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Diamond magic and religious legends fade To l7-18 century, with the human sciences, natural sciences and the continuous development of the increasing popularity of diamonds, diamond plague and witchcraft <a href="">links london</a> on legend Jiandan, people worship god is gradually converted by the legendary emotional symbol of rational and psychological associations, which are closely related and the nature of the diamond. Ornaments, cosmetics, skin <a href="">links</a> care, shopping, communication, fashion, fashion, Shanghai, bride, mom, baby, home, decoration, buy Clarity: Diamond is the most ancient, as the pure thing, many civilizations believed that only the diamond inclusions invisible, only the value, with the "flaws" who, on behalf of bad luck. Color: colorless, transparent diamond <a href="">friendship bracelets</a> represents purity. 4EH $ F. ^ 3T? H'x, c? C Appearance: well-octahedral nature of the original stone is the most complete object, it symbolizes order and harmony. Brightness and fire: colorless, transparent, octahedral diamond crystals a good, if not Gatchen grinding can expose good brightness and fire, so the diamond is considered the symbol of bright. Quality built for Lady forum Hardness: soldiers and magicians that hard, diamonds can not be a symbol of conquest, philosophers believe that it means that unfathomable mystery of human life. Diamond myth In <a href="">london of links</a> the far west, there is a small island, the island's forests of trees covered with precious stones settled northwest of the island has the shape of the bowl of the ravine, when people cut in pieces thrown to the valley, the sky's the birds Diao will fly food, and they mouth along with the diamonds to fall. Myths about diamonds, more numerous, ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were tears of the <a href="">links jewellery</a> gods, the Romans are believed diamonds are attached to star imminent demise of opening into the debris. Since ancient times, diamonds have been hailed as a symbol of power, has awesome power into submission. Ancient kings, favorite clothing, on microfilm at the plastic embroidered <a href="">links of london bracelets sale</a> diamonds, to show their respect for the identity; Furthermore, the diamond set in the sword and sheath, and to show their supreme power. So, sometimes they win a name for the drill, at a fight, and win hearts of the good. Since the Middle Ages, the Renaissance began to spread a saying that a diamond can bring good luck to the wearer, giving the wearer an mysterious charm captured the hearts of all beings. So, whether man or woman, put love on your fingers <a href="">links of london sweetie bracelet sale</a> from the diamonds set into a diamond ring, add their own charm, and charm as its own to drive away bad luck. Today, scientific progress, we know that diamonds are formed from a hundreds of millions of years ago. Hundred kilometers have been buried under the seabed more, to withstand very high temperature and pressure, and after thousands of years of crystallization, with the volcanic eruption rose to the ground, showing off its luster. After thousands of years is because the diamonds remain a bright light, which won the "eternal" in the world, to become today's "long-lasting love," the symbol of. It is natural to become engaged, wedding anniversary of the monument. Diamond also been a total of that "stone of chastity" protection.