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Happy Birthday Chris!

It's Chris' Birthday Today! He's turning 22. Leave him some birthday love right here in the comments!

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  • Happy Belated Birthday CBreezy!!! ;)
    by puma2011 on jún 25, 2011 du30 4:04du
  • Happy late birthday love u so much <3
    by brown_skine on jún 7, 2011 du30 2:02du
  • I lOVE YOU
    by Cuppcakee on jún 7, 2011 du30 2:02du
  • ur like a good wine u only get better with u all ways!! TEAM BREEZY ALL THE WAY YEA!!!!
    by bettyjeandominguez on máj 25, 2011 du31 6:06du
  • happy birthday Chris sorry i am late....number 1# fan always A.K.A Butterfly
    by dmatkins on máj 19, 2011 du31 12:12du
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    by moxueyuan on máj 19, 2011 de31 8:08de
  • Sorry I Missed Your Birthday BaBY !!!!!
    by De'nae Brown on máj 18, 2011 de31 11:11de
  • Happy b-day congratulations on making another year one one your biggest fans,keep doing what you doing i love your music&determination to continue to make no matter what comes your way.takecare Rochelle
    by rochellle on máj 17, 2011 du31 1:01du
  • happy birthday chris i love you, you are the hottest thing i ever did see and im sorry i was a little late but i hope you had an amazing birthday your the greatest and you have a voice of an angel:) i love you.
    by sophie.schulz on máj 17, 2011 de31 9:09de
  • happy b-day babe your biggest fan shalonna
    by shygirlshay on máj 16, 2011 du31 1:01du