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GUCCI constituting unfair competition

Recently, the international top luxury manufacturers, Italian enterprise GUCCI company to obtain in China's first intellectual property case win the lawsuit. According to ningbo intermediate people's court ruling, ningbo AoTeLaiSi shopping Co., LTD <a href="">gucci sale</a> to GUCCI constitutes unfair competition, and compensate the RMB 50,000 yuan.
To understand that May 1983, GUCCI companies in China were allowed to registered the "GUCCI" brand, use commodities include clothing approval, shoes, hats, socks, tie and bag, wallet etc. In 2000, "GUCCI" trademark listed as "national <a href="">gucci</a> key trademark protection list. In 2005, Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other cities of industry and Commerce Department has issued announcement, expressly without authorization holder will not distribute trademark with "GUCCI" logo merchandise.
2009 April, the plaintiff GUCCI company found ningbo AoTeLaiSi <a href="">gucci shoe authentic</a> company without "GUCCI production in the jiangbei new road" north shore fortune center "# 108 shops are central, above the shops around, shopping inside square billboards used prominently. Meanwhile, ningbo AoTeLaiSi company still at the company website "international brand story" field <a href="">gucci watches uk</a> prominent using "GUCCI" trademark and directory. The plaintiff think, ningbo AoTeLaiSi company is a business clothing, clothing, shoes and hats, bags and other fashion consumer goods to the <a href="">gucci handbag authentic</a> enterprise, its sales, merchandise and ratify a trademark used goods belong to the same goods, without the plaintiff's permission, its without and "GUCCI" trademark of the same text as shops typefaces, in the <a href="">gucci handbag wholesale</a> same goods used prominently, and takes "GUCCI" trademarks to advertisements, infringing upon the exclusive use of a registered trademark of the plaintiff. Meanwhile, ningbo <a href="">gucci handbags</a> AoTeLaiSi company for commercial purposes intentionally using directly the plaintiff's operating results and "GUCCI" profile and reputation, to gain favorable market competition status violates the anti-unfair competition law of the relevant regulations. Therefore, last October <a href="">gucci sunglass</a> 28, GUCCI company to ningbo intermediate people's court, the requirement AoTeLaiSi company stop immediately ordered ningbo infringes upon its "GUCCI" registered trademarks and stop unfair competition, making compensation for the economic losses of RMB 50 million yuan.