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Due to the global financial turmoil

According to marketing consulting service engaged in consultation of investigation, aeryn high-speed growth point of e-commerce by low-end turned to high-end, e-commerce luxury consumption demand. With dragons, as a representative <a href="">gucci shoe sale</a> of the low price buys commodity is different, high-end buys commodity, brand clothing, shoes, bags and household items become high-end commodity forces.
In addition, the jewelry merchandise turnover also showed a rising <a href="">gucci handbags</a> trend. Open online sales diamond left card, after January Iraq clinch a deal brushstroke 6.95 million yuan, after the largest single in July and completed a pen 72 million deal.
Luxury move into the <a href="">gucci jewellery</a> Chinese market
, European and American countries consumer has tightened pouch, but Chinese consumers' purchasing power is relatively strong, which allow international <a href="">gucci jewellery uk</a> big in succession to turn your attention to China.
Statistics have shown that Chinese luxury goods sales in global accounts for 25% than has reached China has surpassed the us to become the world's second <a href="">gucci sunglasses uk</a> largest luxury consumer. In addition, the McKinsey, a survey also found that Chinese 60% of the luxury are in domestic rather than in overseas purchase. With China's rich second-generation group bumps, advanced white-collar crowd increasing and countrymen on international brand enthusiasts, luxury in domestic has <a href="">gucci</a> certain consumption space.
For an increasing number of online luxury, aeryn consulting analyst ZhangYanPing said that at present domestic just starting in luxury goods that buys, the domestic user buys is more in taobao websites such as basis, we develop the netizen on the price <a href="">gucci shoes</a> of sensitivity is taller, accordingly, luxury e-commerce is still small the consumption.
"With the domestic netizens structural adjustment and the scale of this increase luxury market demand is <a href="">gucci sunglass uk</a> inevitable existence." ZhangYanPing thinks, luxury brands will strictly the accused of online and offline price system, after all the main off-line marketing is a luxury sales channel.