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That year also is not to eat less somebody else's ice cream, he and small uncle is also to that his brother or uncle had a disagreement, he thinks Heparin whole he intentionally let his short, a generation, but warm natural is listening to small <a href="">gucci online</a> uncle words, he USES warm good moment. Ice cream bribery
Can say Heparin is as look at her and large, know her housework, that year also knew her stranded by small uncle asylum at home, at that time; he also often came to play in the home. Then, it seemed to overseas be some business development, go abroad for a long time.
"Warm, another day chug brother to take you out to <a href="">gucci handbags</a> eat ice cream?"
Warm Guam said: "good, chug brother to return to country, warm natural not let go."
But he said: "oh, are right, so late, you how still not warm home? Hurry back and look after your little uncle right, capacity of such a good person, today also somehow got so sloshed unconscious, while said the pain, while said it hurts, making me just want to send him to go to the hospital, again afraid he woke up clap my wine."
"Oh, what happened to him?" Warm a surprised, some worry.
"I have already sent him home tonight is hard you, take <a href="">gucci shoes</a> care, looking at him a little. I walked first, you come back soon." Chu brother round also asked 1: "warm, this boy is in love?" recently
A sound, he said: "just absently and I say love dearly, but I didn't give him to hospital before sending, I asked who he was, say I give you put her bound to, as a brother, which can make you so collateral? But he does not say, only called your <a href="">gucci us</a> name."
Warm face is red the freely turned several times, embarrassedly no, he can't see. Again his several mumbling way: "am I take back the Labor stimulate his daughter-in-law this wang2 lao3 wu3?"
Warm filled with impatiently should, there hanged a telephone, warm this just reaction come over, she return to what home? She has already live in <a href="">gucci watches uk</a> him where, think is chug brother also doesn't know, directly with his cellular phone her number. Dial Panic and wear good clothes ran downstairs to sit on the taxi went out of him. Warm is known, he is a very self-made man, also not the general hangovers good from past understanding his warm there since to live that day inside, when saw him drunk. Chu brother incredibly saying he's drunk unconscious, that is not ordinarily serious and he also told her, really? He <a href="">gucci</a> has a call her?
In my heart I secretly glad chug brother don't know, otherwise how not bashful? But she did not know, all of this is that he is good brother’s originality. Actually, Heparin out with him when drinking, he feels his face was wrong, strange bad mood, saw him this rare good friends all have no how happy for a few minutes. Wine is a cup is a <a href="">gucci clothing sale</a> complex one cup, all need not advised, back and forth is fiddled with mobile phone on hand, said through his phone, secretly took a look, repeated just warm telephone and beat hang, hanged a dozen press to press, already dial the number inside there is only one, but not to hear him speak, presumably is simply will not wait connected on the peg. Many years old, suddenly <a href="">gucci shoe sale</a> understood. Also know just saw him get him to take warm together come out to play, he coldly replied: "she doesn't live me where." What meaning is?