every moment, look at links London sweetie bracelet, I will have different mood, or joy, or lost, or sad! Before entering university, once fantasized after is a new starting point, can display own superiority, can show ego.