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The 14th day

She could contain anger, popping outside playing an E-mail, even didn't look at the second eye, he rang pleads fill. She couldn't understand what the man, now what you want except links of London cane ring? In a letter to the fire brigade to help E-mail, bluntly tell Ian's, I wear clothes is 14 to 16, my underwear is 16 breast <a href="">links</a> fat buttock, it is, but I'm very proud of their shape, nothing, you can put my inferiority? You also don't see me bring me a Sweetie Bracelet with one star charm: looks like a beer belly was 6 months, the hair also quick to drop enough, what wonderful? She probably writes is this meaning, but not so straightforward, after all, not to reduce to another level for links of London jewelry? Men always hope that the world is superficial; the woman with a c**ktail Glass with Cherry Charm, who is the best in every bird, is the fairmaiden.Unfortunately, that's just not the shape. This, in Valentine’s Day night, Ian suddenly cancelled <a href="">links london</a> appointment to accompany her to run his links of London rain dance shop. She doesn’t know what the reason is, but she's intuition told himself because his butt is too big.She is angry words, she wears clothes with links of London charms that are not 16, 16, that is fatter to wear! However, she sometimes does buy underwear, so comfortable to wear. This kind of thing someone who did not know, just with her friend Linda said. She could not understand why Ian will suddenly cancel theappointment to buy a Big Rock 'Diamond' Ring Charm, originally very hopeful. Don't just because their bodies, and if so, this man with a London links watch is not worth recalling, blow. She doesn’t like a <a href="">links of london uk</a> connotation of man the leader of Links London sweetie, said a woman like a bad man, however, but never think, find a good man, she likes the soft-spoken, considerate man, not homosexuality, and she does not care what appearance, money or something. So the man gave her a sense of stability, and let her feel oneself of life is a normal life. She also understand why some woman is like, like a bad man, because men are most follow rules to live together, peace, not as bad as not to man is to take risks, drugs, but life is stimulating to anxiety, everyday life as normal, will not have what good results of taking <a href="">links of london bracelets</a> off links of London cane ring. She has never envy such woman, you want to go, whatever road: what kind of men, who have tube?Linda asked, what want to find what's the man? This problem is true to the Darfur Wenzhou to Darfur, with <a href="">links rings</a> Alex, gave birth to a child, but two people still broke up. She really want to have a family, Alex also want to have a family, he is a good man, why would break up? A man's son, took over, she sometimes also often think such problems, is too independent? Men always want to rely on men and women without this habit, not man. In Britain, grew up in a small town, the family was very poor, until at the age of 13, mom was first gave her a pound of allowance. When I was a child, hear the bell, the selling ice cream is the mother was told them on the clothes, until she and her sister long to eight, just know that is selling ice cream from the car in front of their house. Of course, even buy ice-cream, they are also cannot buy too expensive, the reason is very simple, the mother has no money. She now remember exactly why parents divorced, in my memory, is their mother brought two sisters, of course, her mother left many kirks 1998 results. Mum never believe in Santa Claus, also don't let them for Santa; because the gift is mother buy, what thank invented a Santa <a href="">jewelry</a> Claus? Thanks to thank mother, mother wouldn't spend money, and nobody appreciate. Environment is raised, and no man, also do not rely on men. She thought it might be men are not willing to close to her. In the home, if the cup win disc in the dishwasher, must be orderly, otherwise she would be angry, it sometimes makes her to carry her company, she often scolded the cup win disc lying around like man. Although not as at home, but she still want to say what he said to her, what about the boss, but still persist Darfur. Alex is probably didn't like her at this point, some things, some woman. She walks on ways to, let a person <a href="">links london sweetie necklace</a> be elusive.She has already passed to the bar for man's age, however, she still went with Linda, Linda than himself, and they are not grade are old woman of the birds in person. In Darfur’s words of makeup look very young, she went out to a bar to each make-up, there is a man followed her home, Linda often not so good luck. However, with the man's home, much younger than she is, these young people care about her age, her with their common is sexual needs. Other aspects of Darfur, feel oneself is a man of last century music, music, reading hear not to mention. He said processing daily affairs, her boyfriend on next to her son of Adam borrowed $10, but still no money, no way to Adam, oneself still have 20 Yuan of money for his son, he said to him, lest leave him a bad impression, think mom for men are not what good. These people and there is no house, no car, not to mention married. Linda is quite willing to go again and again, but the bar's Darfur to several times have no so big of interest.If it's not man's independence, like me, she felt not so, she hopes her life is a man can live together. Otherwise, why should marry, also doing? If you don't get married, all this will become very simple? Oneself are divorced, but still want to a home, find decent good men, buy a house and a car, good living together. After all, life is not all, and coffee. Reprinted from: