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The value of a smile

A smile is blooming in the human face <a href="">Links London Sweetie Bracelets</a> flower, is a person can to longing for love of people present. When you
Take this gift dedicated to others, you will win the friendship, still can win wealth. HK] may a
Live a dozen years one-story houses, today be finally moved in high-rise living. "Go and see new home", although it is of old
Floor, may still conceal heart good pleasure.

Step into the sultry elevators, may the GaoXingJin reduced half: a shabby table will elevators
In two, table after the high chair, sat wide bits forties grim elevator part. Look at that zhang cold face, small
Mei is also the other half happy disappear <a href="">links</a> and suddenly felt the temperature seems to below zero. "A few layers?" coldly.
"9 floors." May want to ease the atmosphere, hurriedly exposing a smile, "aunt, your work is pretty hard,
So hot elevators. "", isn't she? "The member cold face started to melt," such a small space,
So a small electric fans, sit 6 hours... Girl, 9 floors has arrived. "The member unexpectedly also smile
To remind her.

May suddenly find oneself mood and well up, it seems that a smile plus a salute is like a
Shares stream, instant communication between people can be unfamiliar mind.

Then take the elevator, may and teacher talk more, more approachable. One day, may with several decorators belt
The timber came to the elevator, a former intimating, wood it doesn't fit. "May, to, and put my table and chair moved out
Go, you put wood a slanting, can put in. "The aunt seemed to have experience, indeed as expected everything runs smoothly.
The timber transported so fast, neighbor could not help asking: "you is how may the timber shipped up?" "the elevator
Ah! ""? We also timber elevator member said, 'this is too long, elevator can not let go, you leave
Stairway! '9 layer ah, we climb the stairs carrying up layers! "

May know what this is, a cold face need with a smile and warm greetings to melt.

Now the social, increasingly fierce competition, the life rhythm, people more and more quick taheri spend their own things,
Has little concern for others. This kind of circumstance, people's deep inside need more understanding of others and care. this
, give them a salute and concern, meets their emotional needs, they can use a passion to repay you.

There is this true through, may in the unit <a href="">links of london</a> seen people smile, greeting, greetings, may popularity has also become more good,
It said "with a fashionable person rises litres, which owe everything to smile.

Why do little smile in human relationships have so powerful? Because it was the smile behind convey
Message: "you are very popular, I like you, you <a href="">links of london jewelry</a> make me happy, I am very glad to see you."

A poet, said: "my favorite flower is open in others face."

A smile is blooming in the human face flower, is a person can to longing for love of people present. When you
Take this gift dedicated to others, you will win the friendship, still can win wealth.

An old Chinese saying goes: "people don't laugh mo a shop."

Foreigners speak more directly: "smile close wealth; without smiling, wealth will be so far away from you."

New York big department stores a <a href="">cheap links london</a> personnel manager once said: "I would rather hire a man with lovely smile without
Have finished reading middle school girls, do not wish to employ a put a poker face of doctor of philosophy. "

The world famous founder of Mr. Hilton Hilton Hotel of success, also benefited from his mother's "micro
Smile ". Mother had said to him, "my child, you want to succeed, we must find a way to meet the following four conditions
: first, to simple; Second, must be easy to do, Third, or spend capital; Fourth, a long-term use. "This
What method? Mother laughed and did not answer. Hilton repeatedly observation, think, suddenly thoughted of: smile,
It takes only a smile to fully comply with <a href="">links of london rings</a> these four conditions. Later, he really use the smile broke into the success of door, will hotel open
About the world's big cities.

No wonder a businessman so admire: "need not spend money, but always smile is priceless."

Every one of our speaking, smile easily, but it can illuminate all see its person, as through the clouds
Sun, people bring warm. Let us smile, smiling <a href="">links of london stores</a> face life, face the people around: every morning
Morning before going to work on your family smile, they will be in the happiness is looking forward to your coming back,

When they go to work to the entrance guard smiling point size, he would kindly return you a appreciation and respect smile,

Every encounter colleagues active smile, dozen <a href="">links bracelet</a> hello, you will also person rises litres,

Drive BingXian, rolled down his window, to side behind the driver point size, smile, and people will not let you?

Restaurants, service after tea, miss pour smiled back and say: "thank you, tea poured too good."
Although it is she should do a job, but, she will feel you to smile and greeting is extra reward.

When each time to give a smile, you in for the amount of human happiness increase a point, and this smile
Light will return to your face, according to <a href="">Links London Chains</a> you, bring convenience, happiness and good memories, what is there against it?