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Just want a long way

0-9, ten numeric, simple and boring. They commutation position, coincide repeat. This kind of ages have been changed. Years of age not for long, long not very tall, baby saplings hasn't adults. Years of years also <a href="">gap 1969 jeans us</a> not short. At least, make public "Shinhwa" name of six men, recede blue-sky end ChengQiHou.

If to turn read 98 "Shinhwa", will find an interview, they even words all speak not agile, Will find face the camera, they look and lax, Will find performance accident; They stopped steps in a daze, Will find that they are but six just adult children - quickly \ panic \ filled with uncertain. That age, "Shinhwa" is not the <a href="">gap pants sale</a> strongest, even if they fight all-out efforts, but also setbacks heavy. If they give up, if there is no next album. Today we will mark whose years? No! Except maybe "Shinhwa" is no more.

is their T.O.P luxuriant turn, with the swan song of < > Tchaikovsky as basal explanation gives "Shinhwa" opportunity - former ugly duckling, <a href="">gap outlet</a> someday proudly in lake. Many years later, this song is remixes was again they sing. That year the eloquence dance neat but stiff. Now, the stage is big playground, their bold and unrestrained along with the gender give us is more free. Only the same is the end that flattening arms, <a href="">gap men coat sale</a> look up mt.huandshan movement. Like a hope \ a dream - one day can fly sky and look forward to... Know? "Shinhwa" did.

In 2002, the media will introduce their add this prefix - five combinations. That year "Shinhwa" will no longer complete. The cost of maturity has been cruel, five men carried six personal responsibility, while the rest of the other side of the earth that one can recover the biggest wound. Alone when five groups again into six combinations, "night" this vocabulary grew up abruptly by their marked the comments, <a href="">gap men coat</a> becomes a little small wound stay in many people's heart, sometimes
Sleek trophies to be held in the hand, joint because hard and tiny white, You struggle with sobs, The excited pulling each other of thy skirts, this time next new is the most time dancing? Even around the corners of dancers are conceal smile. Below are still full of familiar color, many people screaming into the never not shout out your name, Many people no longer fall not out crying to tiny tears. <a href="">gap blouse</a> Your sincere "thank you" to let this originally very ordinary fan groups become no longer different. The group name is "myth created". We love this name. If it doesn't say Korean, Not to improvement activities; No one who was called the "member number" number. But this name or become connected you my Bridges. Everyone has the same love and expectations, just want a long way to go before you are better able to go on.

Time turned in 2006, <a href="">gap shirts</a> greeted the first eight albums and the biggest Asian tour. After 3 years, six people set foot in China again at the same time, Wait for 8 years, the first game of our own concert. Or that constant color, Constant passion. Constant love. Over these years, you teach us many things, this one sound "thank you", also for the sake of our heart.

The second five-year, you leave our vision. Counting on that day slowly coming, ceases to busy will upset: less you, <a href="">gap</a> heart that place empty down like can swallow anything but how are filling discontent, such waiting some cruel. The 10th anniversary of the video, propaganda Cenozoic pervading today, or someone forgotten you, but also somebody USES across the face of tears and trance beside write on the blackboard in the classroom between "myth created the" to honor.