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Recently, always "only in price, not depreciate" of luxury brands LV sells to its product on the cost of a cut, Ferragamo, Gucci, achieve miraculous Fendi repeatedly, Dior, and other famous luxury brands are quietly slashed prices. Many luxury <a href="">gucci watches uk</a> brand price cut, has caused industry and consumers' concern. To this, the expert points out, luxury cut the price will not become the norm, also won't cause "the price war".
Luxury brands collective depreciates
In February this year LV began price adjustment, cut the price of products including watches, clothing, bags, etc. Covers domestic houses stores. The <a href="">gucci handbags sale</a> personage inside course of study introduces, this is LV get access to the mainland market for the first time since the price.
Located in guomao mall LV shop saw their accept consumer advocates of leather product price in different degree, down the rate cut from two 300 yuan to 669 yuan. The store clerk said, in-store product price declines in 2 to 7%, all commodity price <a href="">gucci sale</a> declines range.
"In fact, more than LV cut prices, Ferragamo, Gucci, achieve miraculous Fendi repeatedly, Dior also lowered the new public product price." A Beijing luxury exchange store manager told reporters. He said the luxury price adjustment is <a href="">gucci</a> low-key cut, mostly in darkness, only familiar with price buyers will find.
Introduce according to the personage inside course, many luxury brands collective lowering their prices, was the first time in our country. Generally <a href="">gucci sunglass sale</a> speaking, luxury is able to let ordinary consumers hope and were left feeling useless, in consumer markets have all Greek position, and its high and strong price played a crucial role in supporting, also be its by high-income population popular collectibles, one of <a href="">gucci handbags</a> the important reasons.
To cut the price of its brand, all these are more sensitive. Relevant staff all emphasize, just a weeklong behavior, and promotion pricing is <a href="">gucci shoe sale</a> irrelevant, just because the yuan against the euro exchange rate fluctuations.
However, Beijing times square relevant personnel or said, luxury cut the price is mainly financial crisis caused related brand performance in <a href="">gucci watch sale</a> euramerican day and other regions fell sharply, and less affected by the financial crisis of the Chinese market more and more attention to the results.