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Hundred and a marriage proposal

Leave my house and Dong neighbors, I was the youngest disc charm bracelet brother, who go swimming, would not take me. I catch the doorCry randomly, she heard next door, links of london raindancecame over to ask: &quot;I have, what <a href="">links london</a> are you crying &quot; Force is asked to understand,It took me to their own, after popsicle links london sweetie necklacestand, when I bought a red bean popsicle back. I asked her why she called the brow,She said to me: Diaolan jade puzzle links of london sugar cane ringshould still in force is changed.&quot; She just said it again, and I remember,And will never forget. Every day she took me to every day to buy me a popsicle, and I therefore feel that people around the worldOnly her best, just like she said: &quot;Zhu sister, when I grow up I want to marry you.&quot; She <a href="">links</a> agreed, but immediately saidWhen you're 18 years old, I was 28 years old, you have to marry me &quot; I finally thought of a night to answer:Excitedly early in the morning to run out, mother scolded me: &quot;look who is it, my sister had gone north ZhuBeijing university of. &quot;Good-bye brow, I have 14 years old, shy teenager, often wears a cowboy to be worn and pale whitePants, because I did not like the kind of links of london gingerbread man charm the vicissitudes of life. Brow of that year had graduated from college <a href="">links of london necklaces</a> and working in the field, this time back See me, I hold her gently: Funeral, her trance and smiled to me, does not seem to see me. I stood still beside her. Great-grandmother in people cover for the directorsOn the white cloth, I suddenly felt the weight of the shoulders, Ce Guotou is force is the volt on my shoulder crying. Across clothingClothes, I clearly felt the weight of her tears, it should be cool, but seems like hot candle oil, a bit hitTo me, was links of london sweetie watchactually hurt. I would like for her wiping away his tears, but lacked the courage, the only <a href="">links of london sweetie bracelet</a> stand straight, any time IDrops under the shoulder of her tears, for the first time felt as strong as a man of pride and strength, and herThe woman's weak. After three or four years have not seen her, I have gradually no longer remember. College entrance examination, college, met his girlfriend, college studentsThere was a time to links of london silverstudy painting, happy painting for the little girl, she looked a long while unfinished, said:Not my thing. How not, navy blue skirts <a href="">links of london sweetie ring</a> and flying hair, smile ice cream will be soft and sweet melt... ... I started at, it does not her, it is brow. Like instant youth understand their own feelings,Chu Xiangshi obviously, are already a farewell Midnight wake up, I hear my voice: &quot;I can not be reconciled. Write tear tear half of the letter with, because they do not know what to call her, in the end I finally made payable to uphold justice in theOn the brow, even the name with the name, c**ktail Glass with Cherry Charm they called the <a href="">Links London Sweetie Bracelets</a> campus close to the girls. I'm 18 years old, can be considered an adultAnd the qualified it with her on an equal footing. But the letter was dropped into the mailbox I regret it, I remember what she Soon put a winter holiday, New Year's Day heavy snow over the place, almost no pedestrians on the street, I trek to the school,Saw the letter, my heart raced. In addition to brow, who else could write the words so seductive. The rise of aI have cordial and distant, as if she was calling me in <a href="">links of london gingerbread man charm</a> the long childhood. And I'm with her, in fact, is long known each other.No matter how busy each day, I will Black Friendship Braceletwrite to her, not ask her to help, did not call her helped me out, butMy heart to tell her, as if as if her chest Big Rock 'Diamond' Ring Charmis my another beating heart. Also hiHuan Next page turned in the light of her letter, stationery, notes, information paper, waste paper back, she is also a random Reprinted from: